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So this just happened

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brotherforsis, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Brotherforsis

    Brotherforsis Trusted.Member

    upload_2018-12-28_12-9-43.jpeg So we just confirmed what we suspected, not really sure what comes next. It’s both exciting and scary with us being brother and sister it’s such a huge risk
  2. StephenRoussel

    StephenRoussel Trusted.Member

    Congratulations, big things in store for you, envy you, would love to have that happen between my sister and I.
  3. northernman

    northernman Trusted.Member

    Congratulations and best wishes for both of you. While it is scary, it is also a very exciting time in both of your lives. Enjoy.
  4. Delftsejongen

    Delftsejongen Trusted Member

    Beautiful! I wish the three of you lots of happiness.
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  5. Brotherforsis

    Brotherforsis Trusted.Member

    Thanks, not sure yet if I share the enthusiasm because this is pretty scary not sure we really thought this through all the way. Not sure how we are going to hide it, with us living together I’m afraid it’s going to be obvious it was me not to mention the risk of defects and the laws against us. Part of me feels beyond happy the other part is freaking out
  6. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, me and mine have been trying for quite some time now as well. Got me worried at this point, to be honest.
    It's totally understandable, and you and your sis will have to figure some things out, including a cover story it would seem.
    I wish you both the best of luck, and I hope everything goes smoothly.
  7. Delftsejongen

    Delftsejongen Trusted Member

    I thought you and sis wanted this pregnancy. Now I understand that it wasn't planned. Excuse me.
    Read up on the genetic risk. It depends on your genes and how much inbreeding has happened in previous generations. If your genes are healthy (no defects in your family) and there hasn't been inbreeding (research that!) chances on defects are minimal. But you can get those tested during pregnancy.

    As @TriadSibling said, you and sis need to think up a cover for her pregnancy and your care for her and the baby. That is, if your parents can't know about this.
    She may have been careless with some guy she met at a bar. Never saw him again. Stupid, yes.
    The pregnancy wasn't planned, but she will keep the baby. She has to put up "father unknown". Yes, that's hurtful for you, but you can't let it come out, can you?
    You can pose as a caring brother. Helping sis out during this time, taking care of the baby. Surprisingly you get to love the little fellow or girl.
    You and sis gradually grow to like living together. Till everyone finds it normal. And if sis gets pregnant again, she did it again with a stranger, this time on purpose.
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  8. 3Greatb

    3Greatb Trusted Member

    Congratulations! !

    all the best in the outcome and hope it won't be too difficult to take in. The extra stress is not necessary when trying to take care if your loved ones!
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  9. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    Good luck to both of you, hopefully it will turn out for the best. Support your sister as much as you can.
    Defend her against all comers.
  10. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    Congratulations and best wishes. My daughter gave birth to our beautiful girl this year all genetic testing was normal
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  11. Grizz

    Grizz Trusted Member

    Congratulations to both of you and Hope you have more then shared experience with us
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  12. Brotherforsis

    Brotherforsis Trusted.Member

    A bit of a update, had her appointment today and yes we are definitely pregnant not that there was any doubt left but it’s further along than we thought at 8 weeks! Scheduled some prenatal test. It’s all still a lot to take, still very unsure about a lot.
  13. helpmewithmom

    helpmewithmom Trusted Member

    It's ment to be. Make sure you give her all the love and support she needs to have the best pregnancy ever.
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  14. Brotherforsis

    Brotherforsis Trusted.Member

    Don’t get me wrong we are both very excited about this there’s really nothing we would rather share unfortunately it’s also very complicated from a moral, legal and social stand point.
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  15. thor444

    thor444 Trusted Member

    Congrats, and understandable
  16. 23shadow

    23shadow Trusted Member

    Congratulations and best of luck
  17. HenryHK

    HenryHK Trusted Member

    Congratulations! Just hope and pray that there won't be any defects. If the kid is OK you can relocate and start a new life as a happy family. No one need to know your secret!
  18. Rubber duck 2

    Rubber duck 2 Trusted Member

    Congrats and good luck to y all.... And prayers your way..
  19. Briber

    Briber Trusted Member

    Congrats, keep us posted.
  20. Delftsejongen

    Delftsejongen Trusted Member

    Congrats. Try to make It uncomplicated.
    Morals is your decision. You love each other. The pregnancy is a result of your love, so just beautiful and let anyone who thinks differently go to hell.
    Legal; find a way to prevent trouble. Find out about the law in the place where you live. Don’t tell what you don’t want to. Give an explanation which is legal and as close to the truth as possible. Father unknown, either a one night stand or an anonymous sperm donor. In my country it would be completely legal.
    Social; a mix of don’t tell, lie the truth, none of their business. Maybe move to a place where they don’t know you as brother and sister.
    Medical; if there hasn’t been inbreeding in previous generations chance that something is wrong is as slim as with anyone random. If you worry, find out.
    Just don’t feel guilty yourselves! Never!