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Favorite heavy metal band?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chanito Culiacan, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Chanito Culiacan

    Chanito Culiacan Trusted Member

    Mine is slayer.your?
  2. Amanda

    Amanda Trusted.Member

  3. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    Any one not playing within hearing range.
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  4. Amanda

    Amanda Trusted.Member

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  5. pikeman

    pikeman Trusted Member

    Dream Theater
    Symphony X
    In flames
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  6. pussycat

    pussycat Trusted.Member

    Not really heavy metal, but can be at times:

    Alice in Chains

    Mad Season

    (was for a long time into the Seattle sound, still like it)
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  7. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

    I like KISS
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  8. pussycat

    pussycat Trusted.Member

    I always knew there was something wrong with you.

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  9. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

    Now, I could point out that Alice in Chains is Punk Rock. :p
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  10. pussycat

    pussycat Trusted.Member


    Grunge Rock

    Stone Temple Pilots
    Shaking Trees
    Pearl Jam
    Alice in Chains

    which begat:

    Mad Season


    ............the crap you are listening to now

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  11. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

    I don't know. I group Alice in Chains with Nine Inch Nails and Dead Kennedy's.
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  12. pussycat

    pussycat Trusted.Member

    Naww naww

    I will admit that its hard to dis-associate the music from the volume, but punk rock was the Ramones, Sex Pistoles etc.........basically "up yours, fuck you bullshit", don't get me wrong it had its merits.

    But listen to Alice in Chains unplugged. It ain't punk rock. It's beautiful.

    If you like I can send you a link.
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  13. Amanda

    Amanda Trusted.Member

    lol you two are like brother and sister.
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  14. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

    I do like Stone Temple Pilot and Pearl Jam. Never heard of Shaking Trees though.
  15. pussycat

    pussycat Trusted.Member

    Hmm, I don't have a brother. I have 2 sisters.

    If we had a brother, he'd probably be dead by now.


    But you're right, Neo and I do have a sort of love / hate relationship .............. no. hates the wrong word, more like "love taps". aka a slap up the side of the head.

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  16. pussycat

    pussycat Trusted.Member

    The "chain" is Barrett Martin of "Screaming Trees".........went into rehab with McCready of Pearl Jam and John Saunders ....... wrote some music and hooked up with Layne Staley of Alice in Chains and became "Mad Season", only one album, but you only need one classic....

    Martin is now with "walking papers", it's very good.
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  17. Amanda

    Amanda Trusted.Member

  18. Zarp

    Zarp Moderator Staff Member

    Humm, I don’t quite know how to answer this one lol. What was considered heavy metal to me is not considered heavy metal now lol.
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  19. momfkr

    momfkr Account Deleted

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  20. Amanda

    Amanda Trusted.Member

    Hell yeah!.