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shaven or natural?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Disco, Mar 20, 2019.


shaven or narural

  1. shaven

  2. natural

  1. leonphelps33

    leonphelps33 Trusted Member

    I like both but my mom keeps hers with some hair
  2. MikeSpanks

    MikeSpanks New Member

    Shaved, don't like any hairs down there, no matter what age.
  3. mastgam

    mastgam Trusted Member

    shaved pussies are much cuter
  4. Emily129307

    Emily129307 Good mommy

    In the country I live almost every woman shave, it's very common here, mine is shaved too but I think it's nice some natural Bush.
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  5. Pdogghound

    Pdogghound Trusted.Member

    I like both a nice smooth and a nice trimmed one too.
    And what country it that Emily
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  6. Emily129307

    Emily129307 Good mommy

  7. DoubleDee3

    DoubleDee3 Trusted Member

    I like it to be natural with me and whoever I'm with, unless it grows out too much on either side.
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  8. andyrewiam

    andyrewiam Trusted Member

    I really don't have a preference. My mum used to shave for me on special occasions but my sister was natural most of the time, but I don't think we cared either way.
  9. Froh

    Froh Trusted Member

    I love both!!1 Shaved is so very cleann and I can see much more from genitals. But a bush between her legs and her arms is natural, original and like animalistic also!!!
  10. SaNeCunoastem

    SaNeCunoastem Trusted Member

    I love to eat pussy so i vote shaven
  11. chisan

    chisan Trusted Member

    Shaved or well trimmed is best for me.
  12. Rockhound02

    Rockhound02 Trusted Member

    The important parts shaved with a landing strip.
  13. GSBlazer

    GSBlazer New Member

  14. pervione

    pervione New Member

    Maybe... shaven
  15. claus

    claus Trusted Member

    I find the smell of hair intoxicating, so the more the better! I also love the way it's "natural", which connects it with innocence in my mind
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  16. Lolimsa

    Lolimsa Trusted Member

    In my BF I like how he have it trimmed. And myself, some times I shave totally, but usually I keep it trimmed.
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  17. Lysandra

    Lysandra New Member

    Completely shaved, that's how daddy likes my pussy, without the hair bothering him and without hiding anything, all very exposed. And he likes to do it.
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  18. littlemerju

    littlemerju Forever Daddys girl

    same here :)
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  19. trullo

    trullo Trusted Member

    shaved is better imo
  20. Tanya_again

    Tanya_again New Member

    Shaved of course