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shaven or natural?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Disco, Mar 20, 2019.


shaven or narural

  1. shaven

  2. natural

  1. Disco

    Disco Trusted Member

    do you have a preference?

    personally i like shaven and i also like to be shaven myself. I love to go down on a juicy and freshly shaven pussy and masturbating when shaven is also much more better for me.
    Please feel free to share your pics too....

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  2. Horny Joe

    Horny Joe Trusted.Member

    Like you I like shaven, I also keep myself shaven
  3. Danny Boy 1966

    Danny Boy 1966 Trusted.Member

    Not a fan of shaved, but not a fan of totally natural either. I like it when she takes her time and gives it a nice short trim, or even lets me do the trimming for her. I also keep myself trimmed too.
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  4. Wantmom

    Wantmom Trusted Member

    Shaved unless she's a natural blonde, because there's nothing prettier than that, although a natural redhead gives it a run for the money
  5. Brotherforsis

    Brotherforsis Trusted.Member

    Shaved for sure
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  6. stepdad22

    stepdad22 Graduated from the school of sexual perversions . Staff Member

    Depending on age I love both .
  7. Red Beard

    Red Beard Trusted Member

    Natural, or maybe a little trimmed...
    Won't complain if shaven though.
  8. bobbiquit

    bobbiquit Trusted Member

    I like completely smooth both male and female, I am totally hair free thanks to my daughter.
    I also like to "imagine" the first pubes of boys or girls... makes me totally drippy
  9. stepdad22

    stepdad22 Graduated from the school of sexual perversions . Staff Member

    I would like to know more about what makes you drippy .
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  10. bobbiquit

    bobbiquit Trusted Member

    when I think of the first pubes of someone I become very wet, literally dripping wet. I have been at social events where I had to go home because you could see my wetness
  11. stepdad22

    stepdad22 Graduated from the school of sexual perversions . Staff Member

    I would love to see your wetness stain your panties . But please be very careful about the age thing the age rule is well enforced .
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  12. china99uk

    china99uk Trusted Member

    Shaved or trimmed neatly
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  13. liluvrs78

    liluvrs78 Trusted Member

    Shaved is awesome if you like to eat pussy. A nice wax job is very good too.
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  14. virripanties

    virripanties Trusted Member

    I'm mostly indifferent, although my sister and I are both natural. We're japanese, so it's fairly straight and I think it looks ok =) Plus, I don't like stubble :x I like to pet my sister's furry spot too. But when I look at porn or whatever, I prefer if the girl is hairless, but only if it's completely smooth with no stubble. So many sites do high-res photoshoots where the girl clearly hasn't shaved in a couple days, and I don't know why! I would rather it just be natural then!
  15. julia1022

    julia1022 Trusted Member

    shaved all the way! for myself, too! i should add that VERY neatly trimmed is nice, also
  16. scargo

    scargo New Member

    Normal I'm shaved, but sometimes I grow it out a bit. For girls, I don't mind bush in top but keep it clean underneath. For guys, shave it off.
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  17. anotherdad

    anotherdad Trusted Member

    Shaved, soft smooth sweet to eat.
  18. Disco

    Disco Trusted Member

    care to share,i would love to see what you mean there ;) pvt me if thats better for you
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  19. Deepak

    Deepak New Member

    I like shaved my parts
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  20. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    Shaved for me, it looks good, smells good and tastes even better.
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