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what's the last movie you've seen

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thattechguy, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers Trusted.Member

    D&D & Super Mario Bros.
  2. Flipmodes

    Flipmodes Trusted Member

    Darkest Hour with Gary Oldman. I've always liked all of his films. Leon the professional and Tinker Taylor soldier spy are top films for me.
  3. Tono23

    Tono23 Trusted Member

  4. whatwhowhere

    whatwhowhere Trusted Member

    Last movie I had watch was The Equalizer. I always kept seeing clips so thought about time I watched it, was a good movie
  5. Denise98

    Denise98 Trusted Member


    Suzume no Tojimari. My brother surprised me with it. He knows that one of my favorite movie is Your Name so he invited me to watch Suzume with him. He told me it was "an early birthday present". Love him for that, I had butterflies in my stomach the whole week because of this. Also it was a great movie. :D
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  6. JamesCook

    JamesCook Trusted Member

  7. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers Trusted.Member

    Guardians of the Galaxy 3
  8. bs5454

    bs5454 Trusted Member

  9. Mandylorian

    Mandylorian Account Deleted

    It's an old movie, but damn....
    I'll never understand why they don't make simple stories like this without all the CGI and green screen stuff these days. If you're a music lover and like to cry. Watch this movie and have some tissues ready.
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  10. NorthStar99

    NorthStar99 Trusted Member

    Evil Dead Rise
  11. crazyy.suji

    crazyy.suji Trusted Member

    bodies bodies bodies
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  12. _donjulio_

    _donjulio_ Trusted Member

    Wayne's World
  13. Melodic1498

    Melodic1498 Account Deleted

    Honestly, I like having movies on in the background as I'm doing something else. So technically, the last one was Spider-Man Homecoming. The last one I've sat down to watch was, I think, when a buddy of mine saw Iron Man 3 because he's kinda trying to watch the MCU movies.
  14. bblover17

    bblover17 New Member

  15. Hsre95

    Hsre95 Trusted Member

    Hardcore Henry
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  16. Rubber duck 2

    Rubber duck 2 Trusted.Member

  17. Rubber duck 2

    Rubber duck 2 Trusted.Member

  18. daemonn

    daemonn Trusted Member

  19. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers Trusted.Member

    Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse & Transformers Rise of the Beast
  20. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers Trusted.Member

    The Boogieman ( A Stephen King Movie) & The Flash