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A Message from the Forum Administrator, PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curmudgeon, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Dialogo Callo

    Dialogo Callo Trusted Member

    Good instructions, easy to use, nice!
  2. IncBoy

    IncBoy Trusted Member

    Thank you, sir.
  3. fanblade

    fanblade Trusted Member

    thankyou another one to remember
  4. MrMJ

    MrMJ Trusted Member

    Good words to follow
  5. MrMJ

    MrMJ Trusted Member

    I hope you change your mind.
  6. Cindy lawson

    Cindy lawson Trusted Member

    I did I decided to stay
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  7. Beardo18

    Beardo18 Sharply dressed bunny.

    I think I updated the age but I don’t want my birthday shown. So year is a Grey check. Location I made less vague but I don’t want to put the state. I have been stalked before. I’m a very honest person so whatever I say on here is true. But try to be careful.
  8. namehasnomeaninghere

    namehasnomeaninghere Trusted Member

    Well do we really need to talk on fourms, what if someone don't want to?
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  9. Dane

    Dane Moderator Staff Member

    No you do not. We have lurkers who joined years ago, still visit regularly and recently, but are still "New Members" because
    they have yet to do the required 10 posts in order to obtain "Trusted Member" status.

    Feel free to either continue as "New Member", or do requirements to make "Trusted Member". The additional Forums open
    to Trusted Members is worth the effort though. And you only need one more post.
    Reply to this post and you're in!
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  10. Cindy lawson

    Cindy lawson Trusted Member

    Hello thank you
  11. littlenono1

    littlenono1 New Member

    OK I just signed up for this board, But I'm trying to figure out why the welcome forum is locked for new posts?
  12. Neophyte

    Neophyte Moderator Staff Member

    Which forum are you referring too. What is the actual name.
  13. Dane

    Dane Moderator Staff Member

    I think littleono1 is referring to the "Forum Rules" thread in forum Forum Rules, FAQs, and Help.

    The thread is locked because it is there for all to read without having any other post be in the way. Also, Forum Rules are not
    up for debate.
  14. Stoney_boloney

    Stoney_boloney New Member

    Delete me account
  15. Dane

    Dane Moderator Staff Member

    Account deletion may be requested in the Technical Forum under "Request account deletion here".
  16. Anonboi123

    Anonboi123 Account Deleted

    I'm, like most, is still trying to decide on an avatar.
  17. Karanbal

    Karanbal Trusted Member

    Putting my profile pic in a whe
  18. Sombrelillies

    Sombrelillies Trusted Member

    good to know thank you
  19. satan66613

    satan66613 Trusted Member

    Thank for info
  20. Alex.sandra_2

    Alex.sandra_2 New Member

    Great set of rules!