First experience with son Takashi... by Shizuka /Japanese incest story/

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    First experience with son Takashi...
    as birthday present

    by Shizuka
    /translated by borabora/

    Today we celebrate my son's 13 year old birthday.
    "We..." means me and my lovely young son.
    When planning it all... I masturbated furiously on my futon...
    then, all sticky and sweaty, I properly washed myself...
    After I finished the bath, I put on some sweet perfume
    and entered with creamy birthday cake to my son's bedroom... naked!
    My humble son was a little scared - he was in trouble to understand
    what happens next!
    I tenderly embraced my son and wished him happiness and
    all his dreams come true!
    Then I grabbed some sweet cream from the birthday cake with
    my fingers... and painted it on my breasts.

    "I know, Takashi - you like that cream... lick it..."

    My son holds my breasts with his panting hands and starts to lick
    the cream.... mmmmh...
    I feel my nipples hardening instantly...
    He gets bolder...
    After he had finished licking cream from my tits, this time my son scooped
    the cream from cake and smeared it on his Ochinchin... for me.

    "Mom, now you... lick it..."

    I smile nicely and lick the son's Ochinchin clean...
    Very exciting, he is so hard...
    Then I painted a cream on the place where I wanted him to lick
    the most - on my clit... and invite him lick there, holding my legs wide apart...

    "Feels good, Takashi?" I ask whispering.

    My son answers, "Yes, Mom, feels like... raisin, sweet and protruding..."

    "Today is your last birthday at the ------ school, you are growing
    up, time to learn about female body and sex... o-manko and sekkusu...
    I could make it more pleasant for you, my son, just - lie down..."

    Saying that I laid my son down on his futon... and straddled his slim body,
    I pointed his hard Ochinchin to my pussy... and slowly sat down.
    It was so amazing experience for my vagina... that I have not used for
    sex more than 8 years... since I divorced my husband.
    I remember now... my son's Ochinchin that was inserted in my pussy
    for the first time in a long absence... was quite big and tight.

    "This is your birthday present, sweetheart, is your mom's pussy
    comfortable for you, Takashi?"

    "Yeah, Mom... it's all so warm... and wet... and it feels really good."

    "It feels very good for Mom too... I am so glad, son...
    but - now you will feel it even better..."

    And I started to move my waist up and down...
    It was like in fairy tale... me and my young son Takashi...
    copulating together... his first sex experience...

    "Ah, ah, mother, so amazing... amazing ..."

    Just by having moved my waist up and down several dozen times,
    my son suddenly got stiff... and exploded in my pussy...
    His eyes were closed and he was all panting...

    I lay on my son and kissed him, rubbed his body...
    Soon Takashi's Ochinchin... still in my pussy... started to live again...
    It was so magic... how fast the young boys go hard...
    ...and we made round number two!

    I kept my waist moving up and down and enjoyed my son's lovely
    strong Ochinchin... until I was satisfied too!!!

    Such a birthday and such a present!
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    What a sweet tale, I'd love to see the look on Takashi's face the moment he slipped inside her
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    I like Japanese