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    This week, I’ve been in contact with a father who has a beautiful story to share. His name is Gabriel and his beautiful daughter’s name is Maya. We don’t get a lot of father daughter confessions, so I was very pleased to get the nod to post this one on


    When I was 39 years old, my wife devastated me with divorce papers out of the blue. Things weren’t great between us, but I never thought it would end in divorce. To make matters worse, her father bank-rolled her legal attack on me, so I ended up losing everything. It was hard enough having to start over with worldly possession and a place to live, but the hardest part was only being allowed to see my 16 year old daughter one weekend every month. It took me six months to finally get back on my feet, so during that time I saw my daughter even less than the court had ordered. When I finally had a decent 2 bedroom apartment, I made sure my daughter’s room was fully furnished and ready for her first proper visit, and I couldn’t wait to have her with me for an entire weekend. Another problem the divorce caused was psychological. I wasn’t able to sleep properly anymore, that’s if I managed to even fall asleep, so I had powerful prescription sleeping tablets that knocked me out cold for a minimum of 6 hours when I took them. No matter what happened during those 6 hours, I was almost never able to wake up. Without those tablets, I became a zombie and got very ill.

    The first weekend that my daughter stayed with me was amazing. We had a lot of fun and she hated what my ex-wife did to me. When I had to drop her off at school on the Monday morning, we were both tearful, but grateful for the time we spent together. From that moment on, we always enjoyed every weekend she spent with me and felt closer and more appreciative of each other. We had gotten into a comfortable routine, but I always made sure that we did something different each time she visited.

    One Friday evening, my daughter made us dinner and made sure I took my meds. We watched a movie together and then I had to go to bed right after, as my sleeping tablet was kicking in. I had a wonderful night’s rest and woke up feeling rather horny, so I had to deal with the situation before I woke my daughter up for the fun I had planned for that day. My daughter was acting a little strange that morning, but after breakfast she was back to normal and we had a wonderful day. This became the standard when she visited and continued for another 4 months. One of the best weekends we had was the weekend after her 17th birthday.

    I went to see my therapist one day, as I did every month since my divorce, and I went in feeling positive for the first time. My therapist congratulated me on this victory and we discussed why I was feeling so much better. To cut a very long story short, I was basically returning to my normal self since I was finally able to put my divorce behind me and begin to look forward to the future again. I was doing pretty well again regarding work and finances, so those stressors were less of an issue too. My improving relationship with my daughter was also a huge factor in my recovery, so my therapist was quite happy with my progress. She recommended that I begin slowing my medication intake to see if I’d be able to cope with less serious antidepressants and sleeping tablets, so over the next few weeks we slowly adjusted my medication until I was only taking a mild antidepressant and very mild sleeping tablets which I only took every third night if I couldn’t sleep a night or two before that. By the time my daughter came to spend the weekend with me again, I hadn’t taken a sleeping tablet for three days in a row and didn’t feel the need to for that Friday night either.

    When we eventually did go to sleep that night, I fell asleep easily, feeling quite confident that I would sleep through the night. I did, however, wake up suddenly just after midnight. I realized that something I heard had woken me and not my subconscious like usual, so I immediately payed attention to try figure out what I had heard and where it was coming from. I was still laying in the same position as I was when I was asleep, so when I saw my daughter come into my room, I thought she might be sleep walking again like she did when she was little. I relaxed immediately and watched her move towards my bed in the dark. I was always told never to startle or try to wake a sleep walker, so I was quiet and didn’t move. When she climbed into my bed and lay down next to me, I thought she’d simply go to sleep there, so I remained still and enjoyed the thought that I made her feel safe enough to seek me out, even when she’s sleep walking. I couldn’t wait to tease her about it in the morning.

    I had my back to her when she was in my bed, so I couldn’t see her anymore. She was constantly squirming around and breathing quite heavy, which made me want to turn around to check on her. Just before I did, I heard an unmistakable groan come from her. I was completely shocked and froze in place while the realization that she was masturbating right next to me sank in. I knew now that she had probably done this before and was never concerned that I’d wake up, but this time I hadn’t taken any sleeping pill, so she was totally unaware that I was wide awake, felling every vibration and hearing every gasp. Then the bed moved again and I knew she was getting up onto her knees behind me. My heart was thumping and all I could think about was that I had to continue pretending to be asleep so that I wouldn’t embarrass her. Listening to her masturbate made my own body react. I felt bad about it, but my dick was starting to get hard and there was nothing I could do about it. Suddenly she stopped masturbating and I felt her hand touch my hip. She began to pull me towards her, rolling me onto my back. It was too dark for either of us to see each other’s faces, but I watched her remove her thin, silk robe and I could just make out the lines of her naked body.

    She reached down to me again and shifted the blanket away. I knew she was about to do something that shouldn’t happen, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop her. All I cared about was not embarrassing her and making her feel too uncomfortable to visit me again. Without any hesitation, she reached forward and grabbed my dick through the silky cloth of my boxers. I couldn’t believe that my own daughter was touching me like that and it was impossible to stop my dick from getting harder.

    Maya (whispering): “That was quicker than usual.”

    Her quiet words confirmed that she’d done this before, but I didn’t know how to handle the situation, so I just lay there and watched her. Even in the darkness, I could see that her breasts were firm and her nipples erect. She squeezed one while her other hand continued fondling my dick. Her hand suddenly slipped into my boxers and I felt her soft hand grab my dick directly and she started jerking me off slowly. Her grunts and gasps told me that she was really enjoying the feeling of my dick in her hand, and I couldn’t help but enjoy how it felt for me too. Amazingly, I was now trying not to give myself away so that she wouldn’t stop. I thought it’s just a little inquisitive exploration, trying to convince myself that it was okay to continue. Her knees spread apart and she started masturbating again while she was touching me. I watched my daughter work herself to an orgasm while enjoying her attention. Watching her body shake and hearing her controlled groans gave me a lot of pleasure. When she was finally done climaxing, she leaned down and kissed my dick, right on the tip. Her lips lingered for a few seconds, giving my dick the longest, softest, most agonizing kiss it’s ever gotten. When she sat up again she licked her lips.

    Maya: “Huh. That’s not bad.”

    I knew right away that some pre-cum had made its way onto her lips and that she had just tasted it. I watched her look down at my dick in deep thought and the only thing I can imagine that she was thinking was about sucking it properly. I lay as still as possible, hoping that it would happen, but eventually she got off my bed, put her robe back on and went back to her room. I waited for at least an hour to make sure she would be asleep before I jerked off to relive myself of the horniest I have ever felt.

    At breakfast the following morning, I couldn’t help but see my daughter in a whole new way. She had always been my little princess, but now all I could see was what a beautiful woman she had become. She was still wearing her silk robe while she sat at the kitchen table, chatting with me and waiting for me to finish making breakfast, and I could tell that she had nothing underneath that robe. I was so distracted that she could tell something was up.
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    Maya: “What’s up dad? You seem quite distracted.”

    Me: “Um, yeah. Nothing to worry about love.”

    She kept pressing me for a real answer, obviously concerned that I wasn’t myself.

    Me: “Well it’s not something a dad can talk to his daughter about.”

    Maya: “Oh common dad. I’m 17 now. I’m sure we can have a discussion like adults.”

    I paused for a moment and then decided to get the topic out there a little. I hoped that she might become more comfortable to talk openly about her sexual needs if I started first.

    Me: “Okay then, here goes. Lately I’ve been waking up feeling very… um… you know.”

    She frowned, so I had to say it.

    Me: “I’ve been feeling quite horny in the mornings…”

    She held her breath for a few seconds and then smiled as I continued.

    Me: “… especially on weekends.”

    Maya: “See dad. That wasn’t so difficult. I think it’s nice that you can tell me things like that. I suppose it’s been quite a while for you… hasn’t it dad?”

    Me: “Yeah. I’ve been working so hard to get back on my feet since the divorce that I haven’t made any time for a relationship… other than you my girl.”

    Maya (smiling): “I wish I could do something about it dad, but I guess this is the one time I can’t really help you.”

    I just smiled and we had our breakfast.

    After a fun-filled day, we came home and decided to watch a movie before going to bed. My daughter put her legs over my lap and leaned back while I browsed for something to watch. Her calves were making contact with my dick, so I couldn’t help getting hard. As soon as she realized that I was getting hard, she smiled.

    Maya: “Is that what I think it is?”

    Me: “Sorry my girl. Like I told you, I’ve been quite horny these days.”

    Maya: “Oh, it doesn’t bother me.”

    She just left her legs over my groin and I got completely hard against them. We watched a movie, but my focus was on the feeling of her touch. At the end of the movie, we got up to go to bed and my daughter looked down at my bulge with a smile. She hugged me good night and pressed her body against my hard dick, holding onto me for a few seconds.

    Maya: “Good night dad. Enjoy taking care of that and then sleep well.”

    I just smiled and went to bed. I lay awake for most of the night, hoping my daughter would sneak in again. It never happened, so I eventually took care of it myself and then got a few hours’ sleep. The next morning greeted me with another raging boner. When I went to make myself some coffee, I found my daughter there already sorting out breakfast. She looked down at my crotch and then smiled at me.

    Maya: “Looks like he still wants to play”

    I just laughed and made no attempt to hide it from her. After breakfast, my daughter asked if we could go to the cinema to watch a new movie that just came out. I had no plans for that Sunday, so I agreed and we went to town. Whenever we watch a movie together, we usually get a double seat so that my daughter can lie on my chest while we watch, and this time was no different. By the time the movie started, there were only about 20 people in the entire theatre, spread all over the place. My daughter and I were close to the back and completely on one side, there wasn’t even another person in the same row as us and no one in the 2 rows behind us.

    As usual, my daughter rest her head on my chest while we watched and I really liked it. About 15 minutes into the movie, my daughter lifted her hand off my chest to push her hair behind her ear and then put her hand back down. This time her hand was on my stomach, but I didn’t give it much attention. When she raised her hand to scratch her head and then put it back down on my belt, I realized that she was up to something. I could feel her heartbeat getting stronger and her breathing was more intense. I sat completely still, hoping that she would continue her decent. Suddenly her hand slid down. It was on top of my jeans, but right over my dick. I could feel her heart thumping and mine was starting to thump too. My dick got hard quite quickly and she felt it, without a doubt. When she started squeezing my dick gently, we both knew that the other was consciously allowing this, so her squeezing got harder.

    My daughter never looked me in the eye from that moment on, paying all her attention to my very hard dick. She suddenly shifted to free the arm she was laying on. She grabbed my pants to straighten it, so that her other hand could easily pull my zip down. I didn’t move a muscle as I watched her put her hand into my zipper to touch my dick through my underwear. It didn’t take long before she pulled my underwear out of the way and got my dick out in the open. I looked around the theatre, and no one could see what we were up to, so I did nothing to stop my daughter from jerking me off. Her soft hand slid up and down my shaft, slow and gently. I thought it was amazing and a nice way to get off, but my daughter had other plans. She suddenly let go of my dick and I watched her remove her underwear from beneath her skirt. She still wouldn’t look me in the eye, but she confidently stood up and then sat down on my lap, holding herself up just high enough to angle my dick up at her pussy entrance. I never imagined that the feeling of her incredibly warm and wet pussy would have such an effect on me, but there was no way I was going to stop her. She sat down slowly, allowing my dick to slide up in her all the way. When she was finally seated properly, she just sat there for a while.

    I put my hands up her shirt and undid her bra so that I could reach around and feel her breasts. As soon as I started fondling her firm breasts and squeezing her very hard nipples, she started riding my dick and it was heaven. I was quite surprised when she started to climax, so soon after we started. Her gorgeous little body shook and tightened on my dick and it was an incredible experience. She sat still for a while, still with my dick buried all the way inside her. She looked around the theatre and then decided no one had a clue what was going on, so she got off me and turned to face me. After riding me like that for a while, I made her lay down on the double seat with her legs spread wide and I fucked my daughter until I was about to cum. I pulled my dick out at the last second and sprayed my cum onto her pussy. She was smiling the whole way, so I knew she enjoyed it as much as I did. Thankfully, my daughter had a few tissues in her bag, so she cleaned up and we returned to our proper sitting position to watch the rest of the movie. My daughter kept my dick out the whole time to play with it until the credits started to roll.

    It was so strange, but we never discussed what happened or even acknowledge that it happened at all. All other interactions were regular father-daughter ones and you’d never guess that we had done what we had. I know how messed up it is, but I couldn’t wait for my daughter’s next visit. I obviously wanted to just be with her, but I was always hoping for another sexual encounter.

    The Thursday before her next visit, I received an IM from my daughter.

    Maya: “Hi Dad. I need you opinion.”

    Me: “What up my girl?”

    Maya: “I decided to shave. What do you think?”


    I looked at her beautiful selfie for quite a while, with a goofy grin on my face.

    Maya: “Dad? Did you faint or something?”

    Me: “Sorry my love. I think I’ll need to take a closer look when you come visit before I can really give you an opinion.”

    She ended the conversation with a kiss emoticon that has hearts floating around it. I was in such a good mood after that IM. I knew I was going to get what I wanted and my daughter wanted it too.
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    As soon as we were alone at my apartment, my daughter stripped naked and lay back on the sofa, spreading her legs wide open.

    Maya: “So, what is your opinion dad?”

    I looked down at her smiling from ear-to-ear. After appreciating her with my eyes for a minute, I reached forward to gently rub her clean-shaven, very soft pussy with my fingers.

    Me: “Wow. It’s so soft and smooth. I think I really like it. There is only one true test for this type of opinion though…”

    My daughter raised her eyebrow, signalling that she was waiting for the punch line. I crouched down and sort of lay on my chest between her legs. I gently kissed her little pussy and then started licking it, gradually increasing the speed and pressure. Soon I had her groaning quite load and it didn’t take too long before she was shaking in orgasm again. As soon as it was over, I sat down next to her and we watched TV. She remained totally naked so I could enjoy running my hands all over her while we watched. After a while, she took my dick out of my pants and gave me her very first blow job. As inexperienced as she was, I just loved it. When my inevitable climax began to build, I had to warn her to make sure she didn’t get a nasty surprise in her mouth.

    Me: “Any moment now my girl.”

    Maya: “Don’t worry dad. I’ll never let a boy do that in my mouth…”

    We still weren’t fully acknowledging the situation, but it was still the most amazing experience ever. I was glad I told her that I was about to cum, based on her comment.

    Maya: “… but you’re my dad, so I guess that’s okay.”

    I wasn’t sure if I understood her correctly, but it seemed like she was going to let me cum in her mouth. The thought of it made me smile even wider than I already was. When my dick did eventually begin to pump its load, my daughter just sucked harder. It made my climax all the more intense and I’m sure I grunted quite loudly. Eventually, my ejaculation slowed to a stop and my daughter finally sat up, smiling from ear to ear.

    Maya: “That was way better than expected. I think you can finish that way every time.”

    She had obviously swallowed every drop and it seemed to turn her on quite a bit. Just like at the cinema, she kept playing with my dick while we continued watching TV, until it eventually got hard again. When my dick was fully erect again, my daughter pulled my pants off completely and pushed me to lie down on my back. She got over me and started riding my dick, still never looking me in the eye, as if what we were doing wasn’t really happening. She grind back and forth slow and steady, making sure my dick went as deep inside her as possible. It didn’t take too long before she had a nice orgasm again. I just loved looking up at her and squeezing her breasts while she road my dick like that.

    After her climax, she got off me and went to the kitchen. She returned with 2 cups of coffee and then kneeled on the floor to lean on the coffee table between the sofa and the TV. She was right in front of me, so I had quite a site of her ass and pussy from behind. I couldn’t just look at that, so I kneeled behind her and entered her from behind. She took a sip of her coffee here and there, pretending again that nothing was happening. I started fucking her properly, to the point that she wouldn’t be able to sip her coffee again. I gave her such a strong orgasm that she had to grab onto the coffee table to brace herself. Soon after, I was ready to climax too and my daughter was ready for it. As soon as she knew I was going to cum, she pushed back hard, making me fall back against the sofa. She spun around and quickly started sucking my dick. I had a very strong climax of my own, filling her mouth quite quickly. She just kept on sucking as hard as she could, until I put my hands on her head to stop her. With one final long, hard suck, she got the last few drops out and then we sat on the floor, completely exhausted.

    Maya: “Dad.”

    Me: “Yeah babe.”

    Maya: “I love spending time with you.”

    Me: “Me too my love… me too.”

    Since that weekend, my daughter and I had sex every time she came to visit. She only stopped having sex with me when she finally got into a serious relationship with a boy her own age. She told me quite a few times that she didn’t really want to stop being with me, but I told her that she should focus on finding happiness with a boy her age. She still made sure I got some, every birthday and Christmas. My daughter is 24 years old now and she still surprises me from time to time with a good fuck or blow job, just to make sure I know how much she loves me. I don’t think there is a luckier father out there.
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