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    A mother’s job is to love, support and nurture her children. When her kids have problems, she should be willing to be there for them in any way necessary to get them through their issues. This mom proves that a mother’s love knows no boundaries. It took a lot of convincing on the mother’s part, but her son finally agreed to have their story posted here, as long as their names are left out it and that there be no pictures.


    From the day my son was born, I was on my own with raising him. I did my best to raise him to become a good man, and he made me very proud by becoming a really good boy with great values. One thing that made me incredibly proud was how intelligent he was. He always did very well at school and worked really hard to be an A+ student. As a result of his efforts, he was awarded a scholarship at the local university. The other result of his efforts was that he was seen as a geek and wasn’t really interested in sports, so he was quite skinny. Being the intelligent boy that he is, he knew that being physically week at university would present a problem, so he began to exercise and gym the entire year leading up to his first year at university. By the time he started his studies, he was very fit, strong, and had a physique that girls found very attractive. He was still a total geek, but he also had confidence to flirt with girls or to stand up for himself when necessary. I was so grateful that he got awarded the scholarship, because I had saved money for his studies, but it was nowhere near enough to cover his tuition.

    My son would use the bus to get to university and back, and in his first trimester he did so well that he won awards for his dedication and level of academic achievement. To reward him, I took some of the money I had saved for his tuition and took him to buy his first car. My clever boy knew this would happen, so he had already gotten his license, but it was for a motorcycle, and he convinced me to buy him one. From that moment on, I saw my boy receive a lot of interest from girls and he looked to be happier than ever.

    One day, my son came home and barely greeted me as he came in, before storming up to his room. I immediately followed him and knocked on his door. He was clearly upset and I desperately needed to help him. When he finally let me in, I could see that he was truly hurt.

    Me: “What’s wrong my boy? I’ve never seen you so upset.”

    My son did not want to discuss it, but he was not the type to simply tell his mother to go away, so he tried to convince me that he’d be okay on his own. He did let me know that it was to do with girls, but asked me to leave it at that. I knew trying to convince him to confide in me in that moment would be futile, so I left his room and continued worrying about him while I made dinner. While we ate, my son said nothing and barely responded to anything I had to say, so when we were done eating, I decided to try talk to him again. I knocked on his room door and heard him sigh before he invited me in.

    My son: “I know you’re concerned about me mom, but I don’t think this is something a guy can talk to his mother about.”

    I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince him otherwise, but it was clear that he had made up his mind. My eyes were welling up, but I kept myself from crying and told him that I would always be there for him, like I have always been. I gave him a hug and then turned to leave. As I reached for the door, my son suddenly let it out.

    My son: “I’m never going to have sex…”

    I spun around and saw his eyes. He truly believed what he was saying. Something obviously happened at his university that day that made him believe that. I told him how impossible that was by telling him about all his amazing characteristics, and then reminding him how girls react to seeing his well-toned body.

    My son: “None of that matters. I’m going to die a virgin.”

    No matter what I said, or how many times I asked, he would not believe me or tell me why he believed it. His emotions were running high, so in a moment of frustration he yelled at me.

    My son: “I’ll never have sex because I have a small dick. No one wants to fuck something like that.”

    It was hard to believe that my boy had a small penis, but even if he did, I was sure it couldn’t be that bad, so I tried telling him that and it just made things worse.

    My son: “Fine, see for yourself.”

    He stood up and pulled his pants down in front of me, exposing his penis to me quite suddenly. I looked right at it and went silent when I saw that it was smaller than average, and I didn’t know what to say.

    My son: “You see?! Even you think it’s small.”

    He just flopped onto his bed on his back and didn’t bother pulling his pants up. I was deeply saddened that I couldn’t make him feel better. The fact that I could see my own son’s penis didn’t factor in my mind in any way. We were dealing with his emotions, so neither of us thought of his exposed self as anything to give attention to. I sat next to him for about half an hour, trying my best to console him, but nothing I said made it any better.

    Me: “You’re the smartest person I know my boy. If anyone can figure out how to deal with this, I know it’s you. What about going for a procedure to make it bigger?”

    My son began to explain how that would work and that it wouldn’t really benefit him. The biggest issue with that solution was the issues that it created, but it still wasn’t a viable option, so we stopped discussing it.

    Me: “There are thousands of men out there, just like you who are happily married with families, so I don’t see why it will never happen for you.”

    My son began to explain how well things were progressing with a specific girl on campus, but now it looked like they were going to soon become intimate.

    My son: “When I kissed her goodbye today she basically told me that she’s ready to take our relationship to the next level. I already have enough anxiety about the size of my dick, but she said she hopes I have a big cock so that I won’t disappoint her. Her friends made comments about that and I realized that even if it does happen, I’ll be a laughing stock.”

    To make things worse, he paid attention to any girl making any sort of comment about penis size over the next few days and reported almost daily to me how bad it was. It was clear that he had a real problem to overcome. I told him that he had to find a way to make his issue a strength, but I could see that the problem was overwhelming at that moment, so I decided to try come up with a solution for him. That night, I woke up at about 1am with an idea that I thought could work. I wasn’t able to seep again, so the morning took for ever to arrive. Excitedly, I told my son that I had a solution, but he just sighed and left for the day. I got onto my laptop to do my research, and within a few hours I had the solution I was looking for.

    I was very excited to show my son what I had come up with, but when I began to talk about it he just stared at me as if I was talking shit, so I decided to show him.

    Me: “Well, if you’re not the biggest man on campus, you’ll have to be the best.”

    My son frowned at me, but I could see that it made him think.

    Me: “I found this online video training series for men, that takes you through the basics of sex, right up to being a sex god. If you complete this video training, they guarantee that you’ll impress every woman you have sex with, even capable of giving them multiple orgasms. One of the things they mention is that size does not matter, only performance does, so I think this can help you.”

    My son saw the potential of my solution and began to feel a little relief. He asked me how much it was so that he could buy it, so I told him that I already bought it for him. He was very excited and hugged me tight to say thank you. He went straight to his room to begin, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. So far we’d been dealing with a problem that required a solution, but I never stopped to think that I was actually trying to help my son get laid.

    At dinner, my son seemed to be deflated again, so I asked what the problem was. He told me to watch the first video to find out, so when my son went to bed early, I did just that. Everything about the video was very motivating, creating a lot of excitement about learning new techniques and having fun doing it, but right near the end of the hyped-up introduction, I realized what deflated my son.

    Video: “… it doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, or if your penis is huge or small. We guarantee that this video training is going to give you results. We do advise that if you’re still a virgin, go have sex for the first time and just enjoy it without the added stress of trying to be impressive. Almost no one is impressive their first time. Hardly any men are capable of lasting more than 5 minutes the first time, so that’s what you should expect. We even recommend that you have sex at least 5 to 10 times before really trying to impress your lady, but we’ll give you 3 simple techniques to try out during your first 5 encounters, if that’s how you want to get started.”

    The first time is exactly what my son was afraid of, so I had to figure something out. When I tried to talk to him about it, he just got angry.

    My son: “There’s no point to any of this. I’ll never get to have sex 5 times. It only takes once to become a joke on campus.”

    I tried to console him, but he asked me to leave so that he could go to sleep, so I left feeling almost as miserable as him. I lay awake almost the entire night trying to think of a way to help him, but the only thing I could come up with was to get him a hooker 5 times to reach that first goal, and I really didn’t like that idea. When I finally fell asleep, I had nightmares about my son committing suicide from being teased on campus.
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    The next day was tough to get through, feeling defeated and exhausted. That night my son thanked me for trying to help him, but he told me that he was going to give up and live a life of celibacy. I tried my best to make him feel better, but what could I possibly tell him that would do that?

    My son: “Mom. I love that you’re trying to help, but you saw my dick and there’s no way I’m having sex 5 times before becoming impressive, so just let it go.”

    In my desperation to help him, I said something without thinking. Something I never even considered up until that moment.

    Me: “What if you practice with me?”

    I was as shocked as he was when I said it, but I was almost immediately okay with the idea if it would help him. My son laughed she he spoke again.

    My son: “Oh mom. You’re so amazing. I don’t know how many moms out there would be willing to be THAT helpful to a son in my situation. Can you imagine, us having sex?”

    The mind is a very powerful thing. As soon as he said it my mind did imagine it, and my body reacted. From my son’s silence, I think he imagined it too. I had made up my mind that I was willing to go that far to help him, so I told him so.

    Me: “I’ll do anything for you my boy, so if having sex with me will get you to your 5 time goal, I’m willing to do that.”

    He looked at me with a loving expression, realizing that I was quite serious.

    My son: “Thanks mom, but we both know that’s not possible.”

    Me: “We’ll only do it to get you past your problem. No one will ever know and when you have sex with a girl you like for the first time, you’ll be confident and your size issue won’t be a problem anymore. Unless you think I’m too gross to fuck.”

    My son: “MOM! You’re not gross, you’re actually quite sexy, but…”

    Me: “Then just think about it, but don’t take too long. Okay?”

    My son just looked at me in disbelief and I left him immediately so that he couldn’t talk me out of it. Over the next few days, I never mentioned it to him again, but I saw him looking at me quite differently, so I knew he was considering it. I decided to help him make up his mind by dressing in very revealing clothes and by making sexy gestures and comments. When I bent over in the kitchen one day, while wearing a baggy shirt with only panties underneath, I made sure he could see my ass from behind. I looked back at him when I did that and saw him staring in a daze.

    Me: “Imagine taking me from behind. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

    Surprisingly, he nodded in his trance-like state and then shook his head.

    My son: “I know what you’re trying to do mom… and I think… I think it’s… working.”

    Me: “Oh really? Your mom doing it for you?”

    My son blushed as he smiled and looked to the floor, but he nodded and said that I am sexy. His comment created quite a reaction in my body. I felt quite turned on, which lead me to be even bolder.

    Me: “You know that I’m not wearing a bra?”

    My son: “Yeah, I can see your nipples slightly.”

    Me: “Would you like to see them better?”

    I couldn’t believe that I just said that, but I felt like a teenager again, desperate to turn on the man I had an interest in. My son’s eyes widened considerably, indicating that he did want it. I took the edge of my shirt with both hands and started lifting it slowly. My son stared with his body leaning forward more and more as my shirt lifted. When I was sure he could see the bottom of my breasts, I suddenly lifted my shirt right up, revealing my breasts completely. I just stood there like that for a while and my son stared at my breasts with open smile. When I lowered my top, I couldn’t help but smile at his expression.

    Me: “So did you like what you saw?”

    My son: “Fuck mom. You have such nice tits. Can I see them again?”

    I was surprised that he asked, but what type of mother would I be to deny him, so I took my top off and let him stare as much as he wanted. I made dinner wearing just my underwear and he watched me the entire time. When we ate, I put my top back on and I couldn’t help but feel like a horny teenager again. I was so turned on and it was obvious that my son had an erection.

    My son: “I can’t believe how much you love me mom. This must be very weird for you.”

    Me: “It is weird, but would you believe that it’s also a lot of fun for me?”

    My son: “Seriously? Shit mom! Maybe your idea is not so bad after all.”

    My body reacted immediately to his comment. A young man like him wanting an older woman like me, even willing to cross the lines of incest to get it, was quite the turn on. My nipples stiffened to their max and my pussy was soaked.

    Me: “Look what you do for me.”

    I lifted my shirt again and showed him how hard my nipples were. I was standing right next to him, so my breasts were practically in his face. I took his hand and placed it on my breast, causing a silent moan to escape my lips. It had been such a long time since I had been touched that it almost felt like the first time. My son eagerly squeezed my breast and even groped my other breast with his free hand. I removed my top completely again and then sat over his lap, facing him so that he could continue feeling me up.

    Me: “Oh… this feels so good.”

    Sitting over his lap allowed me to feel his erection.

    Me: “I can feel you down there. Does it do anything for you knowing that your dick is pressing against my pussy?”

    I felt his penis twitch and he gasped when trying to speak.

    My son: “God mom. I’m so turned on right now.”

    I knew that if I didn’t do anything that he’d just feel me up and nothing else, so I decided to try something else. I got off his lap and stood in front of him. His hands never left my breasts.

    Me: “If you want to see my pussy, you’re going to have to take my panties off.”

    His eyes moved down to my panties, but he hesitated.

    Me: “You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. I’m just going to let you look at it.”

    His hands slid down my sides and onto my hips, slipping his thumbs into the waistband of my underwear. I could see that he was still struggling to take it further, so I put my hands on his and pushed down, making him slide my panties off. He held his breath and his eyes widened when he saw my pussy for the first time, so I had to wiggle to let my underwear drop to the floor. When I stepped out of my panties, I was completely naked in front of my son and my feet were apart, so he had a complete view of my pussy. He stared at it for a while, so I encouraged him to go further.

    Me: “My pussy is aching to be touched. Are you going to let your mom suffer like that?”

    His hand came up in slow motion, but when it made contact with my pussy my body jolted from that first, amazing touch. I pressed his hand harder onto my pussy with my own and started rolling my hips and his hand to make me feel good.

    Me: “Oh my god… this is so… I love it.”

    My son smiled and watched his hand on my pussy. I stepped back, out of his reach so that he could just look at me for a moment. I turned around and bent over so he could see my pussy pout out towards him.

    Me: “This pussy needs a cock.”

    He just sat there, paralyzed and horny, so I spun around again and kneeled in front of him. Without hesitation, I pulled his pants off to free his throbbing erection. As soon as I had discarded his pants, I stood over him, my pussy directly above his hard penis. I decided that there was no turning back from that point, so I sat down and allowed his penis to enter me. Even though he was smaller than average, I felt his cock slide up inside me and I just loved the feeling. My son grunted and grabbed me with both hands, squeezing me tightly and forcing my breasts into his face. He leaned back a little and watched me begin to ride his cock.

    Me: “Here’s something your friends on campus can’t do.”

    My son: “What?”

    Me: “You get to fuck a pussy without a rubber AND you can cum inside me. I won’t get pregnant.”

    I never told him before that moment that I couldn’t get pregnant again, but he loved the idea that he was going to get to cum inside me. I held onto his neck with one hand and squeezed my breast with the other as I rode his cock. We both began to breathe quite heavily and my pace quickened as we progressed. I could feel an orgasm growing, and I couldn’t wait to tell him, but as soon as I was about to, I saw him become ridged and begin to shake. It was clear that he was going to cum, so I put my efforts into override and gave him the best climax of his life. When it was finally over, I remained seated on his cock.

    My son: “Holy fuck mom. That was the best.”

    I giggled and then showed him that he lasted longer than most men on their first try, which made him smile.

    Me: “Well I guess now that we’ve got the first time done, we might as well go for 5 together. And honey, I really enjoyed that.”

    He looked at me with a little disbelief.

    Me: “I’m serious. I really enjoyed that.”

    About an hour later my son fucked me again. This time we did it missionary-style and it was very enjoyable. I still didn’t cum, but it felt good and was a lot of fun. I fingered myself to get a climax and let my son watch. Over the next week, my son must have fucked me another dozen times. The last 2 times he even manged to make me cum, and that made his day.

    My son: “Please promise me that you’ll never fake it with me.”

    Me: “That was the real thing my boy. I promise I’ll never fake it.”

    My son had so much confidence now that he started watching his videos to learn how to get really good at it. I was the lucky one that he tested what he learned on, so I had many fun orgasms from my son, and he enjoyed it even more.
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    One day I found my son at the kitchen table thinking deeply.

    Me: “What are you thinking about?”

    My son: “I’ve learned enough to go try it with girls on campus, but…”

    As he said that my heart sank. I never considered that I’d be disappointed when he eventually stopped fucking me.

    My son: “… but I’m not sure I want to stop fucking you mom.”

    I felt better that he felt that way, but I knew it would be better for him to move on, so I swallowed and told him.

    Me: “I love getting fucked by you, but I think you should at least give it a try with a girl from campus. After that, if you want to, you can still fuck your mom.”

    By that Saturday my son sent me a text to let me know it was about to happen. I was so nervous for my boy, but also jealous that it wasn’t me he was about to fuck. A few hours went by before I finally got another text from him. He sent me a selfie of him smiling wide with a thumbs up, so I knew it went well, but I couldn’t help but feel even more jealous about it. I kept reminding myself that this was all for him and that mothers shouldn’t be fucking their sons in the first place.

    When my son came home the next morning, he gave me a massive hug and was beaming with excitement.

    My son: “She even said: ‘You don’t have a big dick, but you sure know how to use it.’ I gave her 3 orgasms mom. How cool is that?”

    I congratulated him and hugged him tight to show him how proud I was. He thanked me over and over and kept hugging back. Over the next 2 weeks, my son enjoyed having sex with girls his age, and when I say girls, I mean 4 different girls, who all complimented him. His story spread on campus, including that he had a small dick, but with emphasis that he could out-fuck anyone with a big penis. He had never been happier or more popular with the girls. I was sad that he wasn’t fucking me anymore, but my plan worked, and that was all that was important.

    One evening, my son brought me a huge bunch of roses to thank me for everything I had done for him. I was very surprised at what he said though.

    My son: “Now I know I will be okay, and I’ve had fun with a few girls, so thanks mom. I just want to know, is it okay that I still want to fuck you? It’s way better with you than with those girls.”

    I smiled with a very big grin and nodded. My son removed all my clothes and we had sex for hours. Since that day he continues to do very well at university, he still has fun with the girls there, but he says he doesn’t want to stop fucking me.

    My son: “I like fucking girls at school mom, but you’re the best.”
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