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Have you told your significant other?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xplozif, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Xplozif

    Xplozif Account Deleted

    Good day everyone,

    This is my first post, be gentle. ;)

    Any of you shared their fantasies/past/other with their current s/o? If so, did it go well? How did they react? If they took it well, how are you guys doing now? And if they didn't take it well, how are you guys managing now?

    I told my wife last January, and it very nearly destroyed us. We are doing much better now, but it took several months and lots of talking. Obviously there was other issues we needed to work on, but telling her about my stories and fantasies triggered a massive chain reaction.

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  2. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear that things did not go well at first. keep working on it and COMMUNICATE with your significant other. Wish you both the best.
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  3. insight1133

    insight1133 Trusted.Member

    I've wanted to tell my wife for a long time, but I'm worried how she'll react. I've danced around the topic a few times to gauge her reaction and it's never been positive.
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  4. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    In that case I DEFINITELY would not say anything. Unless she of course was not being positive to judge whether you were testing her. I would erre on the side of caution. DON'T say a thing! Wish you the best.
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  5. insight1133

    insight1133 Trusted.Member

    As with most things, I feel that under the right circumstances, she wouldn't judge me too harshly. However, it's a process. First, it's difficult to bring up the topic at all. But on the few occasions it has come up, I've tried to counter her negative reaction with a neutral reaction. If she sees that I don't react negatively to incest, she may start to soften her stance. If she ever does, then I can build into it. She knows I have some pretty liberal viewpoints regarding people's freedom so I don't think it would come as quite a shock to her if I were to say something like "If two people are over 18 and consent, why should we care if they're related?" For the most part, I think people should be allowed to do whatever they please, on the condition that their actions don't harm and/or infringe on the rights of others.

    My biggest concern is that my wife knows I have a close relationship with my mom. She even commented on it fairly recently that it was a positive attribute. My worry is that telling her I fantasize about my mom would lead to her jumping to conclusions that something did happen sexually even though it never did.
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  6. CrazyBread

    CrazyBread Trusted Member

    I would never be able to there's a part of me that gets off from the excitement of having the secret. Although I haven't done anything yet I am currently trying to pursue my sister. My s/o has great intuition so i hope she doesn't find out for our relationship's sake.
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  7. bored

    bored Trusted Member

    I would really love to share, but probably never will.
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  8. Ruthborn

    Ruthborn Trusted.Member

    I’ve told mine about my interests and was actively interested in hearing about everything when I confessed my interests to my mother. over all she’s fine with it as she also has some kinks. Although she’s a little concerned about what might happen if we have kids.
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  9. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Just tell everybody that she wanted more kids via artificial insemination.
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  10. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    I pushed the oat out, wanting my wife to seduce our son, and was shot down in a shower of shit.
  11. oney22

    oney22 Trusted Member

    Every time I've skirted around the topic with a girlfriend its produced a visibly bad reaction. I guess its such an ingrained response, figured it was never worth risking the relationship.
  12. Incestcouple6975

    Incestcouple6975 Trusted Member

    Yes have told my s/o about my feelings for my sister and my daughter. She accepted everything and even told me about her feelings for her brother. Couldn't have went better. We are in the works to have a threesome with her brother.
  13. sxrbt4102

    sxrbt4102 Trusted Member

    That's great! Have they been together in the past or would this be their first time?
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  14. Incestcouple6975

    Incestcouple6975 Trusted Member

    Would be the first time
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  15. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    Please keep us posted on how everything went. Good luck to all of you.
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  16. Incestcouple6975

    Incestcouple6975 Trusted Member

    Don't worry will do that forsure can't wait for it to happen
  17. ShelBell

    ShelBell New Member

    shared wth a couple of boyfriends. some were turned on, some horrified, lol, guess I read them wrong
  18. Brutus58

    Brutus58 Trusted.Member

    It's their loss, not yours regarding the horrified ones. What happened with the ones that were turned on? Are you willing to share your experiences? Anyway, I hope they were good experiences.
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  19. ShelBell

    ShelBell New Member

    the turned on ones generally speaking thought it was just sexy time talk, and got tired of it, the horrified ones though I'd be in therapy the rest of my life, lol. I'd say overall positive experience. Which is just about on par or maybe even better than some relationships I've had.
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  20. Incestcouple6975

    Incestcouple6975 Trusted Member

    Thanks for sharing this glad to see more than my female will discuss this with others. Would love to chat sometime about your experiences and we would love to share what we have thought about and will share whatever happens down the road