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What's your biggest forbidden fantasy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HeavenSent, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. HeavenSent

    HeavenSent Trusted.Member

    Mine is to wake up one morning and have my sister asleep naked on one side of me and my wife naked on the other. And for me to walk out into the lounge room and see my perfect incest raised and converted family my mum aunty and two of my cousins.. My 3 boys and my [edit] and my sisters best friend.. All having a normal morning but all stark naked not hiding anything.. And for me to be able to walk up to each one and give a hug boob feel clit rub and bum kiss and nobody even notices cause it's how we where all raised.. To be able to say to my daughter daddy needs your help and for her to know to come in my room and start playing now.. And for me to say family night tonight at 7 and everyone knows that there all gonna have a lot of orgasms and be filled with heaps of cum. . And they all love it. . And my final part of this wish would be that my daughter let's me do what I want to her whenever I want same as my sis mum aunt and both cousins.. And they can do the same with me. we all live on 200 acres of bushland and run a nudist colony and nobody bothers us... And people in the nudist colony pay to see certain types of incest performed in front of them. . And if any item of clothes is spotted inside the colony. The suspect is to be used as a sex slave for a full 24hours by one of the family members.. Fuck that would be a perfect life
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  2. Pike

    Pike Trusted.Member

    I throw a party and some of the guests that show up are @PeterThePiper and his family. @GReatlaird1 and his family, @jenniemom2boys and her boys, @TriadSibling and his family, @lost_my_mind_with_son and her family, plus others. I just watch for a while before I am invited to participate with each family. It begins with Jenny ordering everyone to sit in a circle and masturbate, but nobody’s allowed to cum until her boys come first. She jerks them furiously as as they are about to unload, she instructs them to circle the group. They obey and shock everyone by splattering thick streams of their pearl colored semen all over the guests. I finally convince Jenny to reward her boys by allowing them to fuck her, and we all watch her boys DP their waiting mom, pumping what seems like a quarts of their cum into her quivering ass and cunt. Peter’s wife is so hot watching this that she screams at Peter to fuck her ass. As he does, Natalie lowers her pussy over her mom’s face l and it only takes a moment before Natalie is panting and cumming at her her mother’s tongue. Leanne watches and can’t take it anymore, keeping her wet panties on, she pulls the crotch of her panties aside and starts furiously rubbing her clit, ensuring that Dad, Mom, and sisters both collapse in powerful orgasm. I convince Leanne to go even further. She asks daddy to fuck her, but she wants more than that. As Peter spreads his daughter Leanne’s legs, he watches as Leanne pulls her sister over and buries her face in Natalie’s soaked and cum-filled pink pussy. Chloe watches and screams out, “Oh fuck yes!” and rips Amy’s panties off,pushes her down and pushes her tongue and two finger deep into “cousin” Amy. Triad, takes Chloe from behind and pumps load after load of his seed into his sister. Amy finishes by cumming and giving a [Edit] at the same time. As @GReatlaird1 and his family witness all of this they begin working their hands into their pants. Jenny orders that everyone’s clothing must be off and removes boxers from Dad and wet panties from Mom and their daughters. Since the rule is that everyone has to engage with multiple partners, @GReatlaird1 sits in a circle with his family, he buries a finger in his wife and uses his thumb to work her clit. His wife reaches over to their oldest and does the same, on down the line until the last reaches around, licks her hand and grabs dad’s cock, jerking him in the same rhythm that Dad and the older girls are fingering each other. Then Dad grabs the daughter next to him and lowers her onto his cock. Mom pushes him down and Oldest daughter sits on his face,grinding her pussy into daddy. Daughter #1 is coating dad’s face with her cum while tongue kissing her yonger sister but yells for mom to get close and spread her legs, and proceeds to eat mom’s cummy slit, and both cum realizing that her face and tongue are buried in the same hot wet pussy that shecame out of at birth. Mel, Niko and their mom have a space to themselves. Mom furiously fingers her soaked pussy as she watches her son and daughter fucking passionately. mel is on her back and as Niko begins filling his sister with streams of sperm, Mel pulls mother onto her face, absorbing her mother’s scent and hot thin i juices as they coat Me’s face and wanting tongue. With Mel’s cum soaking her face and still all over her tongue, Mom dives into Mel’s sperm filled cunt, getting a taste of both of her chil-dren’s cum mixed in her mouth. After licking her daughter clean, Mel yells out, “Your turn, with Niko, mom. He is your new husband after all. Mel positions her face below her mother’s wet pussy lips, tongue her clit and Niko’s shaft as it thursts inside of his mother. As orgasms are approaching, Mel screams, “Fuck mommy, Niko. Cum hard inside of that tight wet pussy that we both emerged from. Fill her with your seed . Cum inside of her. Put a new live inside of her pussy. Give me another sibling. Fuck her hard and cum!” Mel feels her mother’s pussy contracting as orgasm hits and mom squirts all over Mel’s face, just as Niko plunges deep and screams, “Oh fuck mom, I’m cumming and I’m getting your pregnant right now!” He fills mom’s ovulating pussy and Mel’s waiting tongue catches the excess that seeps out.
    After round 1, I am invited over and all families are instructed to split up and join other families. The rule is that they have to be engaged with a non family andalso watch a family member get fucked by a non family member. I am glad to help out here, fucking sucking licking and cumming as we are all covered in the scent of sex and what seems like gallons of incestuous bodily fluids.
  3. Frank3k74

    Frank3k74 Trusted Member

    mind blown
  4. cummunion

    cummunion Trusted.Member

    Good freakin’ lord! May I join you?
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  5. War

    War Account Deleted

    id like to join
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  6. MrwannabeMiss

    MrwannabeMiss Trusted Member

    Mine is to have myself fucked in ass while I suck cock, basically to be in a big orgy
  7. Justinsane1977

    Justinsane1977 Trusted.Member

    Sounds very sexy.
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  8. fogfree

    fogfree Trusted Member

    Mine is the whole naked family having sex in a camp.
  9. ShelBell

    ShelBell New Member

    maybe clone myself as a guy and fuck like rabbits
  10. whitecoffee1

    whitecoffee1 Moderator Staff Member

    Then you can go fuck yourself .... I mean literally. :D
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  11. ShelBell

    ShelBell New Member

    too much naruto porn ;)
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  12. Ed Black

    Ed Black Trusted.Member

    It just might be - a perfect life
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  13. Jacob26

    Jacob26 New Member

    My greatest forbidden fantasy is to be forced to have sex with my sister, similar to the movie Daniel and Ana
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  14. TheRealJohn

    TheRealJohn Account Deleted

    My biggest forbidden fantasy is to get a family member pregnant. Mom, sister, or cousin. Would be amazing!
  15. HDL00

    HDL00 Trusted Member

    Having sex with my sister, while my parents are downstairs not suspecting anything
  16. Jamesjohn28

    Jamesjohn28 Trusted Member

    Probably to fuck my mom and sister then face fuck them until I cum down thier throat
  17. Brotherforsis

    Brotherforsis Trusted.Member

    I have been fortunate enough to live this out countless times growing up
  18. SisterLover999

    SisterLover999 Trusted Member

    I would love to see other people run a train on my older sister. Seeing her being fucked by other guys would make me so hard
  19. Bwformore

    Bwformore Trusted Member

    That's a very hot fantasy the first time I had sex with my wife's sister she was downstairs doing housework and we were upstairs very very hot
  20. Jay68

    Jay68 New Member

    To cum inside my mom