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    The greatest thing about being on holiday this year is that I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with like-minded people. All the people I’ve mentioned before that enjoy incest like I do have been spending time together, sharing stories and chatting up a storm about family lovin’. Even better than that is that we have met a few new people with fresh stories to share, and this is the first one.


    My name is Jessie, I am 25 years old and I have a brother named Nicholas who is 2 years older than me. When I was 16, our relationship changed forever. Our parents provided us with quite a luxurious life, but they were hardly ever home, so we spent a lot of time unsupervised. As you can imagine, my brother took advantage of this by throwing the occasional party and always included me so that I wouldn’t tell on him. It never got out of hand or anything and Nic and I were quite close as a result.

    Being 16 was quite a stage in my life. I was discovering myself along with my sexuality. I was masturbating quite regularly at that age and often heard my brother do the same. I found the idea of him jerking on his cock very amusing and always wondered what it wold be like to watch. I even masturbated to the idea, but stopped myself when the fantasy shifted to him doing things to me. I knew that was fucked up, so I put a stop to it immediately. That is about as close to incest that I ever got, and I was determined to never let it happen again.

    One day, just after a shower, I was looking for something to wear when I realized that there was a guy trying to watch me from the street through my window. I knew he was too far to really see anything, but what I did next surprised me. In full view, I dropped my towel and turned slowly to my dresser, knowing that random stranger could see me, and it made me quite excited to know that he was watching me. I casually went to the window and reached up to close the curtains. In that moment, he would have had quite a clear view of my naked body, but only for a second. I peered through the slit between the curtains and saw the guy adjust his crotch which gave me quite a feeling of satisfaction to have an affect like that on a total stranger. I masturbated immediately and then lay there smiling in the afterglow in deep thought. I realized that being watched was something I quite enjoyed. I looked for other opportunities to have a similar experience, but it never really worked out. It was always too obvious, too close or too creepy, so I thought it would never happen again.

    One day, I fell asleep on my stomach on the sofa while watching TV. When I woke up, I had the feeling that I was being watched. My nipples stiffened immediately and my pussy began to moisten. I was in the living room with curtains closed, so the only possible person it could have been was my brother. Strangely enough, I just lay there and my body continued to react. I was still uncertain if Nic was watching me, so I was desperate to find out. He was nowhere in my line of sight and the way I woke up wouldn’t have given away that I was actually awake. My eyes darted around for any reflective surface to try see around me, and when I finally looked at a photo frame on the TV stand, I saw my brother’s reflection. He was watching me. He was standing in the doorway, to the right of the sofa, at the end where my feet were and slightly behind the sofa. I watched him stare down at me in silence and his eyes went all over my body.

    To my surprise, his attention had my body aching for more. All I wanted was to bare some skin to see his reaction, but it had to look like I was completely oblivious to his presence. The only thing I could do, without giving away that I was actually awake, was to shift my legs slightly so that they opened enough for him to see up my short skirt. As I shifted position, I saw him freeze in the reflection of that photo frame. I pulled one leg up slightly and saw my brother’s eyes widen. He just stared at me for a few moments, and when he was convinced that I was still asleep, he actually bent down to look up my skirt. I enjoyed that moment way more than I should have. I just loved that even my own brother wanted to see me that way. Nic stared at me like that for a few minutes, but I wanted more from the moment, so I got a little bolder.

    I turned around to lay on my back, still pretending to be fast asleep. I put my right arm over my forehead, covering my eyes with my forearm, giving me the ability to peek out under my arm without him realizing. My skirt hiked up nicely when I turned, so my brother could see my underwear nicely. He moved out of the room when I changed position, but he returned after a little while. Peeking out under my forearm, I saw him look right at my panty-covered pussy. I felt a tingle, but didn’t move at all. He was trying really hard to see my pussy through the material, so I made it easier for him. With my left hand, I scratched my abdomen, pulling my panties tight. This molded my panties onto my pussy, allowing my brother to make out the shape and bulges. I was so incredibly turned on, but when I saw him adjust his crotch, I almost gave myself away. Luckily, Nic was so focused between my legs, that he never noticed the smile I had for a second. He just stared at the shape of my pussy through the material for quite some time, adjusting his crotch every so often.

    After that moment, I wanted to have that experience again, so I tried my best to make it happen. The next day I spoke to our mom on the phone and asked her to buy me new PJs. I told her that I couldn’t sleep in the ones I had anymore and that I would sleep in the nude until I get new ones. I made sure my brother heard me say that. That night, I acted as if I was exhausted. I told Nic how tired I was and that I would fall asleep in seconds. When I went to bed, I left my door slightly ajar and left a small, orange LED on to dimly light up the room. I tossed the clothes I was wearing onto the floor to make it obvious that I was completely naked. I lay in wait on my back with the blanket covering only some of my body. It barely covered my right breast, the nipple almost visible and my right leg exposed almost all the way up to my crotch. My head was turned to the left, facing away from the door and toward a small mirror so that I could see my bedroom door and some of my room. It felt like it took for ever before my brother took the bait, but he eventually appeared in the doorway.

    The dim light of the LED was too dim for him to see that my eyes were open if he did happen to see the mirror, so I could watch him easily, but I still kept my eyes partially closed, just in case. He stood at the door for quite some time, staring at the top of my breast and my exposed leg. He must have adjusted his crotch 10 times while he stood there and I was loving it. I imagined that the situation would probably end there, but he surprised me by coming into the room for a closer look. My body was trembling, but not enough for him to notice. I could see that he was quite nervous too and it made everything even more exciting. My nipples were so hard by this point that I’m sure they were very obvious to him, and he kept staring at them intently. I began to question my plan when I saw his hand moving carefully toward the blanket that was so strategically placed, but instead of pretending to wake up to end it, I just lay there feeling nervous and excited. For a moment, I stopped breathing when I felt him tug gently on the blanket. It shifted just enough to expose my nipple completely. I watched his face in the mirror and when I saw how excited he was to see my nipple, it made me want to continue.

    He stared at my breast and nipple for quite some time, but eventually he pulled on the blanket again, this time exposing my right breast completely and most of my left one. This time he shoved his hand into his shorts to readjust his hardening cock and it gave me goose bumps. A few moments later he pulled on the blanket again, pulling it all the way down to my waist. I could tell that he was enjoying the sight tremendously and I was enjoying it just as much. When his hand came up and began to move towards my right breast, I thought that it was finally time to end things, but I didn’t budge. His finger tip gently touched my nipple and it caused a very noticeable ache in my pussy. I was already quite wet down there and my body was begging for more. After touching my nipples with his fingertips for a while, his bravery increased and he gently grabbed both my breasts, massaging them as carefully as possible. It felt so good that a small moan escaped my lips, surprising us both and casing him to retract his hands instantly.

    When he saw that I was still “sleeping” after watching me for about a minute, his hands returned to my breasts and he squeezed them a little harder. The biggest surprise of all was when he lowered his face to my breasts to give my nipple a lingering peck. My mind was screaming for him to suck it, but I didn’t want things to end, so I kept still. When his tongue suddenly came out and licked my nipple, another small, involuntary groan came from me. This time he just froze and watch me closely. He must have thought it was just a natural response to that type of stimulation, so he did it again. He must have spent 10 minutes playing with my breasts before he finally stopped, and I thought that would be where things end, but then I saw his focus shift to my exposed thigh and my pussy twitched instantly.
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    He was still being very careful, but he was quite brave about going further. He glanced up at my face, but with it still turned away from him he thought I was still out. I felt his hand slide over the blanket on my covered leg and then I felt the blanket move. I was totally shocked. He was taking the entire blanket off to expose me completely, but I still did absolutely nothing to stop him. I heard him gasp when my shaven pussy came into sight, pausing for a moment to stare at it. Then he removed the blanket almost completely, leaving it to cover just my feet and nothing else. I felt so exposed, vulnerable and excited. This took what I wanted to a whole new level. With my right leg bent slightly to the side, he could see my pussy quite well and he stared at it for a long time. When he glanced up at me I knew he was going to touch me again and I couldn’t believe how much I wanted it. As carefully as he could, he put his middle and forefingers on my pussy lips and stroked it gently. It was very ticklish, but I managed to contain myself. With each stroke, he pressed a little harder, so eventually it felt really nice. He ran his middle finger along my slit quite a few times and even tried to separate my lips, so I did the only thing I could think of.

    I made the same type of groan I did before and shifted my right leg out a little more to give him more access. He retracted for only a few seconds before getting his hand back down there. This time my pussy lips separated and I felt his finger run over my hole and up to my clit. When he touched my clit, it made my body twitch and another groan came out. I knew if he continued doing that I wouldn’t be able to pretend to be asleep for much longer. For a while he focused on my pussy hole and tried to get his finger inside just a little. I opened my legs even more and he paused, but never withdrew his finger. He could feel that my hole was easier to penetrate, so he crouched down next to my bed to watch his finger disappear into me. I felt the tip of his finger pop in. He paused for a moment and then started pushing again. He got it all the way to the middle of his finger before he paused again, but I could tell that he wanted it all the way in. I made that little groan again and spread my legs wider. My brother watched me for a while and then pushed the rest of his finger inside me. My brother fingered my pussy extremely slow for at least 5 minutes before he finally removed his finger. I watched him suck his wet finger in the mirror and I knew I wanted more, I just didn’t know what that was.

    My night got even better when he stood up and I thought he was going to leave. Instead of leaving, I watched him take his hard cock out of his pants, as quietly as he could. He pulled the front of his shorts down just far enough to get his cock and balls out over the waist band. He stared down at my body as he began to jerk off. I was so delighted that I smiled widely, and if he looked at my face he would have known that I was awake. Fortunately, his eyes were only interested in my breasts and pussy, so I got to watch him jerk off all the way to a good cum. I could see that he desperately wanted to cum on me, but he cupped his left hand to cum in that instead. I was trying to decide if I should let him know that I was awake, but for some reason I couldn’t do it. Before he left, he dipped a finger into his cum and then rubbed a drop onto my nipples. He was about to leave, but he turned back and dipped his finger into his cum again and rubbed it into my pussy, taking his time. I knew it was only a drop and not possible to get pregnant from that, so I simply enjoyed it.

    My brother eventually left my room and I could get myself off before trying to go to sleep. There was no sleep for me that night. All I could think about was the sight of my brother masturbating over me. I so badly wanted to touch his cock like he touched my pussy. I went to his room to see if he was sleeping and as I got close to his door I could hear movements that would suggest he was awake. I was still naked, so I decided to just walk past his room and get a drink of water, knowing that he would notice. When I came out of the bathroom, my brother was standing in the hallway, staring at me with his mouth open.

    Me: “Oh shit, sorry bro. I thought you sleeping.”

    I acted surprised to see him, but I made no attempt to cover up as I walked past him to my room. I also acted as if I was half asleep in an attempt to make my behavior more believable.

    The next morning was a Sunday and I found my brother in the kitchen when I came downstairs. I greeted him and blushed as I turned to the fridge, making sure he didn’t notice.

    Me: “I had such strange dreams last night.”

    My brother choked a little on his cereal.

    Nic: “Oh yeah. What about?”

    Me: “It was quite erotic, so I won’t go into detail. Then I dreamed that you saw me naked, it was weird.”

    For a moment, he said nothing, but eventually he piped up.

    Nic: “That last part was true you know?”

    Me: “What you talking about?”

    Nic: “I did see you naked. You went to the bathroom at about 3am and you were naked.”

    I acted all embarrassed, but secretly I was loving it.

    Me: “Well, was it at least worth seeing?”

    Nic: “OH Ye… I mean, um… You have a very nice body.”

    I smiled and blushed for real.

    Me: “I should get to see you naked too then. It’s only fair.”

    I left him with that thought in the hope that it might actually happen. For the rest of the day I kept thinking about what happened the night before. I loved thinking about the feeling of him touching me, watching him jerk off and the way he rubbed some cum on me. After lunch, I decided that I wanted to swim, so I told my brother that I was going to change. He said he wanted to swim too and followed me upstairs. I left my door slightly open while I changed, but I have no idea if my brother watched me.

    We got into the pool and I tried to think of ways to show him some skin again, but I wanted it to seem like I had no idea, so I was struggling to come up with an idea. When I got out, I dried off and lay down to tan.

    Me: “Will you rub some lotion on me?”

    My brother jumped at the opportunity and soon had his hands on my back. I untied my top for him to get the lotion all over.

    Nic: “Um… why you do that?”

    Me: “Oh relax, it’s not like you can see anything.”

    I knew he could see the edges of my breasts and he said nothing about it. That was about as much skin as I could show off without spoiling what was going on, so I decided not to over think it and let it happen whenever the opportunity presented itself. Our parents came home that afternoon and spent the next 5 days with us. Eventually they were off again, leaving my brother and I with everything we needed to take care of ourselves for another week. I must add that our aunt checked in on us every afternoon to make sure things like homework was done and that we had something proper to eat. Other than that, we were on our own.

    A few days past without any fooling around, and I was getting quite anxious for it. I decided that I was going to do something after school one day, but I had no idea what that would be. I reminded myself that I had to let it happen rather than force it, but I couldn’t wait any more, so that was a challenge. When I got home I flopped onto my bed and tried to think of something to get my fix. When I heard my brother coming up the stairs, I quickly removed my panties and made sure there was a view up my skirt from my door. I put my headphones on and pretended to be listening to music. When my brother peered into my room, he held his breath and just stood there. I was lying on my bed, facing away from the door, pretending to read a magazine while I listened to music, so it looked to him like I was oblivious to his presence.

    Nic: “Jessie… Jess…”

    I pretended not to hear him as I swayed my legs to the imaginary beat that I was supposedly listening to. I knew that he could see up my skirt, but it was not easy to see. So every time I rocked my legs outward, he got a very short, partial view of my bald pussy.

    Nic: “Fuck…”

    He was getting a bit frustrated that he could not see my pussy well enough and I tortured him like that for at least 5 minutes. Eventually I spread my knees apart and he got a nice, full view of my pussy.

    Nic: “Yesss…”

    I decided to increase the risk a little, so I turned my head and looked at him.

    Me: “Oh, hey Nic. How was practice?”

    I pretended to have no idea that he could see my pussy and took my headphones off.

    Nic: “Ah… hey, yeah, it was… fine.”

    Me: “Cool.”

    I put my headphones back on, turned to my magazine and continued as if everything was normal.

    Nic: “Holy fuck…”

    I smiled knowing how he must have shat himself in that moment and at the fact that he was still staring at my pussy. I reached back and scratched the back of my thigh, lifting my skirt quite a bit and giving him even more of a view.

    Nic: “Oh yeah…”

    These games went on for months and Nic saw every inch of my body. He touched me a few more times too and I loved every moment of it. One day I came home to very load music coming from Nic’s room. When I knocked on his door he couldn’t even hear it, so I slowly opened the door. I immediately smiled when I saw him jerking off with his eyes shut tight. He was really into it and it was amazing to watch. With the music so loud, I decided to walk right up to him to watch up close, and I wanted to be the first thing he saw when he finally opened his eyes. I watched in amazement as his hand slid up and down his cock at quite an impressive speed, but it didn’t take long before he opened his eyes and saw me standing right over him. His first reaction was the biggest fright of his life, and then complete panic as he tried to cover himself, followed but total embarrassment. I turned the music softer and looked at him smiling.
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    Me: “Hey bro. What you doin’?”

    Nic: “Ah… fuck… why are… what the f…”

    He was really struggling with the situation.

    Me: “That looked like a lot of fun. You think I can join you?”

    Nic: “What? No… um you wanna… what?”

    Me: “I said I want to join you.”

    Nic went silent and froze like a computer that’s about to crash because it can’t process. He frowned at me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so confused. He had his pillow over his crotch, standing behind his bed and against the wall.

    Me: “So can I join you or what?”

    Nic: “You want to join me? You’re fucking with me, right?”

    Me: “Nope.”

    Nic: “Yeah, okay sure. Get naked and join me then.”

    He was being sarcastic, thinking that I was making fun of him, but that all changed when I got naked. I sat down on his bed with my legs spread open for him to see my pussy. I smiled at him and he just stood there.

    Me: “So we gonna do this or what?”

    He just stood there, staring at me, so I started masturbating right in front of him.

    Me: “Come on Nic. I want to see you jerk off while I do this.”

    After a few more seconds of stunned silence, he finally sat down and let me see his hard cock.

    Me: “Come on, jerk off already.”

    He started jerking off and soon we were both working hard on our privates for each other to see. After a little while I stopped and just watched him.

    Nic: “Why you stopping?”

    Me: “Can I touch your cock?”

    He let his cock go and leaned back enthusiastically. I grabbed his cock, gave it a good squeeze and then started jerking him off. I stopped for a moment to get him to lie down, and I lay down next to him, head to tail. This way I could jerk him off and he could get at my pussy at the same time. For a few amazing moments, we masturbated each other and it was heaven. I never thought I would ever take it any further, but the urge to do so was so strong that it just happened. I started sucking his cock and for a little while he just enjoyed it, but eventually he leaned into my crotch and started licking my pussy too. It was a brilliant sideways 69, and I got him to cum first. His cum was very warm and salty in my mouth and I didn’t stop sucking until he was completely done. As soon as he was, he leaned in again and finished me off too, ending in an excellent climax.

    Since that day, we gave each other oral pleasure quite regularly and eventually we started fucking too. It is 9 years later and my brother and I still find reasons to get together for a good fuck. Recently I had to move in with him temporarily, but this temporary situation seems to be coming more permanent with neither of us willing to separate, and now that we’ve met Jenny and others like us, we’re more incestuous than ever.

    P.S. Here's a pic I got Nic to take of me. He just loves taking nude pics of me before we fuck.
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    Like so any.others here Jenny, I wonder whether these stories are real, or just wonderful fantasies.
    Whatever they are, they are undoubtedly one of the best things on this great site. Beautifully written, hugely erotic, and guaranteed to make the reader cum.
    Thanks so much, I can't wait to read the next one.
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    wow that hot
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    This forum is for fictional Erotic Incest Stories so it's more likely that something posted here is fiction.
    There is another forum for Real Experiences.
    Regardless of which forum is used, one can never know for sure.
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    Love your stories. You should put together an anthology of the Jenny Tales. A good project for 2017.
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    Very well described. Thanks
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    Love how realistic it is. Yummm
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    ive been reading all your posts. great writing. thorough and sexy. keep it up
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    dam.. had my on the edge
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    Incredibly hot story!!!
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    Bloody hell, excellent!
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