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Nudity at home

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ElizabethBrenda, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Incest A GoGo

    Incest A GoGo Trusted Member

    Live with my son (divorced). I am not full nude just t-shirt and no panties but don't try to cover myself either so he sees my pussy a lot. Same for him.
  2. ElizabethBrenda

    ElizabethBrenda Trusted Member

    We are all the time fully nude at home (except on THOSE DAYS when we wear just a panty). Other than that, pussy and pennis are always exposed for everyone to see
  3. JoshuaMN

    JoshuaMN Trusted.Member

    how life should be lived by all
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  4. Aniceguyforsure

    Aniceguyforsure Trusted Member

    T-shirt and no panties is sexier to me than fully nude.
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  5. Jwhy009

    Jwhy009 Account Deleted

    I wish my wife was ok with at home nudity. Especially when her sister comes to visit.
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  6. Paragon Dizon

    Paragon Dizon Trusted Member

    this is the dream
  7. londonboy49

    londonboy49 Trusted.Member

    Mid 30's c here. Been in garden most of day. Nice breeze blowing though house now.
  8. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Careful where you get that sunburn!
  9. Max46

    Max46 Trusted Member

    Me and my wife do it sometimes when rest of the family is not home. We love to do it. It not only makes things spicy but also makes you more confident about you and your body. Me as a male looking at nude myself want to push a bit harder on chest workouts and thighs.
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  10. DaveWebb08

    DaveWebb08 New Member

    Nudist at home and on beaches
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  11. lovingincest

    lovingincest Trusted.Member

    Can you offer more detail? Why cant everyone get involved.
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  12. Max46

    Max46 Trusted Member

    Not everyone is nudist at home. They don't even know we both do it.
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  13. londonboy49

    londonboy49 Trusted.Member

    Nice when friends come round and they are comfortable about being nude with us.
  14. mrbelleman

    mrbelleman Trusted Member

    If I lived alone or with people who were comfortable with it then yeah I would be nude all the time, but for now it’s everything but boxers or boxers and shorts
  15. haka

    haka Trusted Member

    Nudist at the beaches, if possible.
  16. beckytoshare

    beckytoshare New Member

    im allways nude at home thats the way i was brought up and the way im raising my family now
  17. bdavis7878

    bdavis7878 New Member

    I'm a diehard nudist
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  18. lovingincest

    lovingincest Trusted.Member

    What do your parents think of incest?
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  19. lovingincest

    lovingincest Trusted.Member

    It would be best to leave it within a sexual or flirty context after age 18. At any other point, its always nonsexual.
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  20. Max46

    Max46 Trusted Member

    They are not into it..