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What was the last thing you ate

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Irish_Incest, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. dk_992000

    dk_992000 Trusted Member

    Zarky's pizza
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  2. AndrewLeblanc

    AndrewLeblanc Trusted Member

    Oh man! This community is active:)
    Well I ate a baked potato with kale, eggs, and chicken. With some tuna and cilantro on the side. Along with a 30g protein shake!
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  3. Amanda

    Amanda Account Deleted

    pancake and milk.
  4. coffin-dodger

    coffin-dodger Account Deleted

    Grilled cheese sandwich, haven't had breakfast yet. But I am having coffee.

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  5. dk_992000

    dk_992000 Trusted Member

    nothing but coffee so far this morning while watching the masters...
  6. EggHead

    EggHead Trusted Member

    Chocolate chip cookie.
  7. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    We had lunch in our local hotel, the food is just great there. Of course I stuffed myself with desserts and got no food at all tonight.
    Oh, I had a big glass of water and did app. 6 miles on my exercise bike. Should keep the blood sugar down.
  8. Irish_Incest

    Irish_Incest Mod Staff Member

    Chocolate chip cookie
  9. Amanda

    Amanda Account Deleted

  10. Irish_Incest

    Irish_Incest Mod Staff Member

  11. eddie21

    eddie21 Trusted.Member

    Chicken tikka dhansak which was delicious
  12. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    Food-wise: Pizza

    Non-food-wise: Sis's pussy. :D
  13. Petercrossdoes69

    Petercrossdoes69 Trusted Member

    Doritos... Shit it might be time to eat a real meal for the day.
  14. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

    My sister in law's pussy with her cunt juice !
  15. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    Just as my daughter was about to cum, I softly bite her inner lips sucking harder and harder swallowing all of her cum deep inside me as her muscles deep inside started to spasm and contract , then kissed her to go out shopping for her with eldest sis and friends
  16. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

    Eaten my sister in law's cunt juice !
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  17. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    My two younger sisters and niece's, actually appollogized, for cumming so much, all three said I'm So Sory
  18. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    I PERSONALLY love When you cum
  19. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    Daughters, pussy
  20. sofia84

    sofia84 Trusted Member