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What does your member name mean?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curmudgeon, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Ashley69

    Ashley69 New Member

    My name and my favorite position lol
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  2. Trucker827

    Trucker827 Trusted Member

    Well mine is my occupation my girl and I go all over the country and have a good time doing so
  3. RandomPaperGangster

    RandomPaperGangster Trusted Member

    I've had mine since I was a kid, a reference to all the forums I've been a part of over time and my main hobby on them which has been writing.

    It's also just a fun acronym to play around with. Rocket Propelled Grenade is the obvious RPG. Random Paper Gangster is me. Also Romantic Philosophy Gangster, and others as well.
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  4. lunaticbob

    lunaticbob Trusted Member

    Corruption of a name I came up with years ago completely at random to use on sites I didn't want associated with my actual name.
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  5. incest_otter

    incest_otter Trusted.Member

    Mine is pretty simple and totally not subtle I'm afraid. I'm bi, and in the gay community there are terms to describe different body types. I am an otter. And I'm into incest.
    That about sums it up. lol
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  6. Breastlover23

    Breastlover23 Trusted Member

    Breastlover is my chat name on Literotica
  7. 1r4nd0mguy

    1r4nd0mguy Trusted Member

    Mine is a username i made up to flirt anonymously... its come in handy with my cousin, aunty and many female friends
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  8. SunriseBeach

    SunriseBeach Trusted Member

    Sunrise Beach is just a happy place or thought for me.
    It could be romantic, but doesn't need to be.
    Maybe I'm watching the sunrise on the beach after staying up all night, or maybe I woke up early and came out to have some quiet reflection time.
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  9. Justsisters

    Justsisters Wanna be photographers since ever

    Our name is exactly what it sounds like. Just me and my sister wanting to talk to people like us and our family!! :)
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  10. htown101011

    htown101011 Account Deleted

    from houston lol
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  11. TabooSon

    TabooSon Trusted Member

    Just that I’m a son into taboo.
  12. momfkr

    momfkr Account Deleted

    I like screwing Mom
  13. Shield Daughter

    Shield Daughter Trusted Member

    My mom is a shield wife so I'm a shield Daughter.
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  14. Yoaan

    Yoaan Trusted Member

    Yoaan is for my name Yohane
  15. Travelmate

    Travelmate Trusted Member

    I travel a lot and find mates
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  16. Daddybear

    Daddybear Trusted Member

    I am a dad and I'm a daddy. I'm into DDLG. And bear cause it was a nickname a little gave me.
  17. Umeaboy

    Umeaboy Trusted Member

    It's a mixture of 1 name and a noun.
    My city of residence is Umeå in the northern part of Sweden and as the letters ÅÄÖ doesn't exist in the English alphabet it's written as Umea which makes the pronounciation wrong if you try to learn the Swedish part and back when I was a boy I created my nick to use online.
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  18. violador

    violador Trusted Member

    Violator is a character in the movie "Spawn, The Soldier of Hell." I liked the interpretation of the actor "John Alberto Leguizamo" and I began to use the codename.
  19. Phoseman

    Phoseman Trusted Member

    Mine is pretty straight forward....been into wearing and admiring others in pantyhose ever since I slip into mom’s LEGGS stw phose at a very young age.
  20. Mommy'sBoy&Sister'sToy

    Mommy'sBoy&Sister'sToy Trusted Member

    If Mommy wants pleasure, I'm her boy.
    If Sister wants to play, I'm her toy.
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