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For shits and giggles...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jerrilynn, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. joep

    joep Trusted.Member

  2. joep

    joep Trusted.Member

  3. joep

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  4. Charliecbr

    Charliecbr My daughter

  5. Charliecbr

    Charliecbr My daughter

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  6. Hal

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  7. SecretWishes

    SecretWishes Moderator Staff Member

    Oh that has to be for Kanamara Matsuri.

    For those who don't know, it's the Japanese Penis Festival.

    It started as a festival to remember the story of how a blacksmith saved a woman whose vagina was possessed by a demon.

    Now a big thing for the festival is to raise donations for HIV research.
  8. Charliecbr

    Charliecbr My daughter

  9. Charliecbr

    Charliecbr My daughter

  10. Hal

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  11. Insp Gadget

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  12. whitecoffee1

    whitecoffee1 I Hate Custom Titles

    Aww, the famous "The chicken or the egg"-question.

    If you consider that other animals who existed before the chicken (f.e. amphibians) also lay eggs, than the answer is obviously: The egg!

    But, let's change the question a bit to "The chicken or the chicken-egg".

    So there had to be a first chicken who lays chicken eggs?

    But from what did that first chicken hatch from?

    You see, ... there was NO first chicken, same as there was no first dog, no first shark, no first oak tree, no first .... (I could go on naming every species we know of)

    To further understand this, imagine this:

    Imagine you have big pot of white paint (a very large pot which contains 1 millions liter of whitest paint you can imagine with room for lots of more paint)

    You start a tradition where every generation of your family from now on adds 1 single drop of black paint to the pot.

    You of course start adding the first drop, and notice that you still have a pot of white paint. (You won't even notice a differences.)

    So every generation that comes after you adds a single drop of black paint .... without noticing any change of color in the pot.

    But if we go far into the future there will be generation who look at the paint in the pot and says: "That is definetly gray paint!"

    But there will be no generation who exactly witnessed the change from white to gray.


    Or stay outside for 24 hours (without a watch) and tell me when was the change from day to night


    That's exactly how evolution works.

    You are not the same as your parents, and your children will be something else as well. But the change is so minor that we won't recognize them until many many generations have passed.

    Evolution is a very slow process and nothing every gave birth to something that was completely different than what its parents were. The differences are so tiny, that we don't recognize them.


    One last thing:
    "If we were nitpicky, we could say that every every living is it's own species. but that would be very very hard. (Considering how many animals live in under the grass in your garden alone.). So we just call animals the same species, because there are very similiar. Same as you say you have a white shirt and a white carpet, but if you lay the shirt on the carpet you notice that your carpet is slightly darker than your shirt, but you'll just call both things white."

    But now, back to the topic of this thread.
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  13. whitecoffee1

    whitecoffee1 I Hate Custom Titles

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  14. Charliecbr

    Charliecbr My daughter

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  17. joep

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    Little late with this one..
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  18. Charliecbr

    Charliecbr My daughter

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