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Pubic hair or waxed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by aussiebloke, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. RandomPaperGangster

    RandomPaperGangster Trusted Member

    Definitely smoothed for girls I'm with; waxed or shaven. I prefer completely bare, but if there is a little on top like a landing strip or something that's okay. Cannot stand full bush... sorry.

    For myself; manscaping is important. Not completely hairless; I like the way it feels and it's great for oral fun, but then sex can become just a little too much skin slapping. Instead, I just trim it a little, keep it tamed.

    Partially I know it is a taste developed early, my first sexual experiences were too young to have much hair down there at all.
  2. Ruthborn

    Ruthborn Trusted Member

    I prefer having everyone’s bits, including my own, to be as hairless as the day we were born, so that we are truly exposing all of our selves to the world.
  3. wmich74

    wmich74 Trusted Member

    My wife & I both shave bald
  4. Carol

    Carol Trusted.Member

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  5. Umeaboy

    Umeaboy Trusted Member

    Don't really care, but if it's about giving oralsex I prefer at least trimmed.
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  6. Travelmate

    Travelmate Trusted Member

    Neatly trimmed for me, shaved for her
  7. Franky3243

    Franky3243 Trusted Member

    We prefer shaved for all.
  8. Brown

    Brown Trusted Member

  9. Pauljohnson

    Pauljohnson Account Deleted

    Your pic is soon hot
  10. heyhey12345

    heyhey12345 New Member

    pubic for me
  11. Delftsejongen

    Delftsejongen Trusted.Member

    Thank god it’s at least half/half here. I so hate it that bald is the norm in porn. As if we should fuck little children! It’s so unnatural, every adult human has hair.
    Trim it if it gets too much, but please don’t pretend to be a child. And hygiene, being civilised or being slutty certainly have nothing to do with your hair. Let it grow!

    The same goes for other unnatural alterations of the body. Why in heavens name should anyone cut off clits, trim lips, put dangerous silicone in their body, cut off a foreskin, put ink or other substance in your body permanently? I prefer none of that. Would only do it if medically necessary, never on a fashion pretext.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
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  12. convivial

    convivial Trusted Member

    A nice fiery bushis never wrong in my book (blue eyed red heads is a bonus for me, maybe because it remind me of family ; ). But every is free to decide for themselves. It's a sign of maturity and it also partially could be because I wish I had an older sister that would have show me what a proper lady looks like and how to satisfy her. That I've read somewhere that shaving my increase the risk of yeast infection is another, not sure why but it might be related to having too tight clothes for too long (interesting read: here), a little natural fur cushion helps keep it airy :)
  13. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    I've always preferred closely trimmed or shaved, my daughter shaves me completely, years ago my mom sisters or cousins would
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  14. Carol

    Carol Trusted.Member

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  15. Pauljohnson

    Pauljohnson Account Deleted

    Bare and smooth for females though sometimes a nice bush is indeed wonderful
  16. mrcloak

    mrcloak Trusted Member

  17. Rubber duck 2

    Rubber duck 2 Trusted.Member

    I don't mind smooth or trimmed nice kneet but no afro bush...I trim thin or shave...depending on time year and how hot it is....lol
  18. HenryHK

    HenryHK Trusted Member

    A little bit of peach fluff and first pubic hair is VERY sexy on girls, but when thy get bushy I prefer them bald and smooth. A bushy pussy can spoil an otherwise very sexy camel toe! Men - hairy legs, pubic area, chest and face - that's my idea of a real masculine look.
  19. C Duncan

    C Duncan Scottish mother

    I prefer shaved. On both male and female.
  20. Richard Berg

    Richard Berg New Member

    Females: Shaved or at least well trimmed
    Me: Well trimmed around and above dick - and shaved balls.