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Why Stockings

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eddie21, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. eddie21

    eddie21 Trusted.Member

    I recently had a very interesting discussion with my sister in law, somehow stockings were mentioned and she asked me why men like them so much, she pointed out that they are just two pieces of nylon and perform no useful function apart from pleasing men, I thought she was anti stockings but in fact she is far from it and went on to tell about some of the times she had worn them to very good effect

    I was mentally picturing her wearing them as she is extremely sexy and when she told me how she would go to her boyfriends place wearing only black underwear and stockings with a coat over the top which she would drop as he answered the door I had trouble remembering what we were supposed to be talking about, the one thing neither of us could explain was why men find th,em so arousing, yes a women in nice lingerie can be very sexy but add stockings and she is even more arousing, just why do we like a women wearing them so much, for me a naked redhead wearing only black stockings is just heaven
  2. slisse

    slisse Moderator Staff Member

    It's not only men who like them, there are also women liking them.

    It depends to each person why they like it.
    The people born in the 20's, 30's & 40's grew up with it and for most seeing a woman adjust her stockings had the same feeling as what people now have when looking at porn.
    And yes, some women wear them as they feel more feminine in them.
  3. Hal

    Hal Trusted.Member

    Personally I like the way the soft nylon or silk stockings feel on my skin and cock. Plus they do frame a woman's or girl's Bee area pleasently.
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  4. arianchev

    arianchev New Member

    Knee high or thigh high both are quite sexy on women. Especially in skirts to show off just a little bit of their legs but it shows off enough to drive you wild.
  5. perv_son

    perv_son Trusted Member

    That's a really good question.. Personally i LOVE stockings, nylons in any form or color ! Love the feel of it, smell of it, look of it - everything related to it :)
    But if you asked me why exactly, i wouldn't be able to answer accurately. I just know i get turned on much easier when i see any woman in stockings!
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  6. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

    Stockings increase the Incest sex more interesting !
  7. Mondayfr

    Mondayfr Trusted.Member

    I love stockings on a woman.
    The question you ask about "why stockings" can be asked of any piece of lingerie, really. How is it that lingerie turns people on?
    Even clothes worn on top of lingerie can be very sexy.

    Stockings, like some other pieces of lingerie, represent "the last frontier" - the last thing to come off in an intimate setting. Even better, they don't even need to come off at all.

    I could go on, but a picture is worth a thousand words. I could have picked any sexy stockings picture out there, but in this one, the woman is wearing stockings in an unusual colour, and still... she looks hot. Of course, it's not just the stockings. The "come hither" look has a lot to do with the hotness.

  8. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

    Fucking stockings give more pleasure to men folks !
  9. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    Stockings enhance the shape and beauty of a woman's legs, pantyhose may be modern, but they are love killers.
  10. floydsaint

    floydsaint Trusted Member

    Stockings or any undergarment/lingerie item accentuates and draws attention to the sexy parts of her body. Also, it's the anticipation to see what's underneath. People like a buildup to what they want.
    If a woman just walks in naked, the mystery is over instantly.
  11. slisse

    slisse Moderator Staff Member

    I wonder what women have to say about this matter.
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  12. taboopornthrowaway

    taboopornthrowaway Account Deleted

    There are certain things that are just sexy and you cannot really explain why with pure logic. Stockings and lingerie just accentuate what is there and draws the eye and enhances the attraction. I think also the idea that a woman is doing something just to make herself look sexy for you is a big turn on. Like she is presenting you with a gift.
  13. grandpa4fun

    grandpa4fun Trusted Member

    I love stockings particularly thigh high fishnet stockings. I find them extremely erotic. So much so that I have purchased a couple pairs for myself and thoroughly enjoy wearing them around the house when I am alone with a pair of sexy panties.
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  14. C Duncan

    C Duncan Scottish mother

    I for one love wearing my stockings, yes my guys do love them also. As Eddie says they serve no real purpose other than to cover our legs for fashion.
  15. Hal

    Hal Trusted.Member

    Yes but in my humble opinion dear I do love them. I prick up my ears and my prick when I see them filled by a lady like you. Lol
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  16. sweta_2_23

    sweta_2_23 Trusted Member

    I agree, they have no functional purpose other than to look good. Personally, I prefer not to wear them, since i like to show my legs a bit, but some outfits just look incomplete without proper stockings on legs. Thats when I have no problem wearing them either..
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  17. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    They keep a woman's legs warm in winter, so they have a function or useful purpose.
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  18. Uncle D

    Uncle D Trusted Member

    I love them myself. I’ll wear my gf’s sometimes. Love how they feel. But not long ago my dau found couple pairs of her moms. She asked me what they were and for. Lol.. I told her mom wears for me. Now she wants pair to try on. Dau XX btw. Tempted to try look but I’ll get busted from wife. So not sure what to do??

    Sorry. Mention of ages under 18 is not allowed in this section. Neo
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  19. NUKM

    NUKM Account Deleted

    I can't put my finger on what it is... It's just "something" which is tantalising, makes me want to imagine what's under them... I especially love seamed stockings.
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  20. Uncle D

    Uncle D Trusted Member

    I know wat u mean. Looks very nice. Too nice! Lol
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