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Did You Know ?

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by Neophyte, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    As is the case with many great discoveries in science. Often enough, the person we credit with the discovery was only the person who capitalized on it first, while others were the true genius behind the work. No great discovery of science was ever made by a single individual, rather through the observation of many, and the ultimate greed by one (who has credit).
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  2. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

    Unfortunately the fetus is about the size of a bean. You would need microscopic instruments and an inhumanly steady hand to do the surgery.
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  3. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    As was typical of Einstein, he did not discover theories - he merely commandeered them. His own mediocre skills in physics and mathematics were simply not up to the task.

    He took an existing body of knowledge, picked and chose the ideas he liked, then wove them into a tale about his own contributions to science. Real scientists cite references. Often, the papers he submitted included not even a single credit to his sources.

    Einstein Genius.jpg

    Albert Einstein was plain and simple a fraud.

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  4. jillicious

    jillicious Incestuous Story Writer

    Did you know water flows around a water dam and not only through it?

  5. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    Looking at the war videos brought back so many memories, you could say I was there.
    I was XXXXXXXXXX when WW 2 ended, my memories are vivid.
    Our town was bombed day and night, and 85 % destroyed, we escaped with our lives, not much else.
    My nerves were shot and have never really recovered.
    We were bombed out twice, lost everything, mom was a war widow and ANTI NAZI, Our neighbours hated her,
    she escaped the concentration camps by the skin of her teeth.
    I'll leave it at that.

    Sorry, no mention of ages under 18 is allowed. Neo
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  6. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    We have sent spacecraft hurtling towards the edge of our Solar System really, really fast.

    But sometimes when we're talking about how long it takes for us to get to other parts of the Solar System (eight months to get to Mars, for example) it can feel like our spacecraft are just crawling along out there.

    To see just how wrong that idea is, compare the speed of the New Horizons probe (which flew past the planet Pluto in 2016) with the speed of a Boeing 747 and an SR-71 Blackbird ...


    So the real challenge for our spacecraft is that our Solar System is really, really big.

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  7. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    This is what happens when a star encounters a black hole ...


    As the star gets ripped apart by the gravitational forces of the black hole, some of the star's remains falls into the black hole, while the rest is ejected at high speed as a huge jet of plasma spanning hundreds of light-years.

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  8. jillicious

    jillicious Incestuous Story Writer

    How does a clutch work? I think this is really interesting!

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  9. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    I think so too ! :)
  10. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    Your 'left brain' and your 'right brain' see things differently ...


    Depending on which hemisphere of your brain you are using at the moment, this woman will spin either clockwise (right and creative side of the brain) or anti-clockwise (left and logic side of the brain).

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  11. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    And it's amazing how quickly the brain switches it's usage parameters as well. One moment, you're using the right hemisphere, the next moment, the left.
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  12. pussycat

    pussycat Moderator Staff Member

    Now I know why I got such confusing marks when I was figure skating..............

    the male judges were seeing everything backwards

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  13. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    Popping your knuckles isn't necessarily bad for you.

    A Californian medical doctor, Donald Unger, decided to investigate the matter, and dedicated 60 years of his life to the pursuit of the answer. He spent those years cracking the knuckles on one hand, and not cracking the knuckles on the other, so that he could compare the effects.


    He found no discernible difference between the two of them at the end of his experiment.

    And you can find out lots more about knuckle-cracking in this video ...

  14. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    Atoms are amazingly small.

    In fact, there are eight times as many atoms in a teaspoonful of water as there are teaspoonfuls of water in the Atlantic Ocean.


    Moreover, if you laid down end to end each water molecule from a teaspoon full, you’d end up with a length of 10 times the width of our Solar System.

  15. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    A material that looks like a black hole will be used as construction material for Winter Olympics ...

    'Vantablack' is so uncomfortably black the human eye can't quite decipher what it is seeing. It is thought to be the closest thing to a black hole we will ever experience. That's because Vantablack is not a colour, it's the almost complete absence of colour.
    A British architect is using a spray-on version called Vantablack VBx2 for a building he describes as a 'schism in space' which will be unveiled at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

    "It will be like you're looking into the depths of space itself," said architect Asif Khan. "As you approach the building that star field will grow to fill your entire field of view, and then you'll enter as though you're being absorbed into a cloud of blackness."

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  16. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    That's true, but with nano technology on the horizon, anything is possible.
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  17. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Are you saying that one minute I'm a leftist and then the next a right wing? Maybe why I can see both sides of an argument.
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  18. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Sorry for not seeing this post earlier. Glad you and your mom escaped the camps. Where did you live? May I PM you? Please PM me with your answer.
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  19. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    That's pretty smart of him, don't you think? Wish I could have done that in college!
  20. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    He spent all those years potentially injuring himself to prove a point. Now that's dedication! Think I will buy a Roman cat-o'-nine-tails and start to whip myself.