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Pubic hair or waxed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aussiebloke, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Fredric Towns

    Fredric Towns Trusted Member

    Trimmed keeps it groomed and looking natural.
  2. panzerfaust44

    panzerfaust44 Trusted Member

    I stay shaved myself, and I prefer my lovers to be as well, but it's your body, so do what feels good to you, I'm just visiting ;-)
  3. Turbocenter

    Turbocenter Trusted Member

    I trim weekly and I prefer her waxed/shaved regularly.
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  4. Magnarider85

    Magnarider85 Kinky guy wishing he had a sexy daughter.

    For me it's shaved except for a small "tuft" just above my boy. My wife has had laser treatment to make her pussy soft and smooth as a........ well you know.
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  5. Thedjman

    Thedjman Trusted Member

    Some trimmed hair is good for sure. It's nice when its kept tidy.
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  6. buggletea

    buggletea Trusted Member

    Definitely prefer trimmed or shaved/waxed
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  7. Spectre

    Spectre Trusted Member

    My first exposure to female nudity when was young came in the form of Playboy and one hardcore porn magazine that I swiped from one of my mother's boyfriends. This was early 80's, and it really informed the tastes I still have today. I love a natural bush on a woman. Not hirsute, mind you, I still love shaved legs on a woman. Hair in the pits isn't a turn-off, but not a turn-on, either. But her pubes? Natural, baby. A female without pubes is sexy, too, don't get me wrong, but I think she just looks more feminine with a patch of hair above her pussy. And in stockings or pantyhose. Or legwarmers, god yes legwarmers.
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  8. mo_nuam

    mo_nuam New Member

    I prefer trimmed. Actually I discuss about this with my wife many times, because she prefer not to shave. However I still enjoy with that.
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  9. Pothos90

    Pothos90 Trusted Member

    Well groomed i.e. trimmed
  10. Bestfantasy

    Bestfantasy Account Deleted

    I like the natural look. No cutting or trimming.
  11. DavidCR

    DavidCR my first ship in the U.S. Navy

    wow who would not want to eat that. I can only imagine it full of cum to make it even better
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  12. Plymte

    Plymte Trusted Member

    my favorite would be hairless; the exception being a redhead with a nicely trimmed and shapped firey bush
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  13. pdlsun

    pdlsun Trusted Member

    a me likes smooth and not just in front but also behind

    (Sorry my english)
  14. commando

    commando Trusted Member

    mostly, prefer it waxed. next best is shaven.
  15. JadeyKay

    JadeyKay Trusted Member

    Nothing wrong with natural, of course.
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  16. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Very shortly trimmed or shaved. Waxing just seems too painful. I wouldn't want to cause pain to anyone, especially for that.
  17. whitecoffee1

    whitecoffee1 I Hate Custom Titles

    I really don't care if my partner is shaved/waxed or natural. I want them to do whather which she is comfortable with.

    I personally shaved myself once and didn't like it.
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  18. Jamesjohn28

    Jamesjohn28 Trusted Member

    I like a manicured landing strip, so sexy.
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  19. Uglybastard

    Uglybastard Trusted Member

  20. Mcins

    Mcins Trusted Member

    Trimmed to a nice neat landingstrip