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So out of curiosity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mojorisen, Jan 21, 2019.

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  1. Mojorisen

    Mojorisen Trusted Member

    What other fetish's are ya'll into???
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  2. Danny Boy 1966

    Danny Boy 1966 Trusted.Member

    Some would say it doesn't get better than incest, but when you combine it with being a voyeur it's twice as good.
    I also like a good pegging sometimes, my second wife introduced me to that and it was an instant success. Her and I also enjoyed swapping with other couples, sadly those days are over for us since I lost her to cancer a number of years ago.
    That's about it really, other than redheads, I'm totally sick for them. If Kari Byron from Mythbusters whould ever present herself I would be all over that chick in a heartbeart.
  3. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    Hi mate, I am so sorry hearing about your loss.
    Hopefully you can find love again.
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  4. Danny Boy 1966

    Danny Boy 1966 Trusted.Member

    Thank you. I have already, in the loving arms of my Ex Step daughter, and my sister. Life couldn't be better.
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  5. IsoUser

    IsoUser Trusted.Member

    My nieces always over and above my sister's, oh my God I cum twice inside them
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  6. Namename

    Namename Account Deleted

    I like fantasies about my sis with a cock. Very arousing. Enjoy celeb nude fakes like this too.

    Also have a big footjob /ladies feet fetish.
  7. Voyeur4fun-uk

    Voyeur4fun-uk Trusted Member

    to many to list....voyeur a real life peeper...dogging on foot as i don't drive,just hang around local dogging sites.
    been doing that c1980 before it was called dogging ;)
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  8. Seeker897

    Seeker897 Trusted Member

    Dear Danny Boy,
    My sympathies for your loss. and I hope you are healing well. I can certainly relate to your loss. After thirteen years of wedded bliss my wife was lost to an auto accident that occurred while she was attending work related seminars out of state. That was back in the early ninty's and I have yet to find someone to share life with. I have dated from time to time but nothing worth pursuing. I did not start dating again until the early 2000's. Through myself into work and haven't come up for air yet. The year I lost her we were planning to start a family. At this point in my life I have no wife , no children and the possibilities look bleak. Yet I remain hopeful.
    We had the perfect marriage and a very active and rewarding sex life. There is not much we did not do or try when it came to the carnal arts except pain and degrading things like bdsm. We were always open to discussing and trying something new and were always respectful of each other's needs and desires including discussing our incest desires and experiences.
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  9. Seeker897

    Seeker897 Trusted Member

    Sorry for prattling on a bit too much, sometimes the abject loneliness and pain get the better of me.
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  10. Danny Boy 1966

    Danny Boy 1966 Trusted.Member

    No apology is necessary @Seeker897 , It took friends dragging me out of my depression kicking and screaming. I truly understand the loneliness and pain, and hopefully one day soon you'll find a new love to occupy your time, like I have finally found. It took me 15 years before I found the right one.
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  11. steve6146

    steve6146 Trusted Member

    Incest has always been my number one.
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  12. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    Hi Seeker, sorry to hear about your loss, hopefully in time you may find another loving partner.
    I wish you luck.
  13. Seeker897

    Seeker897 Trusted Member

    Dear Danny,
    Your words are heartfelt and encouraging but I see little hope in finding someone now or in the future. When I found myself alone there were no friends or relatives to help me through the rough times. I endured the pain alone , all friends that were couples seemed to vanish over night. Perhaps they felt awkward, I'll never know. It has been almost thirty years since I lost my wife and friend. Even now getting through the day is sometimes very difficult . I have tried to keep myself busy over the years with many projects and diversions. I even worked out of town for almost a decade after the loss. I would like to start a family with someone but at my age that possibility is miniscule even though I am in excellent health and have much to offer a potential mate. I am financially secure. well educated own several pieces of property and am regarded as a friendly and intelligent person by all who know me.
  14. Newname

    Newname Account Deleted

    These are my fantasies too
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