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    " In my first one hundred days, I'm gonna install the Metric system of measurement. Then we're gonna start putting back all those 'u' s between the 'o' s and the 'r' s. And after that, we'll take a look at driving on the proper side of the road. "

    Yep, we're gonna Make America Great Britain Again !


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    Thank you for the 'like', buffyfan - so here is a bonus item ...


    " WTF is this ?? My horse didn't win !! "

    " Gran! Such language, and you know that there are media types about ! "

    " Ah, screw 'em, they're all scumbags. Take 'em to the Tower. "

    " No, Gran, not the Tower of London ! That would be so cruel ! "

    " No, silly girl - Trump Tower. Take the elevator to the roof ... then toss the wankers over ! "

    " Now Gran, you shouldn't get so upset. And you can't expect your horse to win all of the time, you know. "

    " I can't ?? I'm the bloody Queen, for God's sake - the system needs to be rigged! So tell me, what was the name of the winning horse ? "

    " Crooked Hillary. And it was the fifth race. "

    " Oh, well isn't that special - Crooked Hillary took the fifth. Well let me tell you, she's gonna be taking the Fifth a lot, believe me, when I haul her sorry ass into court ! "

    " Oh Gran, you're such a treat ... "

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