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Boys! How do you like your dick sucked?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by arianfuk9, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. arianfuk9

    arianfuk9 New Member

    Boys! How do you like your dick sucked?

    Do you like your dick sucked fast or slow...
    Do you want the the person down on their knees sucking or....
    Do you want to be standing, sitting, or lying down, as they suck your dick...

    ;)I prefer to be down on my knees with the man standing in front of me, as I suck his dick real slow.
  2. krisbliss79

    krisbliss79 New Member

    Got to be slow, with the girl on top and pussy in my face #69
  3. neighborson

    neighborson Trusted.Member

    1 S8Urs4hbagL6gI_xMbMaBw.jpeg
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  4. HDL00

    HDL00 Trusted Member

    Laying in bed I want the girl to start slow, sensually licking all up and down my cock
    Then for her to take it in her mouth, slowly speed up, until i get so horny i start facefucking.
    I like to wrap my legs around her face as i'm about to cum and blast cum in her throat.
  5. whitecoffee1

    whitecoffee1 Moderator Staff Member

    I like it the slow way.
  6. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    I have no preference, but it's rare that 'Chloe' will suck me off. Most of the time she wants me inside her.
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  7. Thedjman

    Thedjman Trusted.Member

    Hands free and all throat
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  8. Ruthborn

    Ruthborn Account Deleted

    I like to be standing when getting sucked up and slow or fast is fine, as long as there is a lot of suction as I love the strong tugging sensation. I also love a lot of tongue and lip service all over my pink head and playing with my sack/balls during the activity (also don't mind my balls being licked/sucked).
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  9. haiko

    haiko Account Deleted

    It depends on the situation. Sometimes I prefer it slow and sensual. More often I want it hard, deep and fast with a lot of spit. The position doesn't matter. But it's a great when she touches my balls and ass while she's fucking me with her lips and tongue.
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  10. Saxifrag

    Saxifrag New Member

    As long as she's obviously enjoying it.. that's #1 for me. Otherwise, I'd describe it as "with enthusiasm".
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  11. ALovingBrother

    ALovingBrother Account Deleted

    I'm of the opinion there is no 'wrong' way.
    However it depends on the situation for me. If it's as foreplay then it's doesn't matter it's all good, if it's to make me cum then I like to be standing up but I'm not bothered if she is on her knees, lying down etc. As long as she's comfortable.
    As for method, when you put your hand in front of your mouth and do that twisting thing as you go up and down... Oh boy!
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  12. Mister magic

    Mister magic Trusted Member

    Depends on the situation. Sometimes it is nice when she is on her knees and sucks my dick realy slow and makes eye contact.
    But I am also a big fan of 69 where both get there pleasure.
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  13. pacmanflynn

    pacmanflynn Trusted Member

    If the girl really likes to do it, it's fine with me any way at all. But I most prefer being inside her.
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  14. Dilligaf420

    Dilligaf420 Trusted Member

    I really dont care as long as shes willing to suck my dick she can have it however she wants.
  15. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

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  16. Zarp

    Zarp Trusted.Member

    As long as she wants to do it and is enjoying our time together, I don’t care!
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  17. b5569

    b5569 Trusted Member

    Slow then getting faster while I’m sat down with you on your knees
  18. Creampie777

    Creampie777 Trusted Member

    Enthusiastically , that's the key to a mind blowing blowjob. Making love to my dick, slow, fast, kiss it all over, deepthroat it, and then, with a big mouthfull, gargle the cum for a few seconds and swallow it while looking in my eyes. I'd pass out from a blowjob like that :D
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  19. billt33

    billt33 Trusted Member

    I like 69 as I love eating pussy. I also like to cut deep inside a woman with the change of knocking her up.
  20. cummunion

    cummunion Trusted.Member

    Hear! Hear!;)
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