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Ruminations Regarding Religions

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by Insp Gadget, Jan 21, 2018.

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  1. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    This thread is intended for members who wish to speak their minds on the subject of their beliefs.

    It was inspired by a good conversation in an unrelated thread, and I have started this thread with the posts which were there. Now please feel free to add your own personal thoughts to it.

    But be respectful of the opinions of others, though - religion can be a difficult subject to discuss dispassionately.


  2. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    This is probably closer to the truth than anyone wants to believe.
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  3. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    I sure as hell hope so ! :)
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  4. neverhappened

    neverhappened Trusted Member

    IDK - I'll stay with my Judeo/Christian image of God.
    The image arrived at after actually reading parts of the bible - and not the image I had been taught by others.
    MY image, now, is one that embraces us in our beingness, loved unconditionally, called out of hiding cuz I chose to depend on my self instead of the author of life.
    If I could only reflect a small % of that unconditional love in my interaction with others - WOW.
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  5. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    I believe, don't get me wrong - I just cannot accept that anything beautiful could come from a semitic deity. It seems like a contradiction of terms.
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  6. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Sounds like you had an epiphany. So, how do you feel? Enlighten or depressed when you look around yourself at the world.
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  7. neverhappened

    neverhappened Trusted Member

    I wouldn't say it was an ephinay ... More like a process over time. A period of being taught but not understanding - just staying in "the herd". Saying the words to belong, but not belonging. Weird, and knowing it. An old term might say it better, " wearing masks".

    Can't remember when exactly, but did say to self I don't want to live this way anymore. I think that was the beginning of opening to another pov.

    How do I feel?
    IDK - most of the time it's still all about me - but now see we are all the same in that.
    The God revealed in the writings that make up both testaments as I see it is as described earlier - whatever caused the., "Wow, thank you very much, I'll take it from here ..." Did not cause "anger" in that God from my pov, but compassion. A redeeming love fulfilled once for all through the " incarnation ".

    Shit, I can't avoid what I now call my monkey sins - that's my defective nature - I can try to interpret human love efforts, conditional as they turn out to be, with this understanding, and say to that God who is, " Okay, no matter my defects, I need that unconditional love ... I can almost taste it ... But I can't get it ... Can only receive it as gift. Brief moments of purity experienced before I spoil it. TY"

    Thanks for letting me ramble.

    And IDK how it all fits here.
    Love, or not, is experienced 1st in family. That includes the physical nurturing from edit on. Some ppl are just better at expressing it without prejudice.

    I think I live a more joyful life experience, hoping the unconditional love part is always near.
    It's ongoing. Always beginning, always wispy, beyond me, but being given as " milk from the breast".

    Though I still do it, I think my judgments of others in behaviour has become less righteous, & more self awareness that it is me I am judging.
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  8. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Thanks for sharing. I really think this could be the start of a new thread. If you want to talk religion (a HOT forbidden topic in polite society) or ideology in general, PM me. By the way, I am a god. A small minor one. I actually view myself as Loki. Many Native American tribes/cultures have a similar diety with the SAME name. I am known as the trickster. I can shape shift, play games for my own personal amusement. Sometimes without malice. Other times with malice. I am Loki. Known by many cultures.

    Seriously PM me.
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  9. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    With all respect I have no time for any religion. Neither have I time for violence of any sort, of course if I am attacked I would go berserk.
  10. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    This is a good discussion - thank you all.

    Let's keep it going in the good spirit in which it has begun.

  11. neverhappened

    neverhappened Trusted Member

    Re: the religion part - idk.
    The judeo/christian approach to why we are here and why we are the way we are was what I was taught.
    The teaching was regurgitated to make sure I was an above average member of the clan/tribe . Could answer questions correctly, and that's all. A human recording - a machine in that regard.
    At some point I look around and, though everything is still all about me, begin to see things a little different. Notice more of what is alive around me instead of what is there for me to use.
    The questions remain the same - but am thinking the answers begin to make sense in an experiencial way - living, not with fear. Still the at home pia/ and the socially acceptable rules keeper. " the whitewashed tomb".

    Beginning to ramble -

    So to you, what name do you give to the cause of everything being ... Does that name cause terror that no one wants, or something else? I'm still working it out, but swear it's not coming from me alone.

    I'm really interested in what others are going thru here .

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  12. Janet

    Janet Trusted.Member

    LGBTQ is a quasi Religion, aka Belief System, abbreviated B.S.
  13. neverhappened

    neverhappened Trusted Member

    Done ... Conversation started
  14. Janet

    Janet Trusted.Member

    I'm not addicted to a Belief System abbreviated B.S. and I'm also living in the third decade of the 21st Century. Letting my hair grow and dressing in all kinds of guyz and grrls clothing when I'm not nude and fucking guyz and grrls 'cause I realized I was too much into the LGBTQ B.S. for too long. Just gave my 79 year old bi femme Aunt a good feeldoe fucking which we both enjoyed...after she had a good 3-hole fucking from one of her young grandsons who slept over with her last night. Why has LGBTQ become so dogmatic?
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
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  15. neverhappened

    neverhappened Trusted Member

    Thinking that B.S's in general contain truth, but ppl always see only the truth acceptable to them. That filtered truth gets screwed over time 'til, like you just did, question(s) are raised. My 2cents ....
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  16. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    My religious beliefs began in my early middle age - prior to that, I was what is commonly termed an atheist.

    During my school years, I discovered that I could easily grasp the concepts of science and mathematics, and that I actually enjoyed them. This is a blessing and a curse. The blessing part was that I could always count on the top marks I received from them to pull up my average from all of the 'soft' subjects. But the curse is that to this day, I need proof before I can fully accept.

    I cannot, for example, accept that the Universe is anything but infinite in both time and space - there is no boundary to it, and it has no beginning or end. It just is, and always has been. Any other model will always lead to an inconsistency. So I also feel that any omnipotent deity would create nothing less than an infinite Universe. Any other scenario, to me, makes no sense.

    Now, when it comes to 'anthropomorphising' such a deity, I have to draw upon my own human roots. Therefore, it seems ludicrous to me that a deity could somehow be of middle eastern origin - it might appear so to them, but my genetic background leans strongly towards the nordic. The middle eastern tribes seem to me to be throwbacks to a more barbaric period of our evolution, and their conflicts amongst themselves have now become a burden on the development of humanity. So I feel that an omnipotent deity would not have created such an impediment to the growth of its human creation.

    So that is the basis from which I start as I search - those are my 'axioms', let us say. And it is from those givens that I derive my 'theories' concerning religion.

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  17. neverhappened

    neverhappened Trusted Member

    I hear ya inspector.

    Love the pics of "universe" - the outside one & the micro inside one.

    Is there anything other than theory about the so called Big Bang moment?

    I can't grasp an always was/always will be time/space/matter reality side by side with a creator of it.
    But it is with developing ...

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  18. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    Something we call the 'Big Bang' clearly happened, but it is so typically small-minded of us to think that it was the beginning of everything ! It was some kind of local phenomenon.

    To paraphrase J. B. S. Haldane - the Universe is not only grander than we suppose, it is grander than we can suppose. And that notion is also consistent with the Universe being the work of a deity.

    And I get your thought about the awkwardness of a creator as well as an infinite Universe. That difficulty arises, though, only if we imagine the creator to be somehow 'outside' of its infinite creation. But the conundrum resolves itself nicely if we accept that the creator is within and throughout the Universe.

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  19. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    With all the murder, wars, general slaughter of innocents all over this beautiful/cursed planet, any idea of an omnipotent god to me is an obscenity.
    But if you are happy with your beliefs, I am happy for you, but never try to convert me, it will not work, not after the horrors I have seen.
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  20. neverhappened

    neverhappened Trusted Member

    Hi curiuosFred - What is really hard to accept is that all of it is caused by us. The same us who briefly recognize beauty attempt to destroy it. Yet the beauty still exists, sort of soothing the beast, 'til it becomes the beasty thing again. At some point does the beastly me recall the moments of non-beasty cuz of the beauty, and begin to seek it more, while still behaving in a beastly way? IDK The beauty is always there, beastly me chooses to either ignore it or accept it,or even make it my own.
    It's a struggle. Beasts change or not. The beauty is always there - coming at beasty fom every possible direction.

    My 2 cents.
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