My Conversation with Mom

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    “I don’t want this to be awkward, mom, but can I ask you a question?”

    “Sure, honey. It won’t be awkward. You know you can always come to me with anything, any time.”

    “Ok. Well, here’s the thing, so like, um, you know I’ve had, well, like a crush on you since I was a teenager, right? Not really a crush, but this attraction to you in ways that a son isn’t supposed to think about his mom.”

    “Oh honey. Yes, I know you’ve struggled with being sexually attracted to me. But that is NORMAL for all boys.”

    “Exactly, mom. But here’s the thing…I’m not exactly a teenager any more. I’m an adult and have been on my own now for quite a while.”

    “I know that, honey, but you’ll always be my son just like I’ll always be your mom. I want to help but I need you to tell me how you think I can help you. Please?”

    “Ok then here goes. You see, mom, I want…no, I need to see you…undressed. I was hoping that maybe you could take some of your clothes off, you know, maybe leave on your bra and panties–if you have to. Maybe I could rub your feet while I touch myself and look at you in just your panties?”

    “Uhhh...I don’t know about that. Why would you want to look at and touch your old mother when there are much younger women than me who would love your attention. And, we would be treading dangerously close to incest. I just don't think I can do all of that.”

    “I figured that’s what you would say. It’s ok. I understand. You know, it really isn’t so bad. I’ve used your panties and your nylons to masturbate with now for so long that I’ll just live with that. You know that, right? I still use your panties to get off on?”

    “I…I didn’t know. I guess I’ve noticed when you visit that “things” aren’t quite where they should be in my drawers…”

    “No, mom. I don’t go through your drawers. I dig your dirty panties and your dirty nylons out of the hamper. I smell your sex and your feet in your DIRTY clothes. No other woman has ever made me as hard as your smell still makes me. I can get hard just thinking about sniffing your dirty panties…and sucking on the gusset to taste as much of you as I can. My cock gets so hard when I sniff the dirty foot sections of your pantyhose…and I close my eyes and imagine you letting me touch, rub, and lick your feet…”

    “God, sweetie. I had no idea the depths of your Oedipal Complex. I did some reading to try to understand what you were going through as a teen but I thought this would have passed by now…Obviously it hasn’t…”

    “No mom. It has only gotten stronger. I want you now like that more than ever. My fantasies all revolve around you…and your feet…and your…”

    “If I did let you look at me while you, err, touched yourself, would that be enough? Do you need to touch my feet?”

    “It is worth a try, mom. I was hoping you’d at least let me touch and maybe sniff your feet but I’ll take anything you’ll give.”

    “Well…ok honey. I’m going to go in my bedroom. Follow me if you want to watch me take off my clothes. I’m leaving my bra and panties on, though, and we’ll see how I feel but maybe I can let you touch my feet as you touch yourself. I love you and I want you to feel good and feel okay about yourself…”
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    Nice mom
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    Started good need more
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    Good start.
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    I'm letting things percolate now and should have additions forthcoming. This is actually the conversation I envisioned me actually having but I chickened out.

    Thanks for the input!
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