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What does your member name mean?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curmudgeon, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Colombo44

    Colombo44 Trusted Member

    Colombo 4.4 L.

    The sound of a Ferrari v12 is heaven.

    Unfortunately, anything with such an engine is way out of my reach. But there's always the XJS.
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  2. convivial

    convivial Trusted Member

    English isn't my native language, but "convivial" basically (unless I've learned it wrong) means friendly and welcoming, since online where I can be open with my support for the rights of mutual incestuous relationships and try to spread a kind and friendly atmosphere and remind those who feel ashamed of their feelings that incest is actually natural and more frequent in nature than society would admit (as is gay animals).
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  3. NUKM

    NUKM Trusted Member

    Northern UK Male...

  4. cummunion

    cummunion Trusted.Member

    I’m a fallen catholic, who had taken communion. Plus, cum makes us, brings us together, and sticks us together.
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  5. boundapprentice

    boundapprentice Trusted Member

    There is a song about famous Lincolnshire, UK, where I came from, called the Lincolnshire Poacher. He was a bound apprentice for more than 7 years.
  6. beihesan

    beihesan Trusted Member

    a bright star in the sky
  7. brant

    brant Trusted Member

    It's just an alias I go by online.
  8. niceguy4sure57

    niceguy4sure57 Account Deleted

    I’ve always been told that I’m nice. While it’s a compliment, it also surprises some people that nice guys get horny, too.
  9. Rubber duck 2

    Rubber duck 2 Trusted.Member

    Gave to me back when drove big truck..18wheeler....was from movie convoy..... Kristofferson was the duck..
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  10. miranda

    miranda Trusted Member

    just a name
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  11. Rubber duck 2

    Rubber duck 2 Trusted.Member

    Pretty one at that...
  12. impsin

    impsin Trusted Member

    Well, it's because I'm short, 5'6 tall and I'm just naturally naughty since I was a kid. The name suits me :)
  13. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    There are two famous Columbo's. One is a fictional t.v. detective. The other is the designer/engineer of the Ferrari V12. Besides an XJS, don't forget about the series 3 Jaguar XKE.
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  14. incestant

    incestant Trusted Member

    My username is just a word I invented describes how incessantly I will consume incest porn. Incest. Incessant. Incestant.
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  15. Fredric Towns

    Fredric Towns Trusted Member

    My name is an alias that I've been using on other forums for 7 years.
  16. JamesEast

    JamesEast Account Deleted

    My name is my " Porn Avtors Name" if I was an adult entertainer, that's what it would be based on how they select your stage name.
  17. panzerfaust44

    panzerfaust44 Trusted Member

    I saw the PzF44 on a list of cold war weapons and I just thought it was a great handle to go by. It was the West German man portable anti-tank weapon until the early 90's, roughly equivalent to the soviet RPG-7
  18. jokp1

    jokp1 Trusted Member

    My user name is made up of my real initials (jo) and my online identity's initials (kp) with the 1 tacked on to throw off people who might accidentally discover my profiles on parts of the internet I don't want them to associate myself with.

    I've had a couple of people contact me thinking it stood for something else and I got very annoyed very quickly.
  19. elzorro

    elzorro Trusted Member

    I did explain it in my introduction but here it goes:
    • Because I speak spanish.
    • Because I like black clothes.
    • Because I like super heroes.
    • Because the mask makes him anonymous (that's a main reason too).
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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  20. ComplX

    ComplX Trusted Member

    I got an incest complex