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New neighbor

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by David lawson family, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. David lawson family

    David lawson family Trusted.Member

    We had new neighbors move in by us. The wife came over, and I fixed them dinner. Over dinner the husband asked if they could come over and swim in our pool. I told him it was ok, then I told him we liked skinny dipping. He said he would love to join us along with his wife and son and daughter, and gave me that knowing wink. David smiled too
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  2. BiDave

    BiDave Trusted.Member

    We skinny hot tub with our neighbors mother father son and daughter.
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  3. Interesting Imagery

    Interesting Imagery Trusted.Member

    Sounds like some fun in the future
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  4. TittyKitty

    TittyKitty Communudist Catgirl

    Would love to hear another installment of the fun had when they take you up on the offer! :D
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  5. David lawson family

    David lawson family Trusted.Member

    They came over last weekend and after about an hour in the pool everyone was naked. My daughter asked their daughter if she ever sucked a cock she told cindy no. Cindy went over to her dad and asked him to sit on the side of the pool and proceeded to suck him.
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  6. David lawson family

    David lawson family Trusted.Member

    That's great
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  7. mandem123123123

    mandem123123123 Trusted Member

  8. Philosophy2574

    Philosophy2574 Trusted Member

    and did she just watch or did she practice too?
  9. TittyKitty

    TittyKitty Communudist Catgirl

    I feel like this story is still unfolding. I will have patience. ❤️
  10. Philosophy2574

    Philosophy2574 Trusted Member

    i will, too. but still couldn't resist to ask
  11. Purplequeen

    Purplequeen Trusted Member

    Jealous. Sounds amazing
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  12. Hal

    Hal TrustlTrusted Member

    That sounds like a story/stories worth repeating lol.
  13. Dirtydaddy1974

    Dirtydaddy1974 Trusted Member

    Wish you were my neighbors.
  14. David lawson family

    David lawson family Trusted.Member

    She was nervous but she looked at her mom who nodded yes and she took my cock in her mouth. I could tell that she had never done it before, but she could see our cindy suckinh her dad so she continued till I shot a load in her mouth
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  15. nortyfun

    nortyfun Trusted Member

    Can't wait to here how this continues..
  16. Daddy's Home

    Daddy's Home Trusted Member

    Pics or it never happened.

    Sorry...was just on Reddit and that is their go to response.

    Please, continue with telling us what happened next.
  17. David lawson family

    David lawson family Trusted.Member

    After she smiled and told her mom she like it and went to her dad and sucked him .
  18. Pike

    Pike Trusted.Member

    You will be fucking these neighbors soon!
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  19. Dirtydaddy1974

    Dirtydaddy1974 Trusted Member

    More neighbors should be like this
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  20. David lawson family

    David lawson family Trusted.Member

    Yes it would be so great