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Forum Changes January 2020

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Curmudgeon, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    On January first these changes were made.

    Three new forums added to the forum.

    A frequent complaint by members was that non-incest content was intermingled in the "incest" forums. In early 2018 most "incest" forums were split into two companion forums, one for "incest" and one for "other". Staff then moved the non-incest content to the new forum. At that time no mixed content was found in three forums so companion forums were not created at that time. Based on suggestions from members these three companion forums were created.​

    Other Videos (companion to Incest Videos)
    Real Other Experiences (companion to Real Incest Experiences)
    Other Advice (companion to Incest Advice)​

    Story Forums

    The story forums are intended for fictional content only, but staff is frequently dealing with non fiction content. The forum description does describe this: "[Members Only] This section for the posting of FICTIONAL ****** stories. Age 1x+ only.". to make it clearer I added (fiction only) to the forum titles.​

    Change in Post Requirement for Trusted Status

    When the forum required 15 posts and 45 days it was much easier for staff to identify the trolls, creeps, pedos, and advertisers. As the requirements were slowly reduced to the current 5 posts and 10 days, these individuals also became better at hiding their intentions. Although more moderators were added it eventually became apparent that we needed to increase the probationary period, the post count, or both. I decided that we would start with post count only and see what happens.

    Ideally, this change would have only affected new members. Unfortunately, the forum software doesn't work that way. Because it would affect trusted members I did post a warning in September, October, November, and December so that trusted members could add posts before January. Based on the large increase in postings it appears that very few took preemptive action.​
  2. idol02

    idol02 Trusted.Member

    Thanks for the update clarification. You guys do great work managing this site, thanks for the time and efforts all the Mods put into maintaining this terrific site.
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  3. vjagan

    vjagan Trusted.Member

    Thanks for the relentless service rendered non stop ..,
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  4. Mario2602

    Mario2602 Trusted Member

    Good decision. Unfortunately I don't post that much. My English language skills refer to Pennsylvania Dutch at mosto_O
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  5. WillowWindu

    WillowWindu Trusted Member

    I wasn't able to get on until today actually finding a direct link to the forum as my old links now redirect to ads..
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  6. medo

    medo Trusted Member

    thanks for update
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  7. junglecruiser

    junglecruiser Trusted Member

    Thanks for the update. I should have paid better attention earlier.
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  8. junglecruiser

    junglecruiser Trusted Member

    It seem like a bother to those of us that infrequently post, but I appreciate it will serve to improve the content. Thanks!
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  9. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Administrator Staff Member

    Ideally the forum software would have a "promote only" option for upgrades but it doesn't, it's only "promote & demote".

    The change had no effect on the occasional or active posters, only the lurkers and a few new members.
    The vast majority of lurkers made 5 posts then never posted again.

    The biggest impact is on forum staff. They have to deal with the questions caused because the lurkers ignored the multiple announcements posted since September. I wasn't really too concerned about inconveniencing the lurkers because they really add nothing constructive to a forum.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
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  10. isherwood69

    isherwood69 New Member

    Hello. I must have missed some excitement here. I kept getting an incomplete access portal when I attempted to log in. I am GLAD you are keeping a tight reins on things It it is always for the better to occasionally clean things up!
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  11. Sprawl86

    Sprawl86 New Member

    Dang i dont post much and it got me ill have to post a little more i guess lol
  12. g.rett

    g.rett Trusted Member

    An incentive to post more
  13. tamcm

    tamcm Trusted Member

    Noted with thanks
  14. Ifonly555

    Ifonly555 Trusted Member

    Unfortunately I now realise I was classed as a "lurker". I made my five posts then stopped. I don't tend to post a
    Lot on any the forums I'm on but I know understand I need to participate more in the community. My apologies.
  15. imunderher

    imunderher Trusted Member

    I am new but am very impressed so far with the commitment to protecting the community. Hopefully I will prove worthy to be included!
  16. Holy Deviant

    Holy Deviant Trusted Member

    Got demoted so now I can't even view my own albums :( time to post some more lol

    ISLAYDRAKYD Trusted Member

  18. needmombad

    needmombad Trusted Member

    Sorry for being a lurker. Never had anything to add to people lucky enough to actually experience this stuff.
  19. yhhhy

    yhhhy Trusted Member

  20. tulouse

    tulouse Trusted Member

    Thanks I still came late to the party though. No harm, no foul.