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what's the last movie you've seen

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thattechguy, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. thattechguy

    thattechguy Trusted Member

    Just got back from watching Dark Knight Rises with my father. Was a good movie, but all in all, sort of a let down for the Batman series. To me, it didn't feel like a Batman movie and felt more like a run of the mill terrorist plot movie. Could have been just another Die Hard or Jason Bourne type film :p But that is me. Anyone else watch the movie? Like it? Hate it? And favorite Batman movie? :D

    For me, it has to be Batman Forever, from 1995. Reason being is it actually was what I remember from the Batman cartoons and such. It had the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Two Face for villains, and both Batman and Robin for good guys. And... it had that sci-fi futuristic feel to Gotham City with the villains being super powered extraordinary people. Mr. Freeze could actually freeze things, Riddler was a genius, Poison Ivy used her plants to poison, seduce, etc. With this latest movie... there were no super powers... it was a regular terrorist with a bomb, lol.

    Oh, one last question :p Favorite villain :p

    For me... Clayface or the Riddler :D
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  2. incestfan67

    incestfan67 Trusted.Member

    The Joker hands down!
  3. awesomeahole88

    awesomeahole88 Account Deleted

    Haven't seen the movie yet. Want to, just haven't had the time nor the cash. I'm a huge fan of the recent games though, they've hit the feel of being Batman on the head. My favorite part in Arkham City is a toss up between the beginning when you play as Bruce Wayne, and the boss fight with Mr. Freeze.

    As for favorite movie, I prefer Batman & Robin. George Clooney is a great fit as Batman, maybe not the best, but still very good. And he keeps his voice normal at all times. By that I mean, his voice is the same whether he is Batman or Bruce Wayne. When he portrays Batman, Christian Bale's voice gets a lot gruffier, like he's got a sore throat or something.

    As for favorite villain, its a toss up between Mr. Freeze and The Riddler. They are both geniuses, but one is angry at the the world for what happened to him and his wife, while the other feels that everyone who is dumber than him should not exist.
  4. tomtom

    tomtom Trusted Member

    I'm split between two face and joker. Maybe mr freeze as well. All good ones.
  5. kansas_dude

    kansas_dude Trusted Member

    I'm not really into the batman movies (except the animated movies from years back) and the games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City
  6. Tabooking84

    Tabooking84 Trusted Member

    I have to agree it was good but disappointing as a Batman movie
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  7. Irish_Incest

    Irish_Incest Trusted.Member


    Was quite good :)
  8. Princess Amy

    Princess Amy Account Deleted


    Seen this movie yesterday with a couple of friends. They were pissed because they were expecting Pacific Rim, and thought Godzilla was part of pacific rim, really? I lost all hope in humanity. This was a great Godzilla movie, much better than the 1998 version.

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  9. tmah

    tmah Trusted Member

    Just saw days of future past. Good mash up of two time-travel stories from the comics. Super stoked about apocolypse being next up!!!

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  10. tmah

    tmah Trusted Member

    IP man was a great movie. Saw it when I was taking wing chun and Rly into it. Switched to dif MA though, WC is very incomplete as a practical fighting style.

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  11. Grizzly Bear78

    Grizzly Bear78 Trusted Member

    LOTR: The Fellowship Of The Ring
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  12. Princess Amy

    Princess Amy Account Deleted

    Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5

    The biggest difference between this movie and the first one was the frequency of the laughing I did, however I still think it was darn good movie, it made me laugh and that's all that matters.
  13. hulkdiamond

    hulkdiamond Trusted Member

  14. hulkdiamond

    hulkdiamond Trusted Member

    Godzilla was okay too
  15. Princess Amy

    Princess Amy Account Deleted

    Transformers: Age of Extinction

    it was highly entertaining. Of course it's not Shakespeare or an in-depth plot, but it provides everything you expect from a Transformers movie and more.
    To be frank, I enjoyed this one more than the others. I had lots of giggles, and there were moments of sheer enjoyment where I just couldn't wipe the idiotic smile off my face.
    The special effects were what you'd expect from this type of movie, and I was excited when they broke out Grimlock; something about watching Optimus Prime riding a dinobot set all the happy hormones in my brain into flood mode. It is pretty long (I feel like they tried to cram 2 movies into 1) but was pretty good.
  16. Irish_Incest

    Irish_Incest Trusted.Member


    It was awesome
  17. Irish_Incest

    Irish_Incest Trusted.Member

    Last movie i saw was of Amy.

    It was a sort one of herself that she posted and she looked Amazing, and pretty damn Gorgeous. Thankfully she is so far away so i can't grab her butt, lol
  18. Princess Amy

    Princess Amy Account Deleted

    lol dancing-cat-smiley-emoticon.gif
  19. Irish_Incest

    Irish_Incest Trusted.Member

    Oh you want me to scratch your back?

    I'll do more then that, ;)
  20. Princess Amy

    Princess Amy Account Deleted

    this one just click on pic for vid


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