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Kinkiest or nastiest things that turn you on ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by perv_son, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. perv_son

    perv_son Trusted Member

    I'd really love to hear about kinkiest or nastiest things that turn you on.. It dosen't really matter if you already done it, thought about doing it, or if it's just a fantasy that turns you on or excites you in any other way, as long as it's kinky /nasty enough ! ( things you'd never mention to your friends while having drinks with them, well things you probably wouldn't mention anywhere else except here :) ) Don't be modest now, share, share, share!!! :D
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  2. TriadSibling

    TriadSibling Moderator Staff Member

    Just a quick reminder to those who respond, to ensure your response doesn't violate any rules: Rules Section

    I'd be curious to read the replies as well.
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  3. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Okay, here it goes. My kinky fantasy is to see a incest family - mother/father/daughters/sons - all naked and fucking each others brains out in public. Could be a beach, park or their front lawn. All without police involvement. Just complete acceptance by the general public.
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  4. HornyUKman

    HornyUKman Account Deleted

    OMFG I love this!! As long as I'm allowed to stand by and play with myself, or even better, be invited to join in!!
  5. etas

    etas Trusted Member

    ANR - adult nursing relationship
    Using a vaginal speculum.

    For a long time I was fascinated by hucows and milking with a cow milker but after experiencing it once I found I prefer hand milking or using a breast pump.
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  6. perv_son

    perv_son Trusted Member

    Sounds great! To be honest i can really imagine it happening in some closed community though, so i guess it might be possible someday (maybe it's even already possible somewhere in some "private" communities)
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  7. perv_son

    perv_son Trusted Member

    One of my fantasies is about meeting other incest couple either mom/son or dad/dau together with my mom and having long sex sessions for the entire weekend. Take turns on them, DP, watching mom with another woman, use a lot of toys, giving them a lot of orgasms... Of course, since i love nylon/high heels/latex and stuff like that, it has to be included in every possible scenario :)
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  8. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

    Let us assume:
    Father: 1
    Mother: 1
    Sisters: 2
    Sons: 2
    Incest fucking is done without any protection;
    That means there are :A.3 cocks, 3 mouths and 3 pussies/vaginas/3back doors available at home;
    B. Each Vagina will be fucked at the least by 3 times; similarly each of the mouths/backdoors will be fucked at the least 3 times;
    C. Each woman will be fucked in all 3 holes 9 times in a single cycle;
    D. In one year at the least there will be 3 incest pregnancies;
    OMG it is really mind boggling !
    At end of 3 years there will be 9 kids born out of Incest fucking !
    There will be non stop flow of Breast milk from beginning 1st year to 3 rd year;
    Great figment of imagination !Thanks!
    Correct me if I have done any mistakes in arithmetic !
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  9. perv_son

    perv_son Trusted Member

    as someone already said OMFG - this is fu***** great :D This IS the best one so far if you ask me !
    maestro, BRAVO ;) I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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  10. getmin123

    getmin123 New Member

    Most of the time, we don't realize the consequences of our fantasies. Sometimes, those consequences are spelled out for us and we realize that they are just as hot as the fantasy itself.
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  11. getmin123

    getmin123 New Member

    Incest has always been my biggest kink. I've always wanted to be in a big family orgy, seeing everyone having sex and going from one female relative to the next. I also have really wanted to meet a real incest couple and watch them have sex.

    Other than that, I'm turned on by sex workers.
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  12. parimaga

    parimaga Trusted Member

    Any form of incest is my of my interest. The most a rousing thought is my mom is my wife and all my relatives know this. Even when we have guests at home, me and mom sleep together and fuck. I get a huge hardon thinking about our guests knowing about our activities and it leads them to try something similar at their own homes.
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  13. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Why wait until they are in their own homes? Can't they enjoy each other at your house?