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Anyone Masturbate at Work?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HornyBiLady, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. HornyBiLady

    HornyBiLady Trusted Member

    Any of you masturbated at work before or make a habit of it? I'm never shy about touching myself in my workplace as long as I have time. If I'm travelling between floors then I'll rub my clit or nipples in the elevator. I've played with myself in the bathroom too, as well as in one of the closets.

    It can be a good stress relief. I typically don't make myself cum while I'm there though because I prefer to just stay horny the whole shift and keep periodically teasing myself as much as I can. It's more fun that way.
  2. Horny Joe

    Horny Joe Trusted.Member

    Yes like you get to the edge then wait
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  3. pussycat

    pussycat Moderator Staff Member

    No, that's what the rest of them do all day.

  4. HornyBiLady

    HornyBiLady Trusted Member

    Lol, well I mean, I don't masturbate at work if it means actually neglecting my work. :p I only do it if I have spare time, or if it's like a quick "rub myself for a few seconds then get back at my job" type of deal. I don't spend half an hour masturbating haha. Unless it's a SUPER slow day and I can afford to waste that time.
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  5. Biguy456

    Biguy456 Trusted Member

    I do all the time when im done with all my work and got nothing better to do
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  6. EggHead

    EggHead Trusted.Member

    I work from home, so, yup.
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  7. HornyBiLady

    HornyBiLady Trusted Member

    I wonder how many people masturbate at work that nobody ever realizes lol. There's probably tons of people getting off in/around public places that we aren't aware of.
    Cool to hear that other people are being naughty at work too. :p

    I'm hoping I have a work day sometime soon with lots of extra time when i'm SUPER horny. Who knows if that'll line up effectively, but if it does, I want to really tease myself while simultaneously telling people about it here lol.
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  8. Dav3e

    Dav3e Trusted Member

    I've somehow fallen into a tradition of finishing a session at each new workplace and judging that exp. as what sets the tone for said work place. The 2 jobs i have atm. One i telecommute and make it a point to be nude and at minimum masterbating but often interacting with a silent(well as they can be) partner during every call from the office. No camera on my end so i do as i can dream. Lol. The second is basically a glorified ubber driver position and im in my car waiting alot so i put something nice on and play dayly. How else should i sit and wait, candycrush? Lol.
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  9. Junface

    Junface New Member

    I work in apartment construction and there are hundreds of empty apartments, so when i feel horny i pop into one and rub one out time to time lol
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  10. perv_son

    perv_son Trusted.Member

    I used to JO a lot at work. Sometimes i'd JO couple of times a day when i was feeling extra horny.
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  11. upgrayeddd

    upgrayeddd Trusted Member

    Yeah... Pretty much every day at work, sometimes twice. It helps to clear my mind so I can work better . I almost always finish, but sometimes I edge so that I stay horny all day.
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  12. HornyBiLady

    HornyBiLady Trusted Member

    Cool to hear about so many pleasing themselves on the clock. :p Y'all will laugh but I was cleaning one of the bathrooms at my workplace one time and legit started just humping the mop handle. Not like penetrating myself with it, but just grinding against it. It felt good. Bit comical maybe, but I didn't care haha. :p My clit was pretty happy about it.
  13. Mary Smyth

    Mary Smyth Bi Swinging family feel free to chat

    Brother and I and mum all masturbate in our places of work. For me it goes further in that I am sexually active with my boss and is in same swing group we are all in so masturbation is mild to what we get up to when it is quiet at work
  14. jjolp333

    jjolp333 New Member

    Feels way too risky. You'd risk your job and it's a high chance someone might catch you. I don't see it being a smart choice.
  15. HornyBiLady

    HornyBiLady Trusted Member

    It really depends on the circumstance. If you masturbate in the bathroom then there's zero risk of being caught. It's nobody's business what you're doing in the bathroom. Plus when I masturbate in the elevator it's obviously closed and totally private until it reaches the next floor, so there's no risk of anyone seeing you there either. When I touch myself in one of the closets at work, the doors lock, so again, no risk. If a coworker opens the door I'll have prior warning by the sounds of them fumbling with their key. It's all about being smart when and where you do it.
  16. floydsaint

    floydsaint Trusted.Member

    Many times. There was 2 or 3 girls in our office that were kinda sexy, I'd fantasize about them. Or I'd print off a pic of my stepdau and wank to that. The bathroom was single person only, so very safe.
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  17. Ed Black

    Ed Black Trusted.Member

    since I'm retired, I don't anymore
    but, once upon a time - yes - I had a private office with a lock
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  18. HornyBiLady

    HornyBiLady Trusted Member

    At work. Looks like it's gonna be a slow day today. If I'm super lucky, maybe I'll get horny and play with myself a bit. If anyone wants to chat then feel free to PM me and I'll keep you posted on what does or doesn't happen. :p
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  19. Mary Smyth

    Mary Smyth Bi Swinging family feel free to chat

    Mum was working this morning and brought herself off twice nice wet damp patch down her tights lol
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  20. SatinSheets

    SatinSheets Crossdressing Son active with Mum and Aunt

    Yes proud to say have sprayed the odd toilet at work with my spunk.
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