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Incest becoming accepted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ngtysgrdaddy4fun, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Ngtysgrdaddy4fun

    Ngtysgrdaddy4fun Trusted Member

    Is it just me or does it seem like incest is starting to be more accepted now then it was 10yrs ago? Curious why that is?
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  2. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Not sure if it is becoming more acceptable. I keep reading about people getting arrested for it quite frequently.
  3. Lady Red

    Lady Red Trusted.Member

    Accepted where ?
  4. Ngtysgrdaddy4fun

    Ngtysgrdaddy4fun Trusted Member

    Meaning more people open to it. Your finding more and more porn makers creating videos and I’ve heard incest was one of the top searches on sites that host videos.
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  5. floydsaint

    floydsaint Trusted Member

    It's maybe more popular and available in the porn industry, but not sure it's more acceptable. Maybe seems that way because we have forums like this and we see there's more than ourselves interested.
  6. Txbear

    Txbear Trusted Member

    I think it has to do with the internet and forums like this that are bringing a lot if us together then it was 10 20 years ago
  7. londonboy49

    londonboy49 Trusted.Member

    Only in 2010 France outlawed incest. Still quietly practised.
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  8. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    In many countries around the world incest is not a criminal offense.
    But where it is punishment is harsh.
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  9. Saby6543

    Saby6543 Trusted Member

    I think it's starting to become more common accepted is different story altogether certainly more common
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  10. Saby6543

    Saby6543 Trusted Member

    Incest is top search plus milf moms too
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  11. borabora

    borabora Trusted.Member

    10 years ago some 7 reliable/good incest forums were working in net, today I know 3.
    Per example - Russian forum InzestBazar had 10 years ago about 130 000 members,
    now long time closed by government...
    And all new Russian forums what tried to start with abroad addresses/domains - are closed as well!
    (In .by and .me domains)
    So - it is governments terror nowadays against incest pages...
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  12. Saby6543

    Saby6543 Trusted Member

    Ur right it's the thng of getting caught which us issue otherwise it's thriving behind closed doors wat about dark web? Heard there is lot of real shit there did u ever visit to find is it true
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  13. lustmanal

    lustmanal Trusted Member

    Not attracted to my family but perhaps in years past it would have been cool with nieces ;)
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  14. Danny Boy 1966

    Danny Boy 1966 Trusted Member

    It just appears to be that way because of forums such as this tend to draw people together that are already fantasizing about it, or actually engaging in it as well. The social stigma of incest is still as such a deep family secret when it does happen. There are a few countries, a very small few, where incest is legal, and of those nearly all still forbid it between close family (mother / son, father / daughter, aunts, uncles, and nieces and nephews). Four states in the US even give a life prison sentence for it if convicted, while others are 20 to 30 years in prison. Anyone interested in the laws around the world concerning it should check this out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_regarding_incest
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  15. Saby6543

    Saby6543 Trusted Member

    These laws are reason why we dont see frequent real incest clips online
  16. EggHead

    EggHead Trusted.Member

    I think there may be a slight acceptance of GSA relationships, as these are sometimes portrayed fairly positively in the media. In fact, if any form of incest currently has a even a small hope of becoming socially accepted and even legalised, it would probably be GSA (because society at large doesn't feel quite as repulsed by two related people getting together who never grew up together, and you can occasionally read stories about people hooking up without even realising they were actually biologically related!). So societal acceptance of incest will, if it ever happens, start at GSA. It's the easiest kind for the general public to handle.
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  17. Ody425

    Ody425 Trusted Member

    I don't think so
  18. albonaman

    albonaman Trusted Member

    ....I don't know, but for me it seems there is less and less good forums,videos,stories and any real content about this stuff...

    ...and in the same time, we witness the things like that there is kind of force these days,which likely going to make legal more really horrible things like pedo's and such garbage... almost everything, but NOT incest....
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  19. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

    Very lively exchange of opinions...educative on the topic if incest....thanks....
  20. Vladtheimpaler

    Vladtheimpaler Trusted Member

    Certainly seems to be more and more Mommy, sister videos on pornhub now than a few years ago, with recognised MILF actors like Cherie Deville being the mommy..

    I guess the role play side of it gives it the feeling of being kinky without it being real..? I don't know, but it certainly feels as though there has been a softening from the porn industry.