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Looking for Your Comments about the Forum, Good or Bad.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curmudgeon, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. telis telis

    telis telis Trusted Member

  2. jbigtuber

    jbigtuber Trusted Member

    Doing a good job
  3. Mitchell19999

    Mitchell19999 Trusted Member

    So far from what I have access to it’s a pretty good forum!
  4. Brass

    Brass Trusted Member

    Simple clean looking forum, seems well managed
  5. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

  6. joep

    joep Trusted.Member

    I wouldn't mind seeing the file size increased to 1.5mb. The current size makes it a bit difficult since I do a lot of my posting from a mobile device.
  7. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    Because of other comments, I had been thinking about asking Andy if we could increase it.
    Our forum is hosted by a third party so it would depend on how much capacity is available.
    Akbloke and joep like this.
  8. Saeed1

    Saeed1 Account Deleted

    I haven't been granted full access yet, but so far its a lovely forum
  9. Akbloke

    Akbloke Ex Pig-Fixer "Videmus Agamis"

    Well it looks like Saeed1 will not be able to get full access now.....not with his account deleted.....LOL
  10. JamesEast

    JamesEast Trusted Member

    I think it is good. I do not have any other experiences to discuss or share. My experience was incredible but lasted less than a year. We both wish we had continued, but life moves on.

    So for me I love reading about others and their experiences. It's really great when someone shares and with updates.
  11. Xr4ti

    Xr4ti Sister lover

    Is there a way of sending a private message to another member that is not viewable to the rest of the forum?

    This forum is great. Btw
  12. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, the forum has private messaging. Click on "Inbox" at the top right corner, under the search box.
  13. Xr4ti

    Xr4ti Sister lover

    Thanks you and the rest of the
    Staff are doing a awesome job
  14. lord1221

    lord1221 Trusted Member

    overall its a good forum XD I was away a while though and my trusted rank got revoked so now i need to make a couple of posts starting with this one.
  15. Akbloke

    Akbloke Ex Pig-Fixer "Videmus Agamis"

    Well, you are now back to "trusted" again...:):)
  16. DaddyDan

    DaddyDan Trusted Member

    From what I seen so far I like it
  17. Renegade1972

    Renegade1972 Trusted Member

    too hard to post here
  18. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    Please explain. What's so hard about typing some comments and clicking on "Post Reply"?
    If you are trying to upload pictures or initiate a private message, that's another matter,
    Those functions are not available until you reach trusted status: 10 posts + 10 days.
  19. behanchod

    behanchod Trusted.Member

    I am hooked Up to this forum.I simpley love It.

    Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 8 Pro mediante Tapatalk
  20. oblong2

    oblong2 New Member

    Great job setting up this forum