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Mommy feet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZoltarTheGreat, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. ZoltarTheGreat

    ZoltarTheGreat Trusted Member

    Does anyone have a fetish for mommy feet? I do! I’m thinking of making some videos of me worshipping different mommies feet. Would you be interested in that?
  2. K V

    K V Trusted Member

    Strangely, yes I would!
  3. Daisyduke

    Daisyduke Trusted Member

    I certainly do too!
  4. darklighter

    darklighter Trusted Member

  5. Snr123

    Snr123 Trusted Member

  6. Blavla

    Blavla Account Deleted

    I never understood why people like feet. What's so special about them for you
  7. r1yan

    r1yan Trusted Member

  8. goodgirls225

    goodgirls225 Trusted Member

    yes mommy feet would be nice. I'm not sure why ppl like feet. Freud thought it was because they resemble penises but I think that is a very dumb theory, lol.
  9. playinrs

    playinrs Trusted Member

  10. vexxx

    vexxx Trusted Member

  11. Renegade1972

    Renegade1972 Trusted Member

  12. hobojoe

    hobojoe New Member