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Favorite body parts

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skidski420, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. Skidski420

    Skidski420 New Member

    Mine are neck legs butts and boobs and the occasional cock
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  2. Bro4FamLuv

    Bro4FamLuv Trusted Member

    I am with you on all those, I’ve got a big macromastia fetish, There’s no such thing as too big (I also feel that way about dicks lol), but I would add hands, inner thighs, and hips to the list.
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  3. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    Enjoying body parts sound strange to me, when there is a whole human to admire and love.
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  4. muttley

    muttley Trusted Member

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That's usually the first thing I notice, after a great rack.;)
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  5. Jaimie F.

    Jaimie F. gone for good, Bye Felicia

    Foot girl here, am partial to anklets and toe rings but I really don't get the whole dirty soles thing (I find that gross). Long legs, and playful flirty demeanor are also attractive to me. Not really a body part but still an important part of the total equation.

    I also love girls that are carefree with their bodies and not afraid to try something different or new. Not saying she needs to be the same exhibitionist that I am but if a boob pops out at the beach, in the kitchen, on the sofa, shouldn't be a big deal. I dated a girl I college that was totally uptight about her body and it was a complete turn off for me ("OMG your foot touched me" (sitting in a sauna at the gym), "I can't believe you can see her boobs through that shirt" (laying on a blanket at a concert in the park), 'I can't believe she's not wearing panties with those shorts I can see her labia" (yoga class). How can I enjoy a potentially random "eat my pussy" moment in a random car park (or something like that) if she's afraid to see my pussy in the daylight lol! Live a little, have fun! I didn't become a lesbian to NOT try unconventional things, just saying.
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  6. maxpower1978

    maxpower1978 Trusted Member

    My sisters 36E tits ;-)
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  7. robhowler

    robhowler Trusted Member

    I find that women wearing socks are quite alluring.
    Also I prefer a smaller breast that is not pendulous on a woman.
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  8. Snr123

    Snr123 Trusted Member

    Boobs and ass
  9. cuzluster

    cuzluster Trusted Member

    yup boobs 'n' bums.
  10. j777smith

    j777smith Trusted Member

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  11. a130178

    a130178 Trusted Member

    Legs. Beautiful woman's legs.
  12. FunMother

    FunMother Trusted.Member

    We all have fetish for nylon esp nylon legs. Also very much tit people also. My tits were first thing son went for when we started. Also both daughter and i and mum do let our come out of the odd top or dress in public places
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  13. Gooper169

    Gooper169 Trusted Member

  14. r1yan

    r1yan Trusted Member

    Eyes, but after that the whole body
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  15. C John1475

    C John1475 Trusted Member

    I'm naturally a boob-guy but lately, I've been looking for well proportioned body parts. eg- waist-hips ratio.
  16. goodgirls225

    goodgirls225 Trusted Member

    I love a womans feet if they are good looking feet and she knows how to pose them. I dont like dirty soles or women with bad feet as much though. Its also disappointing when i cant see a womans face in pictures or videos. So I guess i enjoy a pretty face to go along with beautiful feet. Really a womans entire body is amazing though.
  17. DirtyBrother

    DirtyBrother Trusted Member

    I'm both typical (I like boobs and butts) and specific (I really enjoy the crease between leg and torso).
  18. Role Play Maven

    Role Play Maven Trusted Member

    I've been a leg man my entire life, especially when it comes to shapely calves.
  19. RTY

    RTY Trusted Member

    I agree with Fred here! If I had to choose it be eyes.

    I hate tattoos on woman, why do they self harm themselves with permanent ink if their natural skin is so beautiful!
  20. FullMetalHatchet

    FullMetalHatchet Trusted Member

    Boobs of all shapes and sizes, firm round asses, and eyes I can loose myself into