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Daring masturbation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Solonudist, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. bullluvs

    bullluvs Trusted Member

    i have stroked it while at work for 3 different employers/jobs. the first was working in the oilfield industry as a surveyor... i was literally n the middle of a giant wheat field waiting on another crew... felt horny so laid down and jerked it. the second was a counter sales job at a tool renal shop. in winter it is pretty slow so i was surfing porn and got horny so tugged one out behind the counter... someone could have walked in at anytime. the third was when i was doing renovations... the houses were empty so i felt the need and did the deed. i did it in two different houses. lots of fun taking chances.
  2. Damian Dhark

    Damian Dhark Account Deleted

    Probably in the forest.
  3. madelline95

    madelline95 Trusted Member

    Hmmm there was once when I went on a vacation with my Mom and her boyfriend and we were staying in the same hotel room (different beds of course, I had my own and they were sharing one but the beds are like right next to each other anyways). I pretended to be asleep as the two of them thought I was asleep and started to get busy. So I would occasionally peek through from my closed eyelids to see what they are doing and masturbate myself under the covers. My Mom would very occasionally turn around and check if I was still asleep and stuff like that.
  4. ElliotAlderson34

    ElliotAlderson34 Trusted Member

    What if there was a post in which somebody, prolly a mod, would post daily dares for people to do around family and then they'd share their experience with the forum, maybe even pictures or videos if they want to.

    Stuff like: Drop your pants in the family kitchen or living room for 10 seconds while someone else is in the house or masturbate with the door open while someone's in the house or masturbate using a family member's personal object or in someone else's room or while on phone with a fam member or maybe even "accidentally" flash another family member etc. Was that ever a thing here? It could be interesting.

    Oh btw, my answer to this post's question: Grandparents house back porch
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  5. Gelder

    Gelder Moderator Staff Member

    The staff (as far as I know) are not inclined to encourage such risky behaviours. Particularly as, they could result in all manner of negative repercussions.

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  6. Icculus

    Icculus New Member

    Under my desk at work or next to a female family friend in bed.
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  7. Treyko

    Treyko Trusted Member

    During afternoon nap with my sister falling asleep while watching TV. Got a bit of cumshot on her too.
  8. Raldat

    Raldat Trusted Member

    In a public restroom at school
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  9. Deepdiver

    Deepdiver Spice is nice, but incest is best

    Several places: while driving down the freeway with GF watching; in a public park on my wife's face and tits - she wanted to walk around the park with cum on her face and chest.
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  10. blands123

    blands123 Trusted Member

    At work a couple times, gor to blow off some steam.
  11. Jasonpx2

    Jasonpx2 Trusted Member

    I totally masterbate on my construction site after all the workers have left for the day.
    I do it all the time,
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  12. Daddybear32

    Daddybear32 Account Deleted

    The public swimming pool. It was closing down for fall was alone so used the time wisely. Also done it at multiple camp showers, at work in stalls and more.
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  13. jimbojones

    jimbojones Trusted Member

    This was hot thankyou
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  14. Indian libertine

    Indian libertine Trusted Member

    I a public transport bus during overnight journey. I was reading. Mom son story got a hard on. Then boom
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  15. Johnfamilylover

    Johnfamilylover Trusted Member

    By looking at the beauty of my aunt, by sleeping beside her
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  16. NotNew2Chris

    NotNew2Chris Trusted Member

    Often in the bathroom at work. While driving, in a fitting room and left the load on the floor. Laying out in the backyard, the fact that I could be seen made it even more exciting. Just to name a few.
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  17. McMadow

    McMadow Trusted Member

    Had a time where I frequently masturbated at the university and I masturbated once in the toilet at work
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  18. Kate1756

    Kate1756 Trusted Member

    In the pickup line at kids JR high. Wearing leggings helps with this a lot. My son got in the car and asked what that smell was. Lol
  19. jimbojones

    jimbojones Trusted Member

    This i Hot, Have you done it more than once in the line and did you ever nearly get caight? I bet your fingers were to blame for the smell (which i bet was amazing).
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  20. Paul8472

    Paul8472 Trusted Member

    Toilets at work, toilets in the local mall, clearing in the woods next to where I used to live and in my friends living room whilst watching a movie with him and his family without them knowing.
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