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Pubic hair or waxed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aussiebloke, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Mjtorres

    Mjtorres Trusted Member

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  2. PeterThePiper

    PeterThePiper Trusted.Member

    Our youngest daughter has just shaved hers off, because she has her first gyno smear test next week, & says she was embarrassed the doctor seeing her hairy. I did try to tell her that the medical profession see it all the time, but I sadly failed in my mission. lol. Sure it will grow back quickly though. if she chooses to of course.
  3. terosso99

    terosso99 Trusted Member

  4. Jupejive

    Jupejive Trusted.Member

    Me trimmed so the lips are smooth mmm.
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  5. Greg2202

    Greg2202 Trusted Member

    Little trim not a lot. Just enough so you can see through the bushes.
  6. Diamondcutter

    Diamondcutter Trusted Member

    Thanks to mom, I like the natural, untrimmed look. Especially watching her walk around naked or bottomless with it. It sort of hides a sexy secret.
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  7. middude

    middude Trusted Member

    Its like buying a house , the garden is important with bushes and paths
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  8. Brotherforsis

    Brotherforsis Trusted.Member

    My sister has pretty much always shaved and I love it that way. She occasionally does wax and I like it that smooth. I have never waxed lol but I do generally keep it all shaved at my sisters request. She prefers it that way for oral purposes
  9. Oppiniz

    Oppiniz Trusted Member

  10. Disco

    Disco Trusted Member

    I like a lovely sweet smooth lady garden, i feel it tastes much better and cleaner without hair, Dont mind a bit on the top etc. for me, I like really nice shaven balls, love to feel them when there nice and smooth and im trinned nice and neat everywhere else
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  11. lindsey4evr

    lindsey4evr Trusted Member

    this is something that i am struggling with. I was told to always keep it shaved and I have... and I like it. But I am worried that as I get older that the perception is that shaving it all makes me a slut. I have heard other girls talking about that and feel afraid to change in a public changing rooms cuz I don't want them to see and think I'm slutty.
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  12. tibiszomszed

    tibiszomszed Trusted Member

    Yes, I love bald pussy.
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  13. Disco

    Disco Trusted Member

    Nah, shaving all doesnt make you a slut at all. I wouldnt worry. feel free to share it with us tho ;) hehe
  14. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Shouldn't think that way. If that's what they think it's because they ARE slutty and want to divert attention from themselve's.
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  15. amitjones90

    amitjones90 Trusted Member

    Hairy pussy on a milf makes mom son porn believable.
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  16. Danny Boy 1966

    Danny Boy 1966 Trusted.Member

    I prefer a neatly trimmed bush. Something about shaved or waxed, makes me feel like I'm playing with a young girl, a little too young.
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  17. Breastlover23

    Breastlover23 Trusted Member

    I like waxed ... nice and smooth
  18. incest_otter

    incest_otter Trusted.Member

    I guess I have fairly eclectic tastes. I like most types. But I am also a sucker for hair. Natural on a guy, trimmed on a girl.
  19. SunriseBeach

    SunriseBeach Trusted Member

    My least preference would be a few days after shaving when the hair is just starting to come back in but still kind of bristly. Other than that, I like everything. So if you're gonna be bare, you've got to keep up the maintenance to keep it pristine. I do love the natural pubic look on a woman with a beautiful figure. It really enhances her womanhood and makes her more desireable to me.
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  20. tommy1606

    tommy1606 Trusted Member

    Hate me if you will, but I'm a smoothie fan.