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A Message from the Forum Administrator, PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curmudgeon, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    The staff and I have been working to make IB a friendly place to visit.
    I think we are succeeding, I see a number of long time members are posting again.
    There are a few things you can do to help.

    Before continuing, please note that this is an Anonymous Forum.
    You are NOT required to display your birthdate, age, gender, or location on your profile.​

    Personalize your Account with an Avatar

    An unique picture makes it easier for members to quickly recognize your posts.​

    Display your Age and/or Gender on your Profile

    When conversing in person, age and gender are known and affect how the participants interact. Those factors are lost when conversing anonymously. It would be helpful to others if you display this information on your profile.​

    Your age is automatically calculated from your profile birthdate.
    If your profile birthdate needs to be changed, just send me a PM with the correct date.​

    Display your Location

    Be as detailed or as vague as you like. Anything you offer will be helpful.​

    To Edit Your Profile Information

    If direct link doesn't work
    Mouse Over your Name in the Menu Bar above.
    Click on "Personal Details" in the drop down box.​

    Thanks for helping to make IB greater

    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
  2. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    I am still trying to decide on an avatar. That's the first obstacle. The second one is that I don't know how to upload one. Where can I find instructions?
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  3. coffin-dodger

    coffin-dodger Account Deleted

    Pretty simple really, just go to your profile and click on the placeholder where your avatar would go. (The grey male symbol) and the upload dialog will begin.
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  4. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    Start here: http://www.ins-dream.com/forum/index.php?account/personal-details
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  5. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Thank you.
  6. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

  7. coffin-dodger

    coffin-dodger Account Deleted

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  8. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Now the only problem is deciding on an avatar. To those who have read my posts and seen my "likes", any suggestions?
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  9. Amanda

    Amanda Account Deleted

    LOL im not going there
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  10. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    Go to your corner and count to 69. :D
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  11. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Why not? I'm like a duck. Everything just runs off, I'm calm on the surface but paddling like the devil underneath.
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  12. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    When I hear "Brutus" I only think of two possibilities, a dead Roman senator and ...

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  13. Amanda

    Amanda Account Deleted

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  14. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Forgot about that one. IllI have to keep that in mind. Thanks.
  15. Amanda

    Amanda Account Deleted

    or just be yourself
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  16. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Thank you. Another one to keep in mind.
  17. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Yeah I could. But that would be too boring or too scary, depending on your point of view.
  18. Hal

    Hal Trusted.Member

    Thanks CM for your and all the mods hard work to keep this site running and happy.
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  19. Blu3tooth

    Blu3tooth Trusted Member

    Then put in a pic of a duck. Mine is a pic of me at work.
  20. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

    I am also in the same boat as this Gentleman ! I need assistance !