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Incest Magazine - Issue 6!

Discussion in 'Erotic Incest Stories' started by zenix, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. jgepowers

    jgepowers Trusted Member

    Maybe it's me. The only thing I get is a picture of a cablecar in the Alps; no upgrade pitch & no orange button.
    There is a very small notice in the lower left hand corner that says: error on page .....?????
  2. Jerrai

    Jerrai Incest is the nicest!

    Yep, something's going wrong. The cablecar image is shown when the first page is loading, and is typically only up for a second or two.

    Off the top of my head, I'd guess that maybe it's a browser issue, or maybe a firewall/virus scan setting that needs adjusting.

    Have you tried downloading the file using a different browser?

    FYI - links to most of the file sharing sites are not allowed here, including depositfiles.
  3. RedStripes

    RedStripes Account Deleted

    I had problems downloading FeloniousCunt's magazine on IE, switched to Firefox and the link works, for some reason. Same goes for Zenix's magazine.
  4. vivekudskr

    vivekudskr Trusted Member

    i can't download from rapid share, plz give another link, plz plz plz...............
  5. zenix

    zenix Account Deleted

    Are you using Internet Explorer? Try using a different browser. I use Chrome and things work pretty good for me.

    Let me know if this helps.
  6. villager

    villager Trusted Member

    you have proven yourself to be the master , we can only hope you will grace us with some more of your Great high quality work , thank you .
  7. stexdo

    stexdo Account Deleted

    Some of my thoughts about your works:
    Awesome quality! All the images feel so professional.
    I read only the daughter-father stories because the other kinds don't interest me and they are some of the best I ever read. They actually inspired me to write one of my own that I hope to share here soon. (Still reviewing it and trying to correct errors, since English is not my first language it might take some time and another pair of eyes)
    Sometimes stumbling upon the pictures of the "guys" is not the best way for me to "enjoy" the magazine (maybe there should be a version without those pics)
    'Ask dr.incest' is fantastic!

    I'm really hoping that you will do another issue of the "daddy's girls" edition because I love it... probably my favorite piece of incest-themed material I've seen

    Thanks for all those Issues!
  8. brsegert

    brsegert Trusted Member

    unfortunately rapidshare is saying that the file can only be downloaded by its creator! ive tried chrome, firefox & IE no luck :(
  9. zenix

    zenix Account Deleted

    Hmm, not sure what the issue is - I just used the link to download it from a different location and it worked.
    Does anyone else know what problem brsegert might be running into?
  10. Jerrai

    Jerrai Incest is the nicest!

    I've never heard that one. That said, it actually could be any number of things, such as browser plug-ins, security and/or firewall settings in either/or the browser or the OS. It could be a download limit (you can only download so much from rapidshare a day). It may be as easy as changing to a different download folder.

    Here's a page that lists some troubleshooting techniques for Firefox:

  11. JD65

    JD65 Trusted Member

    For what its worth, I used FF for years, but started having trouble with videos. I switched to Google Chrome and never went back. You just have to be careful about what you allow to be shared, but I like it best...
  12. brsegert

    brsegert Trusted Member

    well I forgot to mention that I'm using Jdownloader and using it with my premium RS I guess it could be that program cuz I clicked the link directly and I was able to get the pdf so far and this has happened with another rapidshare share I ran into from tumblr ty anyhow yall! :)
  13. fergyferdy

    fergyferdy Trusted Member

  14. DeepMind

    DeepMind The 1rst Immoralist

    Many, many thanks! It would be great to share these with my family.
  15. messydick

    messydick Trusted Member

    Can't say thankyou enough for every stunning magazine. They are all so professionally put together and never fail to excite. I just wish we could buy hard copies on the high street. I'd be proud to walk to the counter with a glossy Incest Magazine tucked inside my daily newspaper (old habits die hard) and happy to chat with the bubbly shop assistant about our mutual interest in family sex (in my dreams).
  16. smllvlln

    smllvlln Trusted Member

    They're all so hot, thank you!
  17. version365

    version365 Trusted Member

    Another great creation by zenix.. thank you so much... you are a genius..
  18. sideshow911

    sideshow911 Trusted Member

  19. lady_fucker

    lady_fucker Trusted Member

    Many many thanks !
  20. Hotmama

    Hotmama Trusted Member

    Thanks for the new issue.
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