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    This is a fantasy that very easily could have been a reality. Everything leading up to the protagonist leaving the guest room and going to his sister's room actually happened to me. I hope you enjoy:

    Adult Brother and Sister Finally Give In

    Part One of Two

    We were adults now, my sister and I. She was married and had 2 kids while I was still single and having fun. I lived ½ a continent away but came home for Christmas. My sister insisted I stay with her, the kids, and her asshole husband. I, of course, agreed.

    I got in a few days before Christmas late in the evening. We said our “hellos” and visited for a bit before I crashed out from the long drive. My sister and the kids went to bed soon after while her husband left for work since he was working the overnight shift. The next morning the kids were both off to school and my sister had left for work. Her husband had taken a nap and made some excuses about taking off which left me home alone–at least for a while. My mom was expecting me that afternoon so I had a little time to kill.

    There was quite a pile of clothes at the bottom of the stairs and, remembering my sister showing off her assets in g-string and thong panties when we were teens, I decided to see what kinds of panties she wore now. I found out quickly that her taste in panties had not changed a bit. If anything, her panties had gotten even smaller! I picked up a little black g-string and, seeing some of her grool on the crotch, brought it to my nose to inhale her essence. Her scent was all that I remembered and more. She had a younger, slightly fresher, muskiness to her scent that was so familiar to me from all the years of sniffing, licking, and sucking mom's panties while jacking off.

    Over the next couple of days that pile didn’t move. I jacked load after load down the toilet while sucking on my sister’s dirty gussets. I wrapped her dirty pantyhose around my cock, put her thong in my mouth, and sniffed the toe section of the pantyhose while shooting cum all over the shower wall. With my horniness for incest sex with my sister in high gear, I snooped through her bedroom uncovering more dirty little panties, stockings, nighties and the coup de grace, a plastic banana that she was obviously using as a fuck toy. After giving that banana a good licking to taste her pussy juices better than out of a cotton gusset, I didn’t think I could sink to any lower levels of depravity. I was wrong.

    I’d been out with friends having a few drinks the night before Christmas Eve. Although I tried, I didn’t hook up with any women at the bar so I went back to my sister’s house where I assumed everyone would be asleep. I came in through the garage, quietly so as not to wake anyone, and made a pit stop at the increasingly larger pile of laundry at the foot of the stairs. There were fresh dirty panties that looked like perfect masturbation material so I grabbed 2 pairs and headed up the stairs to the guest room.

    I noticed a light on as I climbed the stairs and assumed it was the bedside lamp in my room. That light was on but so was a lamp in the master bedroom. As I walked to my bedroom door, I looked to my right into the master where my sister was laying in bed with her knees drawn up making a tent out of the sheet. Neither of us said a word, we just looked at each other. I pushed open my partially closed bedroom door and walked in, closing the door behind me.

    I took off my shoes, socks, shirt and pants leaving only my boxer briefs on. I picked up the first pair of dirty panties that I snagged and inhaled on the crusty gusset like I was taking a bong hit. My cock was quickly becoming hard as steel as I brought the other pair to my nose and inhaled her musty sex smell again. Then, and what compelled me forward I will never know, I got up with those dirty panties in my hand, opened the door and walked to my sister’s bedroom door. She was laying in her bed with her knees down now and her legs crossed at her ankles under the covers. She was wearing a nightgown but nothing sexy and I certainly couldn’t see her tits or even her nipples poking through it.

    Still, without speaking, we looked at each other as I brought her dirty panties into view. Her eyes widened when she saw her dirty thongs in my hand and they widened even more when she watched me start running the dirty gussets under my nose and deeply inhaling the stale scent of her sex. My cock was at full mast and straining against my boxer briefs so I pulled the briefs down far enough to let my cock spring out. She still had not spoken a word but she drew her breath in sharply as she stared at my, her brother’s, hard cock while I continued to sniff her dirty panties.

    I reached down with my right hand and slowly started stroking my cock as I maintained eye contact with her. She continued watching me wide-eyed and that was when her right hand slipped under the sheet and she started touching herself. I walked into her and her husband’s bedroom and up to the side of the bed, continuing to stroke myself as my sister watched and masturbated herself. I dropped her dirty panties on the bed and pulled her nightstand drawer open and, taking my eyes off her only long enough to get her plastic banana dildo out and drop that on the bed next to her.

    She broke the silence and moaned, “You want me to use that?” I answered only by nodding my head.

    She said, “There’s KY in the drawer. Put some on the banana because I can’t put it in dry.”

    I simply smiled and began licking her dildo, tasting her juices on it, and slathering it up with brother spit so she could fuck herself with it. When I had it thoroughly wet with my spit, I handed it to her and, both of us in a state of near disbelief at what was happening, she slipped the dildo under the covers and closed her eyes as she slid it into her pussy. I could just make out the back of her hand as she fucked herself under the covers. She had drawn her feet up a little and had her knees splayed out as she continued to fuck herself watching me jerk off to her and her dirty panties. I glanced over my left shoulder into the master bathroom where I saw a white thong on the floor that she must have worn that day. I took my boxer briefs completely off and walked into the bathroom to get her freshest scented panties.

    Armed with these still almost warm panties, I returned to my sister’s bedside and, after having her watch me sniff deeply on these panties, I pulled the sheet back and broke my silence.

    “I want to see you fuck yourself while we jerk off together.”

    She slid her dildo all the way into her pussy then she piled the pillows up in the center of her bed and turned toward me allowing me the first full view of her wet pussy since we were teens and really the first fully naked view of her pussy ever as sexually mature adults. With her feet flat on the mattress about 8 inches from her ass cheeks and her knees spread, my view of her sweet pussy was perfect. She had golden pubic hair, not blond and not brunette, but a perfect golden sheen, and she had her lips completely shaven. The little tuft of pubic hair she kept over the top of her slit was almost like a sign that she was a woman and no longer a little girl. Since she had been masturbating with her dildo now for several minutes, her labia had opened up exposing her inner lips and her pink vaginal opening. She slipped a finger into her mouth and reached down and started rubbing the hardened nub that was her clit. She laid her head back and came hard for the first time then as me, her brother, watched her pussy flood her hand with her juices. Struggling not cum myself, I quickly took my hand off my cock and leaned down to smell her sex.

    She took her right foot and gently pushed me back at my chest and murmured, “Please don’t touch me.”

    I replied, looking intently into her eyes, “Take your nightie off. I need to see your tits.”

    Without responding, she lifted her ass up slightly and pulled the nightgown over her head finally letting me see her little tits with big, pink nipples that were slightly sagging from breastfeeding her kids.

    “Why would you want to look at these? They’re small and are saggy from the kids. I have ugly little tits. Just ask my husband.” She whimpered.

    “No. They are perfect. They are a small woman’s breast with perfectly suckable nipples.” I grunted fighting the urge to cum all over her body.
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    Adult Brother and Sister Finally Give In
    Part Two of Two

    Then, as my sister began her rhythmic masturbation with her dildo, I couldn’t stop myself from getting onto the bed next to her and latching onto her right nipple with my hot mouth. I sucked her hard nipple into my mouth and began rolling it over and over with my tongue pausing only to say, “Oh my god. Your tit and your nipple are so hot. I want to fucking cum with your nipple in my mouth!”

    Her legs began to quiver and her chest got red and blotchy as she kicked her head back and came the second time. While she was still spasming from her orgasm, I slipped down between her legs and ran my tongue from her asshole to her clit and into her pubic hair. She almost screamed out

    “Oh my fucking god. No. Stop. You’re my brother. Oh God fucking dammit that feels so fucking good!”

    I couldn’t believe I was hearing such foul words pour from my little sister’s mouth. The more she cussed, the more I licked and sucked and nibbled at her pussy that was now a river of her juices. As I sucked her clit gently into my mouth, I had a moment where I thought, wow, I’m sucking on my sister’s pussy. I moved her hand out of the way and slowly brought her dildo out which brought another torrent of her pussy juice with it. Carefully setting the dildo aside, I would clean that later with my mouth, I pushed a finger up into my sister’s pussy feeling her from the inside for the first time ever. Diligently stimulating her clit with my lips and tongue, I started to finger fuck her with a slightly increasing tempo.

    She tasted even better than her panties smelled. As I pulled my finger out, I moved my mouth down and licked as deeply into her pussy as my tongue would go. When I pulled my tongue out of her love tunnel, I would lick around her inner lips before moving back to her clit. At this point my sister was shaking with orgasmic spasm after spasm. I slid 2 fingers deep into her pussy to relieve her but it wasn’t enough. She grabbed both sides of my head and pulled me toward her face and whispered,

    “I don’t care if it is incest. I want to feel your cock inside of me now.”

    I licked and sucked both of her nipples before starting to tongue kiss my sister. With our tongues intertwined, I put her hand on my cock and whispered,

    “Put it in if you want me to fuck you.”

    She grabbed my cock, guided it to her opening and pushed the head of my cock into her pussy. I began slowly teasing her pussy by starting to push in then pulling back out. After a very few minutes of this game, I realized that, even though I had jerked off upwards of 5 times a day for the last several days, I was going to cum very quickly. Seriously, after a steamy hot mutual masturbation session, seeing and sucking on my sister’s tits for the first time ever and then eating her sweet pussy for the first time ever, I had nearly reached the point of no return. Knowing that, I slid my cock all the way into my sister’s pussy and after a couple of slow strokes, she raised her legs and wrapped them around my back and with her hands on my upper back and nails starting to scratch, she ordered,

    “Oh god. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck your sister. Your filthy incest sister. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

    I began pistoning my cock in and out of her slick, hot pussy. She arched her back and had to fight with herself not to scream out and wake my niece and nephew as she started cumming again. When my cock felt all that hot pussy juice, there was no holding back. I grabbed my sister around her thighs, lifting her ass of the bed and pounded my cock into her as hard as I could. Then, in the moments before orgasm, I dropped her legs and looked down to see my cock slide deeply into my sister’s wet pussy. My sister’s pussy that was wet because of me. Then, just as I felt the first wave of my orgasm and as the first spurt of cum was about to rage out of my cock, my sister put her feet on my thighs and kicked which forced my cock out of her and I shot spurt after spurt of my hot cum onto her ass and the sheets.

    As the last bit of cum dribbled out of my cock, I laid down next to my naked, sweaty but satisfied little sister and we began kissing. She pulled her head back and said,

    “I’m sorry but I couldn’t let you cum inside me. I’m not on birth control because we are thinking about having another baby.”

    “What a terrible idea that is.” I responded. “I mean, he is such an asshole and you, well, you are perfect in so many ways. Don’t make the situation worse by tying yourself to him even tighter.”

    “Yeah. Well, I’d rather talk about what we just did. What are we going to do tomorrow?” My sister asked.

    “Well, for starters, I’d like you to wear pantyhose tomorrow so that I can sniff and lick your feet tomorrow night when we go to bed. Foot play is great foreplay and nothing turns me on more than the thought of you in nylons!” I told her in my tacit admission that I have a foot fetish.

    She smiled and said, “Okay. So I guess you think we can just keep doing this? Committing incest? Me have an adulterous affair with my older brother? Don’t you think this was enough?”

    “No. It wasn’t enough. I have sniffed and jerked off to your dirty panties and fantasized about tasting your pussy for years. Now that I have tasted it and you, tonight isn’t enough.” I explained. “We are going to carry on like we always do around the family and, when we have privacy, we can indulge in our private fun. Sound good?”

    “Of course it sounds good. I have never had so many orgasms in one night. I don’t know if you just know how to touch me because you’re my brother or if you are just an amazing lay but whatever, I want to have that with you again.”

    I slipped my hand across her waist and, using her hip, I pulled her toward me. “You can have that again with me whenever you want.”

    My hand drifted down through her pubic hair and my index finger began gently massaging her clit as our lips met and our tongues began exploring each other’s mouths. As my finger slowly entered into her still-wet pussy, she clamped her mouth onto mine which was my signal that she wanted to go again.
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