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Mom or sis

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by elliot00007, May 21, 2021.

  1. FourNineEight

    FourNineEight Trusted Member

    Neither in reality.

    In fiction, the mother-son dynamic is always more interesting to me than the brother-sister one — if I'm able, I'll pick an exploration of the former over the latter every time. It's probably something to do with how much more of a deviation from the norm it is, since it's the shift of a caretaker and authority figure over to the status of a sex partner. That's a greater departure from the standard familial role than the changeover from that of a sister, given siblings normally act more like close friends of different ages who happen to live together (assuming they get along). It's easier (in fiction) to cross the gap between casual buddy and lover than it is to go from being a lord over someone to their sexual equal or even submissive, so it tends to be less engaging to explore (and many works of romance have such disparities in power as a built-in form of easy conflict that serves to draw the main characters together even as its less savory components push them away).

    Which is also part of it. The total upheaval of power dynamics is more interesting to investigate than a simple increase in attraction. Sure, incest is a taboo either way, but two siblings (of similar age) falling in love or lust doesn't connote much of a change in the way they relate on a purely hierarchical level, besides the new sexual dimension they've integrated which may come with undertones or overtones of sexual domination and submission. Meanwhile, a mother falling for her son will often require that she deliberately lower herself to a position in their relationship where he could feel comfortable reciprocating despite his assigned status not playing nice with her advances, while a story of a son chasing his mother can have the implicit caveat that he get her to submit to him on some level in order for their relationship to allow him any autonomy.

    When that isn't the case, you can end up with a story about a twisting of the familiar roles within a parental relationship, where a mother provides for and nurtures her son as she did when he was younger, only now the focus isn't on sustenance and need but indulgence and desire, with the usual platonic love they'd feel for one another replaced by a romantic, often carnal variant that serves to highlight the perversion of a dynamic familiar to most readers. It's cool to see, and the sort of thing that can be difficult to involve in a story of siblings going through the same experience, since their roles relative to each other are less defined and their status within the family's hierarchy is often close to identical. Plus, you know, the whole idea of penetrating the place from which you emerged in the same way that you were created. Sisters don't have that detail and never can, unless your family's incestuous history didn't start with you.

    TL;DR: I can't answer for real life, but fictional mother-son dynamics are more complex in some ways that I like, so I go with mom over sis every time.
  2. snuff

    snuff Trusted Member

    def mom
  3. alta28

    alta28 Trusted Member

    sister for me
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  4. TrashFlavoredTrash

    TrashFlavoredTrash Trusted Member

    In real life sister, mom isn't attractive
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  5. Malakati

    Malakati Trusted Member

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  6. Ultima28

    Ultima28 Trusted Member

    Mom for me!
  7. Smoove1738

    Smoove1738 Trusted Member

    My mom. Huge ass, and I mean huge! Love to jerk off fantasizing about it. Always shoot the biggest loads.
  8. tonio0645

    tonio0645 Trusted Member

  9. Luke49

    Luke49 New Member

    definitely mom.
  10. David1104

    David1104 Trusted Member

    For me it’s my mom. Since my early teens I got a thing for older women.
  11. Gelder

    Gelder Moderator Staff Member

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  12. David1104

    David1104 Trusted Member

    When I was talking about that I meant 18 I’m sorry I didn’t think that through!
  13. Scottt

    Scottt Trusted Member

    Sister definitely ♥ She was always slim and hot.
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  14. offf2

    offf2 Trusted Member

    My sister.
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  15. sahil27

    sahil27 New Member

    Can absolutely relate to you. Looks like we are living the same life on two different continents. ;)
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  16. Kai_tracid003

    Kai_tracid003 Trusted Member

    The two… but if i have to chose it would be mom
  17. Jacksanger

    Jacksanger Trusted Member

    For me, 100% mom
  18. Zwarcon

    Zwarcon Trusted Member

    Ive had a crush on my mom for many of years.
  19. Stojo11

    Stojo11 New Member

    I prefer mom
  20. FAndF86

    FAndF86 New Member

    in all fairness I’ve never slept with my mom and only fooled around with me sister but my sister is sexy as all hell, and her and I have a great relationship too.
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