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Are you into incest, or just the taboo?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FabioW, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. wrmhrtddaddy

    wrmhrtddaddy Trusted Member

    What is your definition of Incest compared to Taboo?
  2. McHaggis15

    McHaggis15 Trusted Member

    I would have liked to have experienced it growing up, but sadly I didn’t. So for me, it’s just a fantasy.
  3. Sophie_Wald_07

    Sophie_Wald_07 Trusted Member

    Hm a taboo and a real thing in my family.
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  4. bluedsteel

    bluedsteel Trusted Member

    Just the taboo. Never had any thoughts about family members. I like the stories where a Mom shares herself with and for her son. But that's it.
  5. Redzio

    Redzio Trusted Member

    For me its just the taboo a kink as such.
  6. Dave_undead

    Dave_undead Trusted Member

    Mostly taboo , thats why im into exhibitionism and similar also
  7. lovingincest

    lovingincest Trusted.Member

    do you seek out a partner (whether male of female) who is open to the idea? Its a major factor when starting a relationship for me. Granted, once I actually have that I might change my mind, but right now it seems like a great idea. Why wouldnt I also be attracted to my daughter, especially if she looks like my wife? Same for a son and my wife.
  8. Naughty laddo

    Naughty laddo New Member

    Niece is a fantasy. A dream but yeah i couldent resist if the opportunity arose!
  9. tapatapa

    tapatapa New Member

    itis the same meaning
  10. mambo1980

    mambo1980 Trusted Member

    Mostly taboo
  11. Smitty

    Smitty Trusted.Member

    I enjoy both
  12. SmallTown83

    SmallTown83 Trusted Member

    I'm into incest for years!
  13. Adevern

    Adevern Trusted Member

    i think i am into the taboo more than actual incest
  14. Twin L

    Twin L Trusted Member

    mostly taboo here as well, never had any actual thoughts or situations to think about around relatives
  15. Telfer

    Telfer Trusted Member

    Perfect...esp when the older women has a demure conservative appearance.
  16. Jimmy crack corn

    Jimmy crack corn Trusted Member

    Taboo side is the appeal. Such a turn on
  17. Edison

    Edison New Member

  18. Anatol Kuragin

    Anatol Kuragin Account Deleted

    The taboo

    I am not into the real thing.
  19. Hooptieman

    Hooptieman Trusted Member

    Taboo side for me as well
  20. patrick chambers

    patrick chambers Trusted Member

    I've got the say both it was just the taboo at first but once I got a taste of the good stuff I was hooked prolly going to hell for it all but most of it was well worth eternal damn nation
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