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What are you doing right now?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by valentinebunny, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    Checking sites, working on stories, and taking care of 'Chloe', who is still a bit sick.
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  2. Akbloke

    Akbloke Ex Pig-Fixer "Videmus Agamis"

    Sorry to hear that she has been unwell Triad. You'll, of course, be giving her some very loving care and attention? (silly question, I know that you always are anyway....);):):):D
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  3. coolhealer

    coolhealer Trusted Member

    Just joined IB, so wandering around to get used to it.:)
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  4. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    Checking the site, about to get my coffee, and hanging out with my girls.
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  5. SliceOfLife

    SliceOfLife Trusted.Member

    Just come home after watching my mother shaving in the shower
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  6. itshot

    itshot Trusted.Member

    After she shaved you came home?
  7. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    Checking the site while having fun with my main cutie.
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  8. Floodwire

    Floodwire near....FAR!...wherever you are

    i am sitting here watching wwe network, watching through all the Nitro episodes, slowly but surely. i am up to december 1998 right now. only about 2 years left before the company is sold
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  9. StephenRoussel

    StephenRoussel Trusted.Member

    Drinking coffee before driving 200 miles to meet my sister for first time for 5 weeks.
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  10. duskyoboes

    duskyoboes Trusted Member

    Typing some convoluted message about nothing... sitting at a blank screen
    a blank screen
    a blank screen
  11. SliceOfLife

    SliceOfLife Trusted.Member

    Yeah i had to pick up my step daughter
  12. SliceOfLife

    SliceOfLife Trusted.Member

    It was sad when it was sold, I wasn't a fan of WCW but the competition (Monday night wars) made it more entertaining
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  13. Floodwire

    Floodwire near....FAR!...wherever you are

    i was a teenager at this time and preffered watching wwe. i was also a huge stone cold mark (he is still my all time favorite). i would channel surf during the two shows, but mostly stayed on Raw. watching all the old Nitro episodes has me going “oh! i remember this part!” but also has me going “no way! i really missed all this!!”

    and the selling of wcw really did kill the competition. i mean, njpw, roh, impact, and other companies provide nice alternatives, but there is no real competition to wwe right now. and wwe gets lazy a lot of the time and it shows.
  14. Greg2202

    Greg2202 Trusted Member

    Trying to find some good things on this forum. Know of any
  15. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    Some areas of the forum don't appear until you reach trusted member status, so if you stick around for the 10 days (and keep a minimum of 5 posts), you might find some pleasant surprises.
    My personal opinion of the site's content is that it's rather good.

    As for what I'm doing right now (thread): I'm checking the site, and entertaining sis.
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  16. kastor871

    kastor871 Trusted Member

    going through the threads and get excited
  17. amiraj

    amiraj Moderator Staff Member

    Going through the site while having my favourite strong black coffee. Minus cream... Lol!!
  18. Crzylikhell

    Crzylikhell Trusted.Member

    Downloading japanese porn of my favourite genre
  19. SliceOfLife

    SliceOfLife Trusted.Member

    Going to work as i need to finish at 4am due to having to leave for funeral at 09:00 am tomorrow and will need sleep (normal fin time would be 7am)
  20. Floodwire

    Floodwire near....FAR!...wherever you are

    i am eating a cooked frozen pizza while watching a Harry Potter movie. Good times