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  1. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    All the boxes and pipes do is serve to confuse you.
    If you keep the law in mind then the answer comes easily
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  2. Insp Gadget Trusted Member

    Fine then - so for the far-too-manyeth time that I've been unable to resist a pretty face ... :)

    Rebus Riddle.jpg

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  3. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    I called Slisse, He'll look into this puzzle shortly and give you the correct answer.
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  4. slisse Moderator

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  5. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

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  6. slisse Moderator

    No, not clueless.
    Wrong, okay, but short to the right answer. :cool:
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  7. Insp Gadget Trusted Member

    " In the land of the clueless, the one-clued guy is king. "

    So here's one clue ... think 'suicide note'. (But one clue's all I got.) :)

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  8. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    Well when all else fails what do you do? Google it.

    So I see the answer but it makes no sense You have a 0 which is to mean NO the one is missing so that is NO one with underscore is now we have No One Understand STANDS but the rest is jibberish
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  9. Insp Gadget Trusted Member

    sigh ... and so on. :)

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  10. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    What is this?

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  11. allison17 Super Admin

    I say never!!!!!!! Use your brain and read go to the library ask a friend but google. hell no I refuse to take the easy way out. :)
  12. allison17 Super Admin

    That is a think Tank. :)
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  13. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie

    Very good, well done.
    That is an M4-Think Tank
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  14. Insp Gadget Trusted Member

    Right - and this is a fish tank ... Fish Tank.jpg

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  15. Insp Gadget Trusted Member

    Here's one for all you music lovers out there ...


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  16. Antares The Famous LTD Doggie


    but then I'm not Japanese
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  17. allison17 Super Admin

    I am going with #12
  18. Insp Gadget Trusted Member

    In the interest of full disclosure (it's summer, so we Canadians can do that these days) I need to state that I have no clue what the answer is.

    Where I found this, it was presented as a funny, but it is claimed to be true. And a quick search got me nothing - so I posted it to see if anyone knows this stuff. I'll check again too, though.

  19. allison17 Super Admin

    I just went for the ugliest of the bunch to tell you the truth. I figured they had her all made up. laffin!!!!!
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