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All Russian Forces on Full Combat Alert, 13 June 2019

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Affairs' started by Godfrey R., Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Godfrey R.

    Godfrey R. Trusted.Member

    The oil tankers Kokuka Courageous and Front Altair have been torpedoed today in international waters off the coast of Iran (position 25º27'N 57º22'E). The Front Altair sank. Because the crew of this ship were mainly Russian nationals, Russia considers it to be an attack on the Federation, which is the reason for its response.

    The US says that Iran attacked these tankers to inflate the price of oil. More likely an explanation is that this was a false flag attack by either the United States or Israel, Iran's enemies in the Middle East.
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  2. pussycat

    pussycat Moderator Staff Member

    As of 2:20 pm EDT, both ships are still afloat.
    The White house is of course publicly accusing Iran of being involved in these attacks.
    I'm sure there must be some people somewhere who might actually believe that.
  3. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    Iran’s foreign minister has labelled the reported attack on two 'Japan-related' oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman as 'suspicious', occurring just as Japanese Prime Minister Abe came to Tehran for major talks.

    Expressing his misgivings on Twitter, Javad Zarif noted that the incidents on the two vessels on Thursday, one of which had been reportedly struck by a torpedo, had occurred as Abe sat down for 'extensive and friendly' discussions with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

    ‘Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe what happened’: Iran’s FM on tanker ‘attacks’ in Gulf of Oman — RT World News

    Cui bono ... it's not Iran.

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  4. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    Quite frankly I don't give a hoot should Iran get blown to the shite house, they have caused trouble for years.
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  5. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    Yes, so we have been told. But if we look further, we'll see a definite pattern to the trouble in the Middle East :

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  6. Godfrey R.

    Godfrey R. Trusted.Member

    Regarding the false flag attack on the two oil tankers, it seems most likely that the United States was responsible.

    The owner of the Japanese oil tanker reported that his crew saw "flying objects" immediately before the attack. He denied that his tanker had struck a mine.

    The US Navy has admitted that one of its P-8 Poseidon military aircraft was "overhead the area throughout the day in the Gulf of Oman." The armaments carried by this machine include the lightweight Mark 50 torpedo with a 100-lb warhead and the lightweight Mark 54 torpedo with a 98-lb warhead. When launched from this aircraft the torpedoes skim the surface of the waters like a skipping stone to strike the target ship at or above the waterline. To a watcher aboard the ship, the incoming torpedoes appear as "flying objects".

    The United States is heading for war with Iran. This is bound eventually to involve Russia (if not also China) in an alliance with Iran. To what extent is the President of the United States in control of his armed forces?
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  7. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    It needs to be remembered that a significant portion of the USA's government are Israeli citizens - they will surely vote for the USA to go to war against Iran.

  8. curiousFred

    curiousFred Trusted.Member

    We live in interesting times.
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  9. Godfrey R.

    Godfrey R. Trusted.Member

    Maybe this is not relevant but I remember reading in the autobiography of Nicolaus von Below, Hitler's Luftwaffe adjutant, "At Hitler's Side", his remark to the effect that: "The last thing Hitler said to me was that as soon as possible postwar we should lean towards the Russians, the Jewish influence in the United States is too strong."
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  10. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    Perhaps he foresaw this :

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  11. Godfrey R.

    Godfrey R. Trusted.Member

    Replying to my own earlier question above "To what extent is the President of the United States in control of his armed forces?" it seems evident that he hasn't a clue and they are under the control of, amongst others, Leftist US Federal Judges and who knows who else.

    From my favourite website today, 15 June: "Trump is trying to discover why a Chinese communist company has been making parts for America's most advanced and secret multi-billion dollar F-35 stealth fighter - after he discovered that this F-35 loses its stealth coating at supersonic speeds."
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  12. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    This much -
    [​IMG] ... they're like pre-programmed robots.
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  13. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

    Japan, the owner of the tankers, is onto their bullshit.

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, "These statements are not definite proof that it's Iran. If it's the United States that makes that assertion, we cannot simply say we believe it. If having expertise enough to conduct the attack could be a reason to conclude that the attacker was Iran, that would apply to the United States and Israel also."

    In diplomatic speak, those are strong words - and good for him to call out those war-mongering twins.

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  14. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

  15. Insp Gadget

    Insp Gadget Trusted.Member

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