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When did you realized your kink for incest

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Freddy124, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Freddy124

    Freddy124 Trusted Member

    what was the event that made you realize it?
  2. deviantdan

    deviantdan Incest is best

    Found my father's porn stash. There was loads of incest magazines and books. Showed them to my sister. The rest is history ;)
  3. Freddy124

    Freddy124 Trusted Member

    Hahah thats nice! Do you still have fun together?
  4. liccalottapussy2

    liccalottapussy2 Trusted Member

    When I woke up one hot summer night and my sister was sleeping next to me naked. We had to share a bed in our small house. She welcomed my touches and more.
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  5. Ruthborn

    Ruthborn Trusted Member

    Discovered various educational sex books (More Joy of Sex, etc) in the home library and noticed that my mum looked very similar to the women having sex in the books and realized she could do what the women were doing in the books.
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  6. Daddy69Uk

    Daddy69Uk Open minded Dad with family

    Mom drunk new year , now were happy & My daughter and son to my wife all open
  7. sbarroness

    sbarroness New Member

    I thought it was normal for the longest time. Didn't realize it was a 'kink' until I approached the topic with my friends. Only then did I realize it was a normal thing.
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  8. In2cousins

    In2cousins Trusted Member

    I was somewhere in my 20's. Don't really know how it came on. Just started jerking off to one of my cousins one day and it all started from there.
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  9. Briber

    Briber Trusted Member

    I found my parents porno mags and vids. The first video I ever watched was Taboo 2 and I was hooked from there. I found incest mags that had stories. I did lots of snooping [edit] and found nudes of my parents. I never followed through but wish I did. I did play some with my sister. The good old days.
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  10. incest_otter

    incest_otter Trusted Member

    For me it was when I first saw my dad naked. I was so...interested, and curious and just wanted to touch him. Later on I saw him and my mom fucking. My parents' bedroom door was always left ajar for the cat, who would often sleep at the foot of the bed, to come and go. I remember many times hearing them going at it and sneaking into the hallway to watch and play with myself. ^_^ Good times.
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  11. josh54

    josh54 Trusted Member

    started with my sis 30 yrs ago just exploring never went all the way but i do still have them feeling for her
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  12. Yoaan

    Yoaan Trusted Member

    I always had fantasy about my step-father !
  13. momfkr

    momfkr Account Deleted

    Seeing my older cousin naked at the pool but later that night also seeing my Mom undressing in her room.
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  14. Brotherforsis

    Brotherforsis Trusted Member

    Same here, when things began between my sister and I honestly don’t think either of us really gave the incest aspect much thought. It took awhile to set in that what we were doing was considered taboo and took even longer for us to come to terms with and accept What a big role in our relationship the incest taboo is.
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  15. Travelmate

    Travelmate Trusted Member

    When my auntie blew me when I was XX, she is only a couple of years older than me.
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  16. JoeBloe42

    JoeBloe42 Trusted Member

    Probably sometime in my mid 20's. I had discovered just how much porn was on Tumblr; one blog led to another and I ended up on some incest caption blogs without actually looking for it. I'm not interested in any of my family members, but the fantasy turns me on like nothing else.
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  17. Kgfunstuff

    Kgfunstuff Trusted Member

    It was the summer after college, and I was at home by myself, watching MTV and that old George Michael "Father Figure" video was playing. For some reason, the tall, haughty brunette model in the video was really triggering me, so I went off to my bedroom to take care of myself. I got onto the bed and started playing while leafing through a Penthouse a buddy had just traded with me.

    I always enjoyed the Forum letters, especially the 80s one that went beyond vanilla. There was a memorable letter about a guy about my age who got in trouble because of his sister, and wound up "punishing" her by tying her to a tree and tickling her. Eventually, his sister starting moaning and breathing hard, and he wound up fingering her pussy as her body betrayed her mind. This letter was the first incest fantasy I had ever read (although I'm guessing I subconsciously had a few while growing up) and it excited me like nothing else ever had.

    A strange whisper of a thought began percolating in my head and flashes of my sister starting playing in my head. I tried fighting it off because I knew once I acknowledged it, there was no turning back. My rational mind knew what I was thinking was wrong, and that if I accepted it, it would be an irrevocable surrender to a darker part of my personality. "But she's sooo beautiful," I thought, "but she's your sister!" As this debate raged, my cock became harder and my stroking more frantic, and I could tell I was breathing harder than I ever had been. I kept fighting the thoughts, pushing out images of my sister becoming the poor girl in the Penthouse letter, her wrists and ankles tied to the tree while moaning. Then, a flash of her calling my name, and then an image from the Father Figure video - my gorgeous sister, dressed in black lace bra, panties, and a garter, trembling softly while standing against a wall as I moved towards her...

    Surrendering fully to the forbidden fantasy of incest with my sister, I came like I had never come before.
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  18. Mommy'sBoy&Sister'sToy

    Mommy'sBoy&Sister'sToy Trusted Member

    When I shared a bed with my sister. I was so horny that night. And I dry hum0ed her.

    Another night we were sleeping in the same room. Her legs were exposed. I kissed and licked them.

    I don't think she remembers.

    I once saw up my hot aunt's skirt. Tingles!

    I don't know when Mom started to make me horny, but she does.
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  19. Colombo44

    Colombo44 Trusted Member

    Few years back, like, way back in college, Literotica's incest section turned me on to it. Tumblr had a lot of blogs that fed into that.
  20. Brown

    Brown Trusted Member

    Many years ago when my aunt gave me my first porn mags.