Super Secret Diary (FD)

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    May 15

    So, I guess I’ve been doing these diaries for a few years now, but it’s only today that I’ve had something to write that is seriously super secret. Something I can’t let anybody read, not even my BFF, Madison. I sort of can’t believe it really happened.

    Anyway, Diary, you know how Daddy’s always so sweet to me? And he loves to kiss me, right? Only, it’s always been just a sweet Daddy-type thing in the past. Ever since Mom died, he and me’ve been real close, and I always loved that, knowing that he was there for me, and me there for him.

    And I know you know how all my friends have this thing for Daddy. And, in some sort of objective way, I always knew why. I mean, sure he’s really old and all, forty-five, or something, but he totally keeps himself fit, which is pretty impressive. Madison’s dad is all flabby, and Portia’s dad has this disgusting beer belly. I don’t even know why her mom stays with him! But my Daddy… well, anyway. Let’s just say he looks pretty good in a swimsuit.

    I’m always complaining to you about my senior year, diary. It seems like ever since I turned eighteen, the guys have been kind of stay-away from me. And I don’t know why! I mean, I’m still me, right? Still Fiona Dunn, on the cheer squad (but not good enough to be head cheerleader, I guess. That bitch Ashley Morgan’s got that spot locked up since tenth grade!), still rocking the good looks, IMHO.

    But yesterday, I saw Peter Horsley with Bridget Monahan. I’ve been so nice to him all year long, ever since Matt broke up with me. And he goes out with that cow? What is going on with this world? I still wonder whether it’s because I never gave out to Matt. Did he spread some nasty rumors about me? I swear, if I ever find out that he did, he will be several inches shorter in the crotch department.

    But back to what I was talking about, more importantly. What happened this afternoon when I got home. I was feeling pretty low, after seeing that. Questioning myself, you know? All that teenage angst. Clichés abound. I was moping around, just feeling blah, in my usual dumpy moping-around clothes, when Daddy came home.

    He’s all empathetic and shit, you know? Like, he always knows exactly what I’m feeling, somehow. It’s one of those Daddy things, but I guess not all Daddies have it. Anyway, I can always count on him to understand these things.

    “Hey, Kitten,” he said. “What’s eating you?”

    “Don’t want to talk about it,” I groused.

    “Come on, honey,” he urged, putting his briefcase down. He was rocking one of his fine suits, pinstriped and well-tailored. One of the perks of being a seriously successful lawyer, I guess. He always calls it keeping up appearances. He loosened his tie (red, with blue and gold diamonds) and sat down next to me on the couch.

    Well, of course, the waterworks began. You can’t resist the Daddy charm, no matter how mature you are. And the whole story poured out with my tears. He held me, stroked my hair, made all of the silly comments Daddies have to make about how Peter isn’t good enough for me, blah, blah, blah. Nothing out of the ordinary here, right, diary?

    Yeah, except that when I finally stopped sniffling, and wiped my nose with my hand, I knew I looked just as shitty as I felt.

    “God, I must look like hell, right?”

    “Nonsense, sweetie,” he said softly, brushing my hair out of my face and behind my ear. “You’re beautiful, like always.”

    “Yeah, right,” I snorted. “You’re just saying that because you’re my Daddy.”

    “No, I’m not.” He contemplated me, a thoughtful look on his handsome face. I gazed up at him, but broke before the intensity I saw there. As I looked down at the floor, his hand dropped onto my shoulder. “I’d kiss you from head to toe, Fiona.”

    That was a break from the script. I glanced up at him, confused. His hand felt warm and firm on my shoulder, his fingers right over my bra strap. I blinked a couple of times and said the only thing that came into my mind.


    “I mean it,” he said seriously. “I would.”

    “Daddy!” I gasped, and giggled, covering my mouth. “You… I mean, I think there are a few places you’d have to, um, like, skip?” Clearly my brain was still catching up. This is what I came up with as an objection to what he said?

    “Really?” He quirked an eyebrow in that typical Daddy way. “What places are those?” His eyes swept down my body, and I felt tingly, all over. It was the strangest feeling to be having with my Daddy. I knew what it was. It was that feeling I get when I think about sexy guys.

    “Oh. My. God,” I laughed, feeling both outraged and tipsy. “You know.”

    “No, I don’t,” he shrugged. “You’ll have to tell me.”

    I stared at him, a hysterical laugh just beneath the surface. This was not at all what I had expected. Was Daddy really saying he’d kiss me… everywhere? And I mean, everywhere? Like on my boobs, or between my legs? This was so not happening.

    “I can’t,” I whispered, my voice shaky.

    “Well, tell you what,” he said calmly. “You can show me. Let’s make a deal. Anything I shouldn’t kiss, you keep covered. I won’t kiss any part of you I can’t see. Conversely,” (such a typical Daddy word) “any part of you I can see, like this,” and he leaned in and kissed me right below the ear, “I can and will kiss, okay?”

    “Um…” I thought furiously. His warm lips on the tender skin at the corner of my jaw had felt like heaven. I’d not felt anything so sweet, so tender, so… loving in a long time. But wasn’t this wrong? He shouldn’t be doing that, right, diary? But who cared? It felt so great, I was willing to go along with it. In any case, I was in control. I could cover anything or everything I wanted to, and he’d be stopped from doing anything too… well, anyway.

    “Okay,” I said softly. I looked up into his intense green eyes. “Deal.”

    “All right, then,” he smiled. “I’m going to go get changed out of my monkey suit, and then we can have some dinner, okay?” And, then, diary, he just stood up and left me there. I was literally shaking on the couch, feeling like I’d just had an injection of adrenaline or something. And the weirdest thing? My nipples were like totally hard. Thank God I was wearing a baggy sweatshirt. What would Daddy have thought if he’d seen them?

    The rest of the evening, I was so totally on edge. I didn’t know how to act around him. I mean, this is Daddy we’re talking about. I’ve known him all my life, or I thought I knew him, anyway. Where did all this come from? And I just didn’t feel… safe. You know, the way I always felt around Daddy.

    But at the same time, I felt giggly. Excited. Nervous, but hyperaware of everything. The way he moved. The way he looked in his casual t-shirt and jeans. The way his aftershave smelled when he’d kissed me on my neck. The rasp in his deep voice. I was skittish, both anticipating and frightened of the next kiss.

    Which did come, BTW, diary. I was doing the dishes after dinner, putting plates in the dishwasher, when he came up behind me. My hair was in a pony-tail, of course. I heard him coming, and I just tensed up. But his hands on my shoulders were so familiar, so reassuring.

    “Mmmm,” he murmured. “I can see here.” I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck, and then his lips, gentle, teasing, pressed against where my shoulder met the base of my neck. I couldn’t help it; I felt such a tingle down my spine at the touch. I swear, diary, it shot right down into my place.

    God, I’m so bad for writing that.

    But it’s true. And that’s why it’s so super secret, diary, so if you go telling anyone, we’ll never be friends again.

    I’m sooooo embarrassed.

    My Daddy made me hot between my legs.

    Jesus, I’m hot right now, just thinking about it.

    Can I tell the truth, here? I mean, it’s just you and me, diary, right? Nobody looking over my shoulder, reading what I’m writing. Okay, thanks.

    I wanted so badly just to spin around in his arms and kiss him on the mouth. Isn’t that gross? I’m such a bad girl. To want to kiss my Daddy back for making me feel so good. But it’s all his fault, right? He started it. He made me feel this way. He got my engines revving, and I’ve got no outlet ever since stupid effing Matt broke up with me. So it’s Matt’s fault too. Not my fault.

    Truth is, I froze. I even dropped the plate I was holding so it fell into the sink and shattered. I was so nervous! What if… I mean… what if he’d been, like, hard, or something? And I, like, so did not want to find that out. Only I did, too, at the same time. I wanted to know that he was not just playing around with me, you know? That he really meant what he was doing. And if he’d been hard, I would have known. Only I didn’t really want to know that either!

    OMG, I’m so fucking confused.

    Anyway, he helped me clean up the broken dish, acting the whole time like nothing was different between us. But I was shaking. Shaking, I tell you! I made some excuse and high-tailed it up to my room, closing the door behind me before collapsing on the bed. And maybe I cried a little, diary, but maybe I touched myself a little also.

    Just now, he called good night to me through the door. I didn’t hear any remorse in his voice. I’m so tired.
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    This is nice. Do you plan to do a series? I'd like to find out what happens next.
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    Just the beginning...
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    May 17

    Hi, Diary. Sorry for skipping yesterday. Does that make me a bad friend? I hope not, only everything’s so topsy-turvy now! I didn’t want to even write anything, ‘cause…


    Let’s just make sure this all stays like completely super secret, okay? Because what I’m going to write now is too fucking weird to get out.

    I’m falling for my Daddy.

    No, totally! This whole situation is out of control. And I don’t want it ever to stop! It’s like all the time falling head over heels. I finally understand exactly what that means. Matt? Total loser. Even Jimmy from Freshman year… just a crush.

    But Daddy…



    OMG, Daddy!

    So, maybe I was still asleep when I came downstairs yesterday morning. Everything that had happened the night before, those two so inappropriate kisses just like a dream, that I didn’t even think about what I was wearing.

    Uh huh, Diary. You get it. I was wearing my typical pjs: spaghetti strap cami and boxers. And the cami? You know the one, it’s only a half-cami, really, just enough to cover my boobs and the top half of my abdomen. Okay, okay, I know I’m like completely obnoxious about how good my tummy looks. But I like it uncovered. It’s important for a girl to be proud of what’s sexy.

    Anyway, Daddy was up, as he always is, getting his coffee, getting ready to go to work. But he stopped and looked at me when I came in the room, one eyebrow raised in that typical Daddy way.

    And I just mumbled good morning on my way to the coffee mugs. Had to get my morning fix too, right? Well, look. No matter what I think about how hot my tummy looks, or whatever, I know that I’m a fright in the morning, my hair flyaway out of my ponytail, my eyes half-closed, shuffling along. But Daddy just looked at me as I walked across the room.

    “Good morning, Kitten,” he said. “I can see an awful lot.”

    I froze.

    Everything came tumbling back. Oh, God. What had I done?

    I blinked several times. No coherent words came to my brain.


    “You know what that means.”

    “Huh?” See what I mean?

    “We made a deal, didn’t we, Kitten?”

    “Um…” A real brilliant conversationalist this early in the morning, me. But did I make a break for it? Attempt to find something to cover myself up? Anything? Nope. Just stood in the middle of the room, arms at my sides. And truth to tell, my heart was pounding, scared… hopeful.

    “All right, then,” Daddy said, and closed the distance between us. I stared at him, this strange man in my father’s body, this desirable, sexy, commanding… male. “I used to give you strawberries down here,” he murmured as he bent down in front of me. “Different situation now, hmm?”

    And he kissed me. Oh, diary, he kissed me. Right on my tummy! Right over my belly button (I’m a real deep innie, BTW). And his breath was so warm, so caressing. Shivers all through me, my hairs all standing up on end. And God, he was so close to down there. (Damn, have to start coming up with a better word for that.)

    One hand around my waist to steady me, the other right on my spine. And his lips on me. Daddy’s lips… and his tongue! Oh, Jesus, his tongue, lightly probing my navel. I stood there, half-enduring, half-reveling in his attention. And yes, my nips were totally hard, and I was hot to my core, right deep in my pussy.

    There, I said it.

    My little hot pussy was throbbing because my Daddy kissed me.

    You see what I mean about falling for him? No other guy had ever done that to me.

    Only Daddy.

    I kind of fell backwards into a chair, my eyes glazed. It was like I’d almost had a little orgasm, right there, in the kitchen. I was shaking. And Daddy just got up and got me a coffee. I couldn’t tell how this was affecting him. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the front of his pants as he stood in front of me. That would have been too much. Although he wasn’t trying to hide himself or anything.

    And all day long, all I could think about was Daddy… his kisses… how I felt when he kissed me…

    But I also was freaked out, you know? Actually kind of scared. What was going on? How far would this go? Would I let him, you know, kiss me anywhere? I mean, I knew I was supposed to be in control. He had set the ground rules, and it was up to me to decide what I would let him do, I guess, but I wasn’t sure I knew how to decide.

    So I didn’t. Instead I avoided him. I got myself dinner before he got home and hid in my room, the door closed. When he knocked to tell me he was home, I yelled out that I was busy with homework. He didn’t push it.

    But my homework was sitting undone, diary. I know, I’m always such a good girl when it comes to school, but tonight my mind was running in so many different directions. I knew I couldn’t hide forever.

    And then, oh, then, super super super secret diary of mine, I had the bestest idea. I got into my pajamas and cracked open the door.

    “Daddy! I’m ready for my good night kiss!”

    Before he could even take one step on the stairs, I was ready. And when he came through my door, he chuckled. That wonderful sweet Daddy chuckle. Because I was completely under the covers, from head down, with the exception of my left foot, which was in the open. I wiggled my toes at him.

    “Ready,” I sang from under the blanket. I had Mr. Bear with me, hugging him tightly, giggling to myself. You see, diary? You see how brilliant I was? This way, he could kiss me, we could keep playing the little game we’d started, and I didn’t even have to look at him. He could… well, I didn’t want to think about what he could do since I couldn’t see him, but I didn’t have to worry about seeing something too scary, like his… thing. You know.

    Anyway, the plan worked. Sort of.

    “What do we have here?” he growled playfully. I giggled again and wiggled my toes. “Looks delicious.”

    Yeah, it worked. Right up to the point where I felt his lips against the sole of my foot. It didn’t tickle. No…

    Oh, diary. It felt good.

    Too good.

    Like, shock right up my leg straight to my pussy good. How was I supposed to know that was going to happen? And it didn’t let up, either. He kissed gently along the edge of my foot before lightly licking between my big toe and my second toe.

    I gasped, the laughter dying in my throat. There was this fire, this burning that started in my sex, a desperate itch that kept building.

    It built while he suckled on my big toe, then moved to my second toe.

    It built more with his long tongue swipe along the arch of my foot

    It built higher with the firm kiss placed in the hollow of my ankle.

    And when he moved back down toward my toe, the craziest thought entered my no longer thinking straight brain.

    Diary, something said to me: he can’t tell what you’re doing under here.

    Diary, it said, you could touch yourself and he won’t know.

    Diary, it said, go ahead! Feel yourself up!

    And I did.

    Oh, God, I did. With my Daddy right there, kneeling beside my bed, kissing and licking my left foot, my hand found its way into my pajama shorts, found my pussy wet and wanting, found my clit hard and buzzing.

    With my Daddy running his tongue between my toes, I stroked and caressed myself, exploring between my folds, finding all those spots I love to touch so much. My breathing was ragged, my heart pounding. God, I’m such a slut, aren’t I? Fucking jilling myself with my Daddy right there! But I couldn’t help myself. I fooled myself into thinking that he had no idea.

    I’m really blushing now, super secret diary. I can’t believe how naughty it felt… how wonderful, exciting…

    It was nearly stifling under there, my face damp with sweat. I had one finger deep inside of myself now, moving in and out, and another rubbing around my clit. I couldn’t stop, nothing could stop me now… even if the blanket had just fallen off and my Daddy had seen me with my hand buried between my legs, I would have just kept going until I reached that moment.

    And when it came, I pressed the heel of my other hand between my lips, desperately trying to stop the grunts of pleasure I was involuntarily releasing. I know there was no way, absolutely no way in heaven or hell that Daddy could not have known what was happening. I mean, I was shaking with the intensity of it.

    But I was hidden.

    He couldn’t see me, and I couldn’t see him.

    So, Diary, I guess that made it okay, right? I mean, I couldn’t be a slut if he couldn’t see me, right?

    As I lay there, coming down from the sweetest, most insane O of my life, Daddy finished his ‘kiss.’

    “Good night, sweetie,” he said softly, oh, so lovingly. No crass remarks, no sign that he knew what I’d done.

    “Good night, Daddy,” I said shakily, still under the covers. I knew, just knew, that if I looked at him, I’d see his thing sticking out hard in his pants. I wanted so much, so much to be able to see it, to get that reassurance that he was feeling something like what I was feeling. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to lower the covers. “I… I love you.”

    There. Diary, I said it. Oh, you absolutely must must must keep that a secret, that I meant every word of those three words in the way that I was not supposed to.

    “I love you too, honey,” he said, his deep voice sounding a bit thick, and I heard him walk away.

    How was I going to get to sleep after that?! But I did. And you know, it was such a great sleep, too. Completely relaxing. I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed, so content.

    So I’m writing all this down this morning, trying to come to grips with all of what’s happened. I mean, what’s a girl supposed to do, when she’s fallen in love with her own Daddy?

    I’m so glad you can keep a secret like this, diary dearest. Because my little messed up mind has come up with a plan for this morning. I think I know exactly what this girl’s gonna do.

    Tell you about it later, kk?
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    Wonderful .
    Interesting way to explain a seduction

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    May 17 (evening)

    Well, I’m just turning into a regular little diarist, aren’t I? But, you see, diary, I’ve got so much to tell. You’re just the bestest little buddy in the world to sit here and listen to everything I say. Kind of takes the place of losing control and blabbing to Madison about all of this. So, thanks, I guess.

    This morning… oh, wow. I really went and did it. Remember how I had a plan, and all? Well, you know how my plans have been turning out lately. But that wasn’t going to stop Fiona, no way.

    So, you know my usual pajamas? You know, the spaghetti-strap cami top and the boxers, right? I know, I know, I told you all about them earlier today. Only this morning, I decided to alter them a little. No, not the boxers! OMG, that would just be way too much. No, I took some scissors, and changed the cami.

    You see, I wasn’t fully satisfied with what would be showing if I just wore the usual top. Yep, I wanted my Daddy to see something he really shouldn’t be seeing. I wanted to see just what he’d do. I needed to push, just a bit, you know? So I cut a strip all the way around the bottom of the cami. Just a couple of inches, nothing much. When I modeled it for myself in front of the mirror, I could now see the bottom edge of my ribcage. It looked good, kind of innocent sexy.

    But there was this one place that I noticed that the edge was uneven. That wouldn’t work. I didn’t want Daddy to think I was… well, you know. Slutty or something. So my mind told me to even up the edges. Only I don’t think it was the smart part of my mind.

    I took it off and tried to even things out with the scissors. Turned out it meant taking at least another inch off around the whole thing. Now when I put it on, there was only about an inch below the bottom of my boobs, and the whole front was hanging away from me, pushed out by my chest.

    So, you know, diary, I’m not, like, majorly endowed up top. I’m no busty vixen. I mean, I have boobs, only they’re kind of cone-shaped, and… I’m kind of embarrassed about how big my nips are. Only, I have really puffy areolas and the nips stick out far when I’m excited, almost like I have a second boob on top of my regular ones. Anyway, the point is, they don’t really hang down so much as stick out, my boobs. So when I say my cami was pushed out, it was, like a full inch or two out from my abdomen.

    Um. So. I was going to go downstairs to have breakfast with my dad like this. I glanced again in the mirror. He wouldn’t be able to see my boobs, I was pretty sure. He’d have to, like, get right up against my belly and look up my shirt. And he wouldn’t do that, ‘cause he’s a real gentleman. Didn’t stop me from getting wet in my pussy just thinking about it. And it must have been that part of me that just told me to get on with it.

    You know my legs were trembling as I walked downstairs. All the usual sounds of the morning, all the typical Daddy around the kitchen sort of noises, just all seemed too surreal, given that I was about to walk in on him in some sort of get-up out of a teen skin flick. Yeah, I was, like, totally freaked out, but also jazzed up, you know?

    Of course you know, Diary. My super secret, no-one ever gets to even touch, diary. ‘Cause I’ve already told you how I’m falling for him. And this is just so crazy!

    Anyway, I paused before walking in, taking a deep breath, calming myself down. And then my hand did something I know my brain did not tell it to do.

    It reached up under my cami and pinched my nips, just to get them, like, completely hard.

    I swear! I didn’t do it! Well, consciously, at least. I refused to glance down at my chest. I couldn’t bear to know just how slutty I looked at that moment. Before I could chicken out, I swept into the room, just as I had so many mornings before.

    “Morning, Daddy,” I sang, hoping my voice didn’t sound too nervous.

    “Hi, Kitten,” he said, turning around.

    Have you ever seen somebody’s jaw literally drop? I guess not, Diary, since you can’t see anything! Sorry, didn’t mean to tease. Only, I’d never seen anything like it before. Daddy’s mouth was wide open, his eyes shocked.

    “Cat got your tongue?” I teased, reaching up to get a mug out of the cabinet.

    He blinked. “Um. Well.” He paused, then laughed. “Nope. Not at all, Kitten. I think you almost got my tongue, but I’ve got it back under control again.”

    “Darn,” I said prettily, twirling back to the coffee machine. “I think I like your tongue.”

    I suddenly blushed, realizing what I had said, but Daddy just laughed his usual Daddy laugh. “My, my. Looks like you’re enjoying the game.”

    “Game?” I blinked innocently. “What game?” I poured some coffee, trying to seem casual, but my pussy was burning. Actually throbbing! It was like I had a pulse down there I’d never felt before. Oh, Diary, it was addictive, that feeling, and it was Daddy that was giving it to me.

    “This game,” he said huskily, suddenly right behind me. His strong hands turned me around by my waist, and lifted me up onto the counter. I squeaked in alarm at the suddenness of it. Was this Daddy? My loving Daddy? What had I done?

    He looked me in the eyes, his usual loving glance smoky and passionate. Then he smiled softly.

    “Just a game, right, Kitten?”

    “Uh huh,” I nodded meekly. His hands were still on my waist, skin to skin, holding me firmly. We held our stare, father and daughter. He was so familiar, so strange, Diary. So much somebody I’d never met before, while at the same time the man who’d always been part of my life. I let go of the breath I’d been holding.

    Without saying a word (and how hot was that, Diary?), he lifted one hand up my side. I gasped when it reached my cami. I was convinced he was about to lift it right up and over my boob, so he could see it. I swear my nip was sticking out a mile just thinking about it. His hand caught on the curling edge of my top, but passed over it without trespassing. I closed my eyes for a second, unsure if I was relieved or disappointed.

    His hand took hold of my arm and lifted it up in the air. I hadn’t really thought about this, Diary. I hadn’t experimented to see what would happen with my newly shortened top if I lifted my arm in the air. Had Daddy seen something he shouldn’t have when I got my mug down from the cabinet? Was that what had tripped some wire in him, making him into this… this guy from a romance novel? But I couldn’t look down now… couldn’t even break eye contact with him.

    And then, Diary… oh, my. And then.

    He bent his head down to my side, under my left arm and gently kissed my exposed ribs. His mouth was so soft, his lips were so hot. And I felt every millimeter of his caress in my suddenly heightened nerves. He was basically right below and to the side of my left boob. My very vulnerable, tingling boob.

    Could… could he see it? Could he, if he just turned his head a little? Maybe… if he looked up my shirt?

    You see, that was one of the flaws in my plan. Okay, one of the many flaws, I admit. Diary, don’t be so hard on me! How can a girl think straight in this situation? I’d thought that there would be no way he could see up my shirt, unless he acted in an ungentlemanly fashion, and I’d never have imagined that Daddy could act that way.

    But of course, I’d invited him to put his head right there, hadn’t I? I’d told him, maybe not out loud, but through my actions, to stick his head in such a way that he only had to glance to look up my shirt… my shirt that stuck way out from my body because of my boobs.

    And then, he was hardly acting in a gentlemanly way, but that was part of the game! How could I have been so stupid?

    What if he could see my… my tit? And if he kissed me on the side of it? Or on the… on my nipple? What if he took my nip in his mouth and made it feel the way he’d made my toes feel? What if I just had an orgasm right in front of him, with him sucking on my tit?

    Oh, God…



    Got carried away there. Had to have me a little you know what.

    These are the sorts of things that have been whirling through my slutty little mind all day! Because, in reality, Daddy was loving, sweet, caressing, even tender with my exposed side, my uncovered ribs. And he pushed nothing, even though he must have felt my heart hammering like crazy just on the other side of those bones. Or maybe because he felt it.

    In any case, he finished his kiss, stood up, and winked.

    “Got to go, Kitten. See you tonight?”

    “Uh huh,” I squeaked. He smiled and pushed the tip of my nose with his finger.


    And he was gone.

    And you know, Diary, just as soon as I could trust myself to stand on my weak legs, I stood in front of mirror and lifted my arm up. I had to know if he… if he had seen any of my boob. And there, just underneath the butchered edge of my cami, there was the beginning of the slope of my boob. He could have… he could have…

    GTG, Diary. Gots to plan for tonight!
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    May 18

    Okay, Diary, so I know, after reading back over what I’ve been telling you the past few days that you have to have some questions for me. So fire away.

    Don’t I feel weird about what’s been happening?

    Well, duh.

    Of course I do. I know it’s kind of twisted what’s been happening with Daddy. But it’s soooo exciting too! It’s like I’m a real grown-up, and he’s treating me with all that romance and passion I always dreamed a real grown-up couple would have. So what if he’s Daddy? It’s not often you find the perfect man so close to home!

    And he is, isn’t he?

    Perfect, I mean. All day yesterday, after he had seen in me in that ludicrously cropped cami, all I could see when I closed my eyes was that look on his face… OMG, Diary! Super Secret Diary! He’s like the most handsomest guy I know! And he’s Daddy, too! It’s sooooo perfect.

    Have I talked with Madison about any of this?

    Again, duh.

    I can’t even imagine describing any of this to her. I mean, she’s such a little girl. I love her and all, but there’s no way she could understand this. Anyway, that’s why I have you.

    What happened last night?

    Thought you’d never ask!!

    After I got home, I ate my dinner and did my homework, waiting… waiting…

    Damn. Waiting!

    Daddy finally called to let me know he still had extra work to do at the office, and for me not to wait up for him. Can you believe the letdown? All day long, I’d been thinking about what I wanted to do, how I wanted him to kiss me, what I wanted him… to see…

    I was fuming when I went to bed, and figured I’d show him. I put on a long flannel nightgown that essentially covered everything. That would show him, I giggled to myself. If he came in for a good night kiss, there’d be nothing to kiss. I burrowed under the covers and waited, almost hoping he’d get home soon.

    And waited.

    Damn, this sucked. And I was stifling.

    Well, Super Secret Diary, I guess you might have figured out by now that I’m not real good at long term planning. Which is to say, my brilliant ideas never turn out quite the way I meant them to.

    Yup, you guessed it. After about twenty minutes, I stripped off that stupid nightgown and got back under the covers all naked. I figured Daddy was never coming, and even if he did, I’d be under the covers, so he wouldn’t be able to see anything. See? Brilliant, right? Nothing could go wrong.

    I fell asleep soon after that.


    The next thing I knew, I was feeling the most wonderful sweet caresses on the side of my body. It was like a thousand little touches, and I wriggled happily, trying to capture more of those sensations. They stayed so fleeting, so slight, I felt like I was imagining it.

    “Mmmmm…” I murmured. Maybe it was just a dream. Just a lovely dream, and I wanted it to just go on and on. My eyes wouldn’t even open, everything just twilit and soft-edged.

    If it was a dream, I could just relax with it. I could simply… let go. I didn’t have to worry about anything.

    The feathery breaths reached the side of my chest, little puffs of warm air dancing across the side of my boob. They traveled up the edge of my breast, finding their way to the top, little soft exhalations, tickling me, tingling me.

    Okay. So. You probably have some idea of what was going on here. Diary, I won’t call you stupid. You see through me pretty well.

    But you have to realize I was really pretty much still asleep through all of this. It all seemed surreal. Whatever was going on, it felt like something beyond my control. So I surrendered to it.

    I felt the breaths travel up the side of my neck towards my ear. I stretched my neck out, trying to prolong the feeling.

    “Kitten,” breathed in my ear.


    “It’s Daddy.”

    “Mmmm. Dream Daddy,” I muttered.


    “Dream Daddy. Not real Daddy,” I whispered. “Doesn’t matter what Dream Daddy does.”

    “Mmmm…” Little breaths of air in my ear, followed by a warm, wet sensation on my cheek. “I can see a lot, Kitten.”

    My eyes slitted open. There was a soft silhouette, manly, indistinct. Dream Daddy. How wonderful it was that he was here, just when I needed him.

    “‘S’okay,” I breathed. “Just… don’t stop.”

    “I can see here…” Kisses slipped down my neck. I smiled. “And here…” Gentle kisses across the top of my chest. I arched towards him, seeking more. A mouth, making contact with my tingling skin, tracing back along the path it had taken upward. Tantalizingly, frustratingly avoiding my breast.

    “Can’t… mmmm…” I moaned. “Can’t you see just a little more?”

    “More where, Kitten?” Such a wonderful deep manly voice Dream Daddy had.

    “More… just… more,” I half-whined.

    “Can’t see more, Kitten,” the voice said softly. I felt so sad, so sad at the regret in that voice.

    “Want you to,” I pleaded.

    “What do you want, Kitten?”

    “Just… can’t you…” I trembled. Even in my half-sleep, something seemed tense. I didn’t want any tension. “Just want you to kiss me… where you can’t see…”

    “Can I help?”

    I sighed. Relaxed now. Dream Daddy understood. Do you understand, Diary? You have to understand. You’re the only one who really hears everything.

    I felt it. That magical mouth, that marvelous sensation, trailing up the slope of my breast once again, this time pushing the stupid sheet away until I felt it fall between my boobs, leaving my breast completely uncovered. I wriggled happily.

    It was a wonderful feeling, Diary! How can I possible explain it to you? How could you ever understand how that warm, loving mouth felt as it licked around my breast, kissed my areola, lightly nibbled on my nipple? And it just went on and on, in a super-extended episode of happiness. I didn’t feel like I could move, so I just sighed and gasped, every tickle and twinge sending soft sparks through my body.

    I came.

    Oh, Diary, how I came! Just like a slow build-up, just growing and growing and growing… I’m so wet thinking about it right now. Every girl should have such a romantic experience at some point in her life.

    “Good night, Kitten.”

    “Mmmm… good night, Dream Daddy…”


    Only, in the morning, there was this hickey on my boob. So I guess it wasn’t a dream after all, was it, oh Super Super Secret Diary?

    May 18 (later)

    I can’t believe he gave me a hickey!

    I am so fucking angry!!!!!!

    May 18 (even later)


    Um, I guess I kind of lied to you, Diary. Which is really sort of stupid, because you’re not even a real person. It means I was just lying to myself.

    See, I was a little ticked off that Daddy gave me a hickey on my boob. Mostly because if Madison ever saw it, she’d be all over me trying to figure out who gave it to me, and then I’d have to make something up, and everything would suck.

    Um, not literally, you know. Or maybe literally. After all, my Daddy did have to suck on my tit to put it there.

    Getting a little punchy here. Let me get back to my point.

    So, yes, I was a little ticked off, but mostly, I was just turned on by it.

    I’m such a fucking freak.

    God!!!!!!!! What’s going on here?!

    Anyway, I totally avoided Daddy this morning. I got dressed, dashed through the kitchen to get my coffee and called out “Good bye,” to Daddy’s astonished face. I was out the door before he could even get up from his chair.

    But did it help? Of course not. It was so freaking hard to concentrate on anything at school. All I could think of was that feeling from the middle of the night, that intense sensation spreading throughout my body, the feeling of a man’s lips on my boob, on my nipple.

    And I’d invited it! I mean, maybe Daddy took advantage of me, some. I’d been so angry that he hadn’t come to kiss me good night (yeah, I know, a little hypocritical of me), I’d thrown precaution to the winds. But still, he’s supposed to be a gentleman! A daddy! He’s not supposed to let me convince him to help me let him show him things he shouldn’t see.

    Damn, that’s pretty convoluted. Just goes to show how twisted this whole situation is.

    But the worst part? Oh, diary, don’t you know what the worst part is? Do I really have to spell it out? A true super secret diary wouldn’t have to ask.

    Yeah, you got it. I loved it. I want it again. And my little freaky mind is thinking up all kinds of things to get it to go further.

    You see, super secret diary, there are parts of me Daddy hasn’t kissed yet.

    And I think he’s going to get his chance!
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  9. nukamos Trusted Member

    Keep going with the diary updates, interesting story
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  10. porkupine Trusted Member

    May 19

    Holy you know what. Things have gotten pretty dang intense around the Dunn household. And it’s mostly my fault. Mostly, I say, because I know what the ground rules are for this game, or whatever it is that Daddy and I are doing. Still, Daddy has to bear some of the responsibility, doesn’t he?

    I bet he’d just say that we had an agreement, and he’s just sticking to his side of it. Such a lawyer!

    Yeah, so, anyway.

    Guess what, super secret, never going to be published or even read by anybody else in the whole wide world, diary? Ms. Fiona Dunn went and did it again. This morning, I woke up even before my alarm went off, ‘cause I don’t think I hardly slept at all anyway. I had all these ideas flying around in my head.

    When I came downstairs to find Daddy drinking his morning coffee, I sauntered into the kitchen, just like it was a normal morning. Only, see, I was wearing my new sleepwear.

    Remember that little thong I got? The electric blue one? It’s all satin and it really goes into my butt crack deep. But my problem was I really wanted to be wearing a g-string. I had this idea that if everything went well, I’d really test my Daddy’s promise to kiss every part of me. So I took out my trusty scissors and went to work.

    Turns out it’s not hard to turn a thong into a g-string. When I was done, there was a tiny strip of blue satin connecting the waistband to the part that covers my pussy. I loved how I looked in it when I posed in front of my mirror in my room. Just about my whole butt was bare. I was even sure more would show if I bent over, but I wasn’t going to do that, right, super secret diary?

    Yeah, I know. I’ve had a hard time keeping my promises to myself recently.

    I wore a regular t-shirt, one that went just down to below my belly button. No skin showing on top, nope. I didn’t want Daddy to get the wrong idea. I don’t think he was going to. Just in case I put on knee socks as well.

    “Good morning, Daddy,” I trilled as I padded over to the coffee machine.

    “Good morning, Fiona,” he said, an amused tone in his voice. Wow, he was cool. He looked so handsome, so professional, sitting there with his coffee mug and the newspaper. My heart went pitty-pat. No really! I think it skipped a beat, just thinking about what I was daring here.

    “So,” I said, as calmly as possible. “I think someone was naughty the other night.”

    “Do you?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Did somebody break the rules of the game?”

    “Not break, so much,” I said. I busied myself with preparing the coffee. There were no more filters by the machine. Damn, that meant getting a new box out from below the counter. I turned away from Daddy, and squatted down. I could only imagine what that was showing to him. “But somebody definitely bent them.”

    When I stood back up, Daddy was right there behind me. He grasped me by the hips and pulled me slightly away from the counter. I gasped.

    “Make your coffee,” he husked. “I’ll show you how well I can play by the rules.”

    “Oh!” I squeaked. I leaned forward. I knew what this meant. I was presenting my butt to him, pushing it out in this position. How much… how much could he see?

    “I will never,” he said firmly, “Never. Do anything against the rules.” He held my hips firmly in his strong hands. I knew he was standing right there. It was so hard not to look, not to glance back at him. I was scared that if I looked, I would see just how manly he really was.

    “As we agreed, and until such time as our agreement may change, I will only kiss parts of you that I can see.” He pulled my hips back a little more. I had to lean forward onto the counter, resting on my elbows. The coffee filter hung useless in my hand. I was breathing rapidly.

    He put his leg between mine, and pushed my right leg outward. “Remember, Fiona, you have agency here as well. You are part of this game.” He pushed my left leg outward as well. I felt so exposed… so vulnerable. But it was so exciting at the same time! I was sure my miserably chopped up little thong was doing a terrible job of providing coverage.

    What could he see? Jesus, what could he see?

    He felt so close to me back there. If he pulled me back even an inch, I was sure I would feel his groin against the taut flesh of my straining butt. And then what? Was he hard? I could hardly believe I was thinking about it, but I was sure he was. I would be feeling my father’s dick right up against me.

    Even as we stood in this ridiculous tableau, I heard Mr. Carrier from next door get into his car and drive away. The birds were singing. The sun was shining. Somebody was mowing a lawn. How could everything seem so normal when nothing was?

    “I offered you this game when you were unhappy,” Daddy said, his voice gentler now. His hands still grasped me, making little rhythmic pulsing pulls at the skin of my sides, pulling and releasing, spreading and letting go. “Fiona, if at any time you feel taken advantage of, just say the word, and we can go back to the way we were.”

    How could I do that? How could I go back to the boring, dull, average relationship we’d shared before? How could I do that when every fiber of my being longed to see what would happen next? Was I crazy?

    I think you know the answer, oh favorite diary of mine.

    “Um… no,” I said softly. “Not… taken advantage of, exactly.”

    “So we’re still going by our agreement, then, Fiona?” God, I loved the sound of his voice right then. So confident. So loving. So Daddy.

    “Yes,” I murmured, too embarrassed even to look up at him.

    “Excellent,” he said. “I’ve been enjoying myself far too much to want to give it up either.”

    I felt more than heard him kneel down behind me. Jesus, what a picture we must have made. Me, in my t-shirt, socks, and obscenely skimpy panties, leaning forward over the counter, pushing my essentially naked ass right out towards him. Him, in his business suit, tie undone around his neck, freshly shaved with his favorite cologne on, kneeling so his face was right at the level of my butt.

    I was pretty sure he couldn’t see my pussy. The cuts I had made left that portion of my undies unaltered. Still, I was willing to bet that the odor of my arousal was more than apparent. It was humiliating at the same time as strangely empowering to know that he was being assaulted by my female musk.

    He kept his hands on my sides, and leaned in. The first kiss was right on the dome of my right butt cheek. So loving and gentle. So possessive. And yet…

    “You’re such an ass-kisser, Daddy,” I giggled.

    “Guilty as charged,” he laughed. He kissed my left butt cheek as well, this time a little closer to the middle. Then his tongue came out and wetly caressed along my skin, into the crevice between my buttocks. I shivered, loving the feeling. This was insane.

    “I love what you’ve done with these panties,” he breathed into my ass. I could feel the warm wet air from his lungs curling across the most sensitive places of my anatomy.

    “Really? Why?” I said softly, desperately.

    “There’s so much I can see, Kitten.” His tongue slithered across the hidden depths of my ass. “I can see here…” Down, wet, hot. “And here…” God, he was so close to my asshole! “And even down here…”

    “Mmmph!” My grunt was involuntary as I felt him lick right across the edges of the wrinkled skin of my anus. “Oooh… Damn… it’s a good thing you can’t see any more,” I whispered.

    “But I play by the rules,” he said. “Even though it would hardly take anything to let me see all of it.” His hands spread my ass open, pulling my skin taut. “Not that there’s that much hidden at this point.”

    “Oh, God…” I sighed. “Daddy… oh, God, Daddy…”

    “Yes, Kitten?” His tongue curled across the edges of my most secret of places.

    “Is it… is it clean?”

    “Let me see.” He licked carefully around my asshole, never able to get to the itchy place at the center. “Mmmmm… delicious, Kitten.”

    I shuddered, my knees buckling. And then it happened.

    See, diary, I hadn’t counted on there being any pulling on my panties. The material I’d left intact was unreinforced in any way. All it would take was a little tug and it would rip. And Daddy’s hands were on my hips, so when I slipped down a little…

    Yup. The satin tore right apart.

    “Eep!” I slapped one hand between my legs, trapping the trailing half of the front across my extremely wet pussy. The other half, the part that might have given me some protection, flipped up and onto my lower back. I was completely naked and spread in front of my father.

    “Oh.” He was lost for words, now face to face with a twitching and needy asshole.

    “Uh…” I felt breathless. My hand on my pussy, the hand that was supposed to protect my girlhood from his kisses, was traitorously starting to stimulate me. “Um… Daddy?”

    “Yes, Kitten?”

    “I… I can’t move, Daddy,” I breathed. “Even though… Oh, God… even though you can see, like… everything now.”

    “That’s okay, honey,” he said lovingly. “There is no place on you that I wouldn’t kiss. And I’ll prove it to you.”

    And he did. Oh freaking God almighty, diary, he did.
  11. porkupine Trusted Member

    His mouth came full into contact with my anus, his lips sealing around it. “Mmmmm…” he sighed as he kissed me sweetly, and then with more force. I pushed back into him, wanting more, needing more.

    And his tongue!


    Oh, God.

    This is too much. I can barely write. I just need…


    God, how much I love this.

    I can’t begin to describe the sensation of my Daddy’s tongue pushing into my butt. Inside! He was insistent, his tongue hot, spearing. And I gave him what he wanted. Even though he wanted something he should never have wanted, his daughter’s ass.

    I’d never thought of that part of me in this way, diary. I mean, really, who does? Sure I’ve seen porn stuff, but they’re just pretending, right? They get paid to pretend that they like something back there.

    But this was different. This was… hot. Itchy. And Daddy was scratching it with his tongue in a way I’d never known could feel good. Inside. Deep inside.

    I was horrified, part of me, scared to death something gross might happen, that he’d feel something he didn’t want to feel. But at the same time, part of me was exultant. The idea that any man would want to do that to me, would love me so much he wanted to put his tongue up there… How could I ever doubt myself again?

    And it was Daddy, diary. It was Daddy who was doing it to me.

    Although, to be honest, it was me who was circling my clit with my fingers, stimulating myself even as he explored what he could reach. God, he must have had his whole tongue up me, his lips pushed hard against my butt.

    And when I came? Oh, man. That was beyond intense. I couldn’t even keep standing up, so I somehow tumbled bonelessly onto the ground, my hand between my legs, my body trembling.

    Diary? This is freaking beyond belief.

    I am so in love with my Daddy.

    May 19 (later)

    OMG, I can’t believe I came like that. I feel super humiliated. How can I even look Daddy in the face???????
  12. Jay Denton Trusted Member

    Omg, so hot
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  13. porkupine Trusted Member

    Thanks for the feedback Jay! Always nice to get encouragement.
  14. porkupine Trusted Member

    May 21

    I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a week since that day. You know, the Day Daddy Proposed This Game.

    Only it really isn’t a game, is it? Or maybe it was at one point, but now it’s craziness. Who is this Fiona, this girl who does… this kind of stuff? And who is Daddy? Who is this man who has taken me to places I never dreamed could exist?

    And here’s the thing. I know that part of this is just the amazing feels I get when Daddy does things to me. Part of it is only sensation, right? Only part of it isn’t. Part of it is too hard to explain. I mean, who can explain being so completely and utterly in romantic love with their father? I have these fantasies of moving somewhere with Daddy, loving him… marrying him?! Having babies with him?!!!!!

    Let me explain by telling you, my wonderful silly super secret diary, all about what happened tonight.

    Yeah, I got over my humiliation from the other night. Actually, it was all gone by dinnertime yesterday, when Daddy treated me with such love and respect. Nothing sexual about it. Just love. It was so sweet! He held my chair for me, and settled me in at the table. And we talked about our day, but it was like two adults.

    Daddy is, like, super funny, too! Yeah, I know, stupid Dad humor. But, actually, when we stopped behaving like girl and man, and more like man and woman, his jokes stopped being so corny.

    Anyway, I went off to do my homework, and blah, blah, blah. You don’t want to hear about that. Even this morning, when I came downstairs in a little sheer teddy, nervous but hopeful at the same time, Daddy was just such a perfect gentleman.

    “Good morning, sweetie,” he said, looking me up and down. I shivered under his gaze, feeling a little like a gazelle in front of a lion. “I have to run, unfortunately.”

    “Oh, Daddy!” I whined. I was actually disappointed that we weren’t going to play some more. Who am I kidding? I was more than disappointed. I felt an ache deep in my pussy like something had been torn out. You see, I had foregone panties in the hope that… well, you get the idea.

    “Don’t worry,” he said softly, his eyes hungry. He stood up and came over to me. His hands on my shoulders, uncovered by the little straps of my teddy, the smell of his aftershave intoxicating. “I won’t forget this amazing sight. All day today, as I talk with clients, research precedents, tell my secretary to cancel meetings… all day, I’ll only be thinking of you.”

    He let his hands trail down my sides, tracing the lines of my ribs, the curve of my waist. “Thinking of everything I can see right now.” His hands moved over the swell of my hips. I was whimpering now. Fiona, in her Daddy’s hands, putty for him to do with as he pleases. Oh, God, diary. It’s too fucking much.

    I needed him. I put my hungry arms around his back, pulling him towards me. That gap between us, that space was suddenly too much. I wanted more than anything to feel him against me.

    And did I know what I was going to feel? Of course I did, super super secret diary. I knew it, and I longed for it. To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Daddy felt for me went way beyond fatherly love. To know and to treasure the feeling of his desire, the immensity and rigidity of it.

    “Oh, Daddy,” I murmured, molding my chest against his, my pelvis pushing inward as his hands settled on my thinly covered butt. “Oh… Daddy…”

    And there it was. Mmmmmm, diary, my friend, my confidante, the only thing in the world that knows my innermost feelings, I have a confession to make.

    I was feeling my Daddy’s cock pushed into my lower tummy. And it was hard and long.

    “Tonight, sweetie,” he whispered into my ear, his breath sweet and warm. And then he was gone.

    I don’t really know what happened today at school. I think I was in a trance for the whole day. All I could think about was Daddy’s thing. How it felt against me. How he let me feel it against me. How his hands on my butt pulled me against it. And how much of a promise it was that he had given me.

    I skipped cheerleading practice (first time in four years, diary!) and rushed home. I wanted everything to be just right. This was so freaking important! Everything in me, every fiber of my being, wanted this. I knew I was going to give my Daddy the best part of me, the last place he hadn’t kissed, and I wanted him to know how much it meant to me.

    Oh, the work I put in over the next several hours. And when I was done, I went over everything again. It was almost time. Almost the time when Daddy gets home from work.

    You know that feeling, diary? That wonderful Christmas morning feeling? The anticipation that sets your heart pumping, the shivers down your spine? And how delicious it can be just to delay that gratification a little longer?

    I heard the door open and close, and imagined Daddy finding a note on the ground, a note that told him to drink the glass of wine I’d put out for him, to take off his jacket and tie, and then to come upstairs.

    I imagined Daddy starting up the stairs, to find my skirt on the first landing, and my blouse just below the top of the stairs.

    I imagined him finding the note there, telling him to take a shower and shave, to make himself comfortable.

    I imagined him walking into his bedroom, finding my socks on the floor, and my bra over the shower door. I imagined him taking a hot shower, shaving carefully, and putting on his favorite robe, finding in its pocket my last note, telling him to come to my room.

    I imagined him finding my panties outside my bedroom door, imagined him picking them up and touching the soft cotton, the damp gusset, the smell of me! The smell of his daughter, the center of her, the womanhood that had fully matured under his careful guidance.

    And finally, I heard the door open. Oh, diary, I can’t lie to you. I can’t keep any secrets from you. I’d already touched myself and come twice since I first heard the front door open and my wonderful Daddy coming home. But I also was so scared! What if… what if I’d been wrong all along? So I chickened out and put my sleep mask on.

    So that when the door opened and Daddy saw my room, lit with a soft red glow from the scarf over my lamp and the flickering light from fifty little candles… when Daddy looked to the bed to see his girl, his Fiona, his daughter, naked and waiting… well, I had no idea what he was thinking, because I couldn’t see him.

    But he could see me.

    “Oh, Fiona. Oh, darling.” His voice was husky, so full of love. “I can see everything.”

    “I know, Daddy,” I whispered, my throat dry. “I want you to. I want you to kiss me.”

    There was such a long pause, such a scary moment. He took a deep and ragged breath.

    “I am so honored, honey,” he said, and I breathed such a sigh of relief. He sat on the edge of my bed, and his hand caressed over my hip. I was so ready for him, I arched my center up towards him. “You look so lovely… so delicious.”

    I felt him reposition himself, and then his mouth was on my thigh, so high up, so close. His lips, his warm breath, his caress, moving inward. This was what I wanted, diary. This is what I’d planned for. And this is what I’d been most scared of. Because this meant everything. There was no turning back.

    And then his mouth was on me, and I was cumming already. It was crazy! I was whining with the intensity of the feeling. The foreplay had been hours long, and even the little orgasms I’d had on my own waiting for him couldn’t prepare me for this feeling.

    I can’t describe the feelings. I have nothing to compare it to, no wonderful metaphor that can encapsulate the depth and color of my emotions. Should I describe his tongue on me, in me? Should I try to explain how my sex felt, how my clit throbbed, how everything I could think of was centered right in the middle of my pussy?

    Or should I even mention that the whole time he was kissing me down there, all I could think of was Daddy? Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. My hands on his head, my fingers in his hair, my hips pushing up to him, my cunt in his mouth.




    So, anyway. I don’t know how long he was down there. Seemed both forever and a second long. But I was super relaxed finally, my limbs heavy, my mind fluttering when he finally pulled away.

    “Oh, Daddy…” I sighed.
  15. porkupine Trusted Member

    “Fiona,” he breathed. He was still on the bed with me. “Fiona, love.”


    “There’s still one place on you I haven’t kissed,” he said softly.

    “Huh?” I could barely think. He moved up over me, his weight on his elbows. He was right above me, his body over mine. “What do…”

    “See, all this time, I’ve been kissing places on your body,” he went on. “Wonderful, special places, places you’ve given to me. I’ve loved the way you’ve let me in, let me experience you.”

    My brain was whirling. What was he talking about?

    “But I’ve never kissed you. Not yet.”

    He pulled the sleep mask off my face. He was right there, Daddy. Wonderful Daddy. His loving eyes, the little smile that said how much he enjoyed being with me. The smell of his aftershave mixed with the smell of my arousal.

    “Fiona, sweetie? May I kiss you?”

    “Oh, Daddy!” I smiled. I put my arms around him and pulled him down to me, part of my mind acknowledging the fact that he wasn’t wearing anything either. My legs were still splayed apart from the mindblowing cums I’d just had, and he was situated between them. Somewhere in my mind, maybe alarm bells were going off, or maybe I was glad to ignore them. This was too wonderful a feeling to be analyzing it too closely.

    Our lips met. It was so weird to be seeing Daddy like this, so close, so fucking romantic. And he tasted… well, I guess he tasted like me, huh, diary? Is there anything so sweet as knowing a guy loves you so much to have your juices all over his chin? Just so you know, my wonderful thoughtful super secret diary, I had shaved during my preparation time, so there were no annoying pubes we had to deal with.

    Just his tongue. Daddy’s tongue. In my mouth. And I was whimpering with need, welcoming him in. I closed my eyes and let myself fall into the moment. I can almost never do that, just enjoy what’s happening here and now without wondering if in some way I’m doing it wrong, or that someone is judging me.

    With Daddy, there was no judgment. That’s fucked up, right? I mean, of all situations, surely this is one where the judgment is obvious. What we were doing was objectively wrong, immoral in just about every society in history. But I didn’t care.

    In fact, my hands wandered down his back to his butt (which is in damned good shape, diary, in case you felt like asking). And I pulled him down.

    I’ll give Daddy this, he resisted for an instant. But then he let himself down.

    Oh, man. You have never felt anything if you haven’t felt a hard cock right up against your needy pussy. Even better when it belongs to a man you know loves you. I loved it! My Daddy’s cock. Hard and hot, smooth and sliding in between my wet lips down there.

    Everything was slippery between us, and my hips moved of their own accord. With no judgment, I felt freed to just express what I needed. And what I needed was more… more of him against me, more of my Daddy’s love. And his mouth against mine, our tongues together…



    Daddy pulled back and looked down at me. I was moaning uncontrollably, licking my lips, feeling his butt in my hands, his cock against me.

    “Is this what you want, Fiona?” he asked softly. His movements matched mine, but he never let the tip of his cock any lower than the top of my pussy.

    “Mmmmm… more than anything, Daddy,” I husked. I never knew my voice could sound like that, thick and sexy, like a movie starlet.

    “Because it’s what I want too, sweetie,” he said. “I didn’t know it until the morning you came down in that tank top you’d cut up. When you started playing the game with me.”

    His hips moving against me, the rasp of his skin against mine, even through the lubrication, the frisson of the friction against my overstimulated clit.

    “And I could see so much. So much more than I let on.”

    Now the end of his cock dragging down through the furrow of my sex, catching for a second on the wide open mouth of my pussy before slipping back up and over my clit again. Me gasping, eyes wide.

    “Did you know your nipples were showing through that cami top like headlights? Damn, it was so hot.”

    Again with the movement of his cock downward, lower this time, the tip dipping into me, swirling, fizzing, until again it slipped up and out.

    “My daughter, my sweet Fiona, showing off her tits in a ridiculously small top. For me, her Daddy. I loved it.”

    Down again, lower, and this time, he was fully surrounded by my flesh.

    “I love you.”

    He moved forward, and inch by amazing inch, he let himself be swallowed up by my desire.

    Oh, diary. Did you know that before tonight I was a virgin? I’m not anymore. Not that I had any hymen or anything. Years of cheerleading will do that to a girl. But it was the first time I felt filled, invaded. And it was my Daddy that did it, my Daddy that made me a woman.

    He was so hot, so throbbing, so… present. And he was completely inside me, his pelvis against mine. He looked down at me, on outstretched arms, his eyes flashing. My wonderful Daddy.

    “Oh… Daddy… I love you too!” I squeaked as he was fully sheathed in me. “Now… oh, God… fuck me?”

    “Yes, sweetie. I’ll fuck you.”

    Diary, we fucked. I fucked my Daddy. My Daddy fucked me. The feeling of him moving in and out, the heat we generated, the… the everything.

    I came, more than once.

    And he came, deep inside me, filling me with the sperm that made me, inseminating his daughter, his seed inside his seed.

    I mean, yeah, I’m on the pill, have been for years, so there wasn’t any real insemination going on. Not going to deny it, I kinda wanted it, but I’m not completely crazy, you know? But still.

    So that was, like, a couple of hours ago. And he’s still dripping from me. God, it’s too amazing. Sexy, romantic. Grown up! I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, or next week… or even in years to come.

    But I know this: I love my Daddy in ways no girl ever should, and I don’t care.

    Okey-doke, super secret diary. Guess that’s enough for tonight, huh? Don’t know if I’ll have much more to write about in days to come, but I’m super happy you’ve been here for me this week.

    Night night!
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