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What does your member name mean?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curmudgeon, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. jimbojones

    jimbojones Trusted Member

    I just copied the Simpsons.
  2. Batman90

    Batman90 New Member

    Batman because desire to cum during the night and 90 is the year I was born. I'm a 90s kid.
  3. Redzio

    Redzio Trusted Member

    Mine just means red...but with zio at the end :D
  4. bluedsteel

    bluedsteel Trusted Member

    I like firearms.
  5. marcobear

    marcobear Trusted Member

    I just took a random name with a random addition for obscuring my real identity.
  6. thebuzz1084

    thebuzz1084 New Member

    My sister and I used to use the term "the buzz" to describe the tingling feeling in our privates when we became aroused and approached orgasm
  7. lemmy

    lemmy Trusted Member

  8. DaddyKnight9

    DaddyKnight9 New Member

    Mine is because I'm a chef that cooks every night so chef knightly is a play on NY last name
  9. Cederic

    Cederic Account Deleted

    Cederic is based on the name Cedric that was invented by Walter Scott in the 1819 novel Ivanhoe which again was based on the Anglo-Saxon name Cerdic which means Cherished

    Cerdic is believed to be based on the name Ceretic from the Common brittonic language that existed from c. 6th century BC to mid-6th century AD. Which was a Celtic language spoken in Britain and Brittany.
  10. D.C. Barnet

    D.C. Barnet Trusted.Member

    Looks like blue steel & plastic. . . Goes better w/walnut.
  11. Spookydooky

    Spookydooky Trusted Member

    Dangolspookydooky is an ode to boomhauer from king of the hill and a meme where someone dropped a duece into a jack o lantern hahaha
  12. mykel

    mykel Trusted Member

    Mine is simply a different spelling of my given name .
  13. Momma'sman

    Momma'sman New Member

    My username is what I want to be.
  14. rayrugda

    rayrugda Trusted Member

    Its my alter ego
  15. Freerider99

    Freerider99 Trusted Member

    I ride mountainbikes in special bike parks.
  16. McHaggis15

    McHaggis15 Trusted Member

    I’m Scottish and wanted a s Funny Scottish name
  17. karpul

    karpul Trusted Member

    dental syringe
  18. Don Dan

    Don Dan Trusted Member

    Mine is a play on one of my fav band's and their 2 founding members
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  19. Gelder

    Gelder Moderator Staff Member

    You may "Call Me Deacon Blues".;)
  20. Sethfromdallas

    Sethfromdallas Big brother loves sister

    My name is seth and im from dallas