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    The following poems are not from me, so all likes/replies go to the author!
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    A Mother's Perverted Poem
    By Mr. Lonely

    Soft Skin against my face,
    How did I end up in this place?
    That my baby daughter would be getting oral sex from me?
    How sick can a mommy be?
    As I lick she giggles and coos,
    What's a perverted mother to do?
    I'm soaking wet, I'm going to grind with her so hard,
    she will never forget that she's not only my daughter, but my sexual pet...
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    In Sublime Darkness
    By Bluemonkey (dark poetry)

    Her demon scent,
    Tormenting, tempting.
    Unfinished woman, child,
    She moves, trembling,
    Skin, beckoning.
    Aware of her sex,
    Unaware of its power
    To cut, to wound, to kill.
    Or perhaps she is,
    Admiring the blood
    Spattered, dripping
    From the knife
    Of her flesh,
    The weapon
    Between her thighs.
    She is life. She is death.
    She is bliss.
    The beginning
    And end of all desire,
    The beginning
    And end of all madness.
    No longer a child,
    Not yet a woman.
    Within her
    Pale flesh aches
    Sublime darkness.
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    Just Feel
    By Danyealle

    Lay there and just feel
    Don't look
    Don't touch
    Just absorb it
    Shut your eyes
    Let me excite you
    Give you pleasure
    Set you body alight
    My touch and caresses
    Soft as a feather
    Light and silken
    Designed to arouse
    Don't look now
    Let me surprise you
    You don't know where
    You don't know how
    My breath soft on your skin
    Lips touching here and there
    Hair brushing across
    Skin to skin with you
    Feel the wetness envelope you
    Warm and slick
    The scent a perfume
    Almost too much to bear
    Gently rocking
    Tight then loose
    The moans
    The feelings
    Soft whimpers
    Tender words
    The need
    Pace quickening
    More urgent
    Arch up
    Being held
    Flesh to flesh
    Softly stroking
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    By Angel Starr

    Daddy! Daddy! play with me
    Let me climb upon your knee
    Daddy Daddy you will see
    How NAUGHTY I can be!

    Oh daddy daddy see me slide
    My little nighty to the sky
    Why oh why oh daddy mine
    Do I do this all the time?

    Now daddy daddy
    Look, look, look
    Pink ribbon and lace upon my tush
    Squirm and squeal as I push
    Ever so dantaly.

    Push push push
    My rosey little tush
    Against your hips so hard
    Oh daddy daddy I do feel
    Your special tickle soon revealed
    Only for me to look and seal
    With a special little kiss

    To look
    To feel
    To make it all real
    It pops out and says "Hello!"
    With that funny eye
    That soon will fly
    Angel's creamy custard filling.

    Oh daddy daddy PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
    Let me rest upon my knees
    And kiss your thing for you I'll please
    With my lips so softly.

    YES! YES! YES!
    My little Angel dove
    Get upon your knees and hug
    Mu botto while I gently shove
    Daddy's playful pole of love.

    In it goes
    In my mouth
    So warm and tasty
    'Tis no doubt
    I'll soon be showered
    When daddy spouts
    His creamy, dreamy, jiz.

    So low I start
    In and out
    Daddy's dick
    Dances about
    My tounge and teeth
    Cheeks and throat
    Filling me up
    I start to float.

    Float up into my magic land
    Where sex and love go hand in hand
    Where angel slut is in command
    And loves her daddy's dick so grand
    And feels it spurt as on command
    That lovely sticky stuff.

    Grunt and groan
    Shove and moan
    I feel it filling me up
    Tasting it's rich brew of delight
    I know daddy and I will slept tonight
    content in our little love games.

    But it's not the end no siree!
    For tommorow night I will flee
    And jump and climb upon a knee

    Daddy! Daddy! Play with me!

    I love you daddy.
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    Close Your Eyes
    By Danyealle

    Close your eyes
    feel my touch

    Soft breath exhaled
    dancing across skin

    Slow tender teasing
    stoke the flames

    Feel the sensation
    caressing and stroking

    Your breath quickens
    a soft moan

    Leans over you
    skin touches skin

    Licks your chest
    soft tongue tasting

    Slowly moving down
    light wet trail

    Your iron hardness
    swollen and throbbing

    Swirls lightly around
    tasting your essence

    Deep persistent throb
    engorged with blood

    Shuts your eyes
    moan and shiver

    Loud strangled cry
    a sudden explosion
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    wow! awesome
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    Thank you Hellboy for your reply.
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    wowwwwwwwwwww its really amazing i mean poems are really creative and they convey msg so vividly thnx
    Slisse to you for bring it to us and of course the author
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    interesting to see it in poem format
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    Thank you burning_desires and shadowowner for your reply.
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    Silken Touch
    By Danyealle

    That silken touch
    The embers ignite
    Passions arise
    Feel the heat
    Sweet kiss
    Deepening to more
    Shows the want
    The need embraces
    The heart pounds madly
    Soft sheen of sweat
    Breath pants heavily
    Kisses deepen
    Clutching the other tightly
    Bodies pressed passionately
    That delicious friction
    Tongues dancing together
    Slowly slides in
    Arching up
    Wrapping around
    Slow strokes
    The heat slowly builds
    Thrusting harder
    Kissing animalistically
    Loudly moans
    Clutching each other tightly
    Panting heavily
    Sounds of flesh to flesh
    Soft cries and whimpers
    Hard thrust in
    Strangled cry
    Holds tight
    Loving and holding after
    Soft sighs
    Words that caress
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    By Danyealle

    The tension rises
    Feel it build
    Shaking all over
    No, not again
    Feel it grow
    Spreading out
    I have to resist
    Can't do it again
    No, no, no, no
    Not again
    Feel it wash over
    Drowning enveloping
    It wants me again
    Make me need
    Rising higher than before
    Calling, beckoning
    It calls to me
    That siren song
    Tells me of the need
    So enticing
    That same hypnotic song
    Calling again and again
    Tells me of the release
    Promises smooth as silk
    That need grows
    Wanting it
    Rocking and moaning
    Hands over my ears
    Louder and louder it gets
    Holding me
    The skin tingles
    Itches and wants
    I can't resist it
    Too weak
    To the bathroom
    Stares at them
    Glimmering edges of steel
    Sharp and waiting
    Like a junkie
    I need it
    The craving is there
    Strong and powerful
    Pick it up
    Hold it
    Deep sigh
    I'm too weak
    One small one
    Red line
    Dripping crimson
    The pain ebbs
    Tingling all over
    Wave after wave
    Pain flows out
    Pleasure envelopes
    Shudders all over
    Shaking and moaning
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    There was a man in Ireland
    Who found his wife in Thailand
    Together they screw
    Each day someone new
    Until they went to dreamland.
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    Please, feel free to add your own poems. :)