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Who's your favorite Mother pornstar???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bigmike09, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Bigmike09

    Bigmike09 Trusted Member

    Kay parker is by far my favorite, but Alexis Fawx is becoming my favorite as of recent.
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  2. goldenrod

    goldenrod New Member

    Rachel Steele, by far. Kay Parker used to be the gold standard, but Rachel has a larger body (lol) of Mother-Son incest work, and can pull off the mother role quite well, depending on the script. Her "Son's Massage Goes Too Far" is totally believable, and, although it isn't as hardcore as one could want, is boner inducing from the moment she comes in from work in her professional attire. Speaking of bodies, hers has held up better than Kay's. Sure, she may have needed a little help from the doctor, but, if you look at Kay's tits, they were almost all sag by the 3rd Taboo movie.

    Stacy Starr works with Rachel a lot, and can be hot. Jodi West is also great, but, after the first couple of minutes, you lose all track of a mother son relationship, and it seems that she just throws it in for a few seconds so that they can call it an M/S movie.

    As for one-offs: Nikki Ferrari, Larkin Love, etc...
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  3. Lord_Eldritch

    Lord_Eldritch Trusted Member

    I am enjoying Nona Hartley now more than when she was younger...
  4. Chicago41

    Chicago41 Trusted Member

    Well, if we mean real moms I'm finding Stormy Daniels really hot lately
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  5. insight1133

    insight1133 Trusted.Member

    Kay Parker and Honey Wilder are easily at the top of my list. More of my recent favorites are Keri Lynn, Stacy Starr, Cory Chase, Charlee Chase, Melanie Hicks, Lady Fyre, Andi James, Zoey Holloway and Tori Dean
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  6. floydsaint

    floydsaint Trusted.Member

    Most of the current "moms" are too young looking or fake. Give me Kay, Helga Sven, Honey Wilder, and maybe Rachel or Margo Sullivan.
    I'm old school.
  7. Bigmike09

    Bigmike09 Trusted Member

    I agree completely, so much more fun. And the story lines from the old school porns can't be touched. IMO
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  8. KiaTek

    KiaTek Trusted Member

    I really am fond of Cory Chase myself :)
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  9. IDoHarm

    IDoHarm New Member

    Xev Bellringer?? The GOAT
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  10. jefferyb100

    jefferyb100 Trusted Member

    Same here. Older stuff was better imo
  11. MadMaxx96

    MadMaxx96 Trusted Member

    Xev Bellringer
  12. Grey Skully

    Grey Skully Trusted Member

    My podium would be Tara Tainton (1), Xev Bellringer (2) and Lady Fyre (3). Honourable mentions for Taboo Milf Kristi and Melanie Skyy.
  13. Chicago41

    Chicago41 Trusted Member

    How about Aunt Peg?
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  14. parimaga

    parimaga Trusted.Member

    Kay Parker & Honey Wilder.
    Wish JodiWest role plays as real mom than step mom.
    Stacy & Rachel are good
  15. DancingDann93

    DancingDann93 New Member

    Lisa Ann and mason storm
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  16. Dreofanarchy

    Dreofanarchy Uncle looking for his niece

    Retro: Kay Parker and Honey Wilder

    Today: Andi James, Melanie Hicks and Rachel Steele
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  17. Steve03

    Steve03 Account Deleted

    Tara Tainton
    Krissy Lynn
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  18. Dreofanarchy

    Dreofanarchy Uncle looking for his niece

    Oh also Syren De Mer is a fantastic mom or aunt
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  19. a130178

    a130178 Trusted Member

    Kay Parker, of course.
  20. Jo1333

    Jo1333 New Member

    Brandi Love
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